Al-Sudani: The development path is on its way to implementation…and the details of the Baghdad metro and the Karbala-Najaf train are announced {expanded}

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{Local: Al-Furat News} Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani announced, this evening, Thursday, the launch of investment opportunities for the Baghdad metro project and the Karbala-Najaf express train project, during a ceremony attended by a number of representatives , ministers, ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic missions.

The ceremony witnessed the signing of a contract between the Ministry of Transport and the alliance of CHSS and HSS, two Lebanese and Malaysian companies that will provide their advisory services for the project. In a speech he delivered during the ceremony, the Prime Minister appreciated the efforts of my ministry; Transport, Planning, the Investment Authority, the Municipality of Baghdad, and the consultants are preparing and arriving for this day and announcing these opportunities that will be available to the local, Arab and international private sector, as well as preparing to contract with consulting companies That will undertake the tasks of auditing statements, designs, feasibility studies and supervising the implementation of these large projects.

Al-Sudani explained that the Baghdad Metro project was included in the designs of the city of Baghdad decades ago, and was subject to much diligence and research, and was included in budgets without being implemented on the ground, stressing the implementation of the government’s vision. to advance the public transportation sector as one of the most important means that provides ease of transportation, and provides… Time and cost, especially for low-income groups, in addition to the fact that it is an environmentally friendly project as it will operate on electrical energy.

Al-Sudani also pointed to the second investment opportunity represented by the train line linking Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf and Holy Karbala, which has been talked about for years in the transportation crisis between these two cities, which witnessed continuous millions of visits on religious occasions, and large, almost daily visits.

He pointed out that the development road project is on its way to implementation, and the investment portfolio for the rehabilitation and development of Baghdad International Airport will soon be completed.

The ceremony witnessed the announcement by the Chairman of the Investment Authority to set next Monday, February 12, as the date to open applications for companies on the Authority’s platform in order to submit their offers on the two projects.

The consulting contract for the Baghdad Metro project was signed by the Mayor of Baghdad, while the consulting contract for the Karbala-Najaf Express Train was signed by the Director General of the General Railway Company, one of the companies of the Ministry of Transport.

It is noteworthy that the Baghdad Metro project consists of 7 lines and 14 road stations distributed among regions; Al-Alawi, Al-Shaab, Aviation Square, Al-Baladiyat, Al-Kadhimiya, Baghdad Airport, Al-Dora, Maysloun Square, Al-Zafaraniyah, Aden Square, Al-Bayaa, and Al-Qadisiyah, and passes in multiple lanes , with a transportation capacity of up to three million passengers per day. It covers 85% of the area of ​​the capital, Baghdad.

Express-type trains will be adopted at an estimated speed of (80-140 km/h), with an automated digital metro system that runs on electric power and without a driver and includes all means of communication.

The railway tracks enter through tunnels up to 20 meters deep, to avoid any conflicts with the streets and infrastructure services. The stations include facilities to receive arrivals and departures, elevators, movable and fixed escalators, commercial stores, cafeterias, bathrooms, administrative and service rooms, parking lots for cars and buses, and power generation stations. The station consists of two departure platforms. The two reception areas are completely separate from each other, and the project also includes workshops and warehouses for maintaining, washing and cleaning trains, and maintaining railway corridors to change tracks.

As for the Najaf-Karbala train project, it consists of 4 main stations starting from Najaf Airport, passing through Karbala Airport, arriving at the Baghdad Garage in the city of Karbala, on an elevated railway line, with a distance of (90) km , with a highly efficient metro system, and with air-conditioned cars at a speed of (240). km per hour. It includes special compartments for women and children, and seats for people with special needs and the elderly, in addition to the stations containing shops, cafeterias and various service facilities.

Baghdad And Washington Discuss Next Sunday The End Of The Mission Of The International Coalition



Yahya Rasool, spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, announced on Thursday that the bilateral high-technical military committee between Iraq and America will resume its work next Sunday to discuss and schedule the termination of the mission of the international coalition in Iraq.

“To discuss and schedule the end of the mission of the international coalition in Iraq, the bilateral high-technical military committee between Iraq and the United States of America, will resume its work next Sunday, February 11, 2024,” Rassoul said in a statement to Earth News.

بغداد وواشنطن يناقشان الأحد المقبل إنهاء مهمة التحالف الدولي

Washington: We support Iraq’s sovereignty and hold talks with it about the US military situation there

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US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby:

We have good relations with Iraq and we support its territorial sovereignty.

We are in talks with Iraq on the US military situation in the countryواشنطن-ندعم-سيادة-العراق-ونجري-محادثات-معه-حول-الوضع-العسكري-الامريكي-هناك

UrgentParliament will hold its session next Saturday to discuss attacks on Iraqi sovereignty

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{Policy:Euphrates News} The House of Representatives announced that a special deliberative session was held to discuss the attacks on Iraqi sovereignty next Saturday.البرلمان-يعقد-جلسته-السبت-المقبل-لمناقشة-الاعتداءات-على-السيادة-العراقية

Parliamentary Foreign Ministry: Baghdad is moving diplomatically towards staying away from regional conflicts

Political| 04:06 – 08/02/2024

Mawazine News – Baghdad
A member of the parliamentary foreign relations committee, MP Amer Al-Fayez, stressed on Wednesday the move of Iraqi diplomacy towards moving away from the policy of engaging in any crisis.
Al-Fayez said in an interview with Mozine News, “The genocide in Gaza has created a crisis and tensions in the Middle East that can explode in an uncontrollable way, and this is what worries all parties without exception, including Al-Iraqiya, because part of the events and tensions began to cast a shadow on the country through bombing and violations of the atmosphere.”
He added, “Baghdad has already begun to make moves in 3 directions, which are direct dialogue with the capitals of neighboring countries and international organizations, and openness to making preliminary agreements that contribute to their basic content the distance of Iraq from international and regional conflicts and that it does not be the arena of settling accounts.”