Head of Sunni Endowment stresses necessity of activating National Reconciliation project in Iraq

Saturday, 31 January 2015 18:45

Baghdad (AIN) –The head of the Sunni Endowment in Iraq, Mahmoud al-Sumaidai, stressed the necessity of activating the National Reconciliation in Iraq.

He said, during the Conference of the National Dialogue among the Religions in Baghdad “We call all the Iraqis to prove their stances in achieving the unity as being one nation rather than dividing by personal benefits,” stressing the necessity of “Activating the National Reconciliation in Iraq.” /End/


Oil prices approaching $ 53 a barrel

Information / Baghdad / ..
After long stability for weeks in global crude oil prices below $ 50 a barrel, Brent crude has achieved a new leap in prices by 7.5% to close at $ 53 a barrel, with the conclusion of the global trading last week.
He attributed a number of oil and energy experts international, the sudden rise in global oil prices, the latest data published by several entities and companies a huge work in the field of research and exploration of crude, which showed low number of rigs and services operating US production sites for the lowest number possible 30 years ago.
It is noteworthy that the statistics recently released researcher confirmed the low number of oil rigs in the United States by 94 platform in the current week, the biggest weekly decline since 1987.
Experts predict continued high and the recovery of the global crude oil prices over the next 5 months, ruling out the price falls below $ 45 a barrel. Finished / 25


Abadi: We will not retreat from our decisions on reform and are able to get out of the economic crisis without losses

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An oasis of freedom 

 The Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi, said he “will not retreat from reform decisions taken in a number of state institutions,” pointing out that “Iraq is able to get out of the crisis, which passes by.”


Ebadi said through dialogue conference on the occasion of the global week of harmony between religions, “We have taken a series of decisions reform nor irreversible and are moving in the work and we will come out of this great challenge,” stressing “the need to implement the government curriculum, fighter Daash gangs Alaharbih, and cooperation accelerates for implementing the timings Government curricula, and enact legislation on the unit scale, construction, and unite the religious, sectarian and military aspects, and work on cooperation between the components of society and to strengthen relations between the provinces and the division of water and oil resources. ”
He added that the “vicious attack suffered by the Islamic religion calls for pause in order to clarify the truth about groups that represent the biggest danger to the Muslims and peaceful coexistence between religions and sects, “pointing out that” the real answer to these groups lies in the unity of word and attitude, without the cancellation of our privacy, “stressing that” the lofty principles that came out of the Islamic religion lies in the principles of humanity, and faith and unity, without rivalry, as the Muslim community needs to be a unified position to confront the serious challenge faced by walking through the principles of the Islamic religion, without taking a stand and Rose extreme reaction, being careful to walk according to the moderate Islamic approach. ”
He added that “Islam respects freedom opinion and expression, thought and disgracing the Prophet {r} can not be covered freedom of thought and expression, “pointing out that” bad word in the bad place to be more dangerous than the bullet, “he did not accept the infringement of religious sanctities, which makes it imperative for everyone to respect the holy sites and religions, and not to fall into error Through the distinction between freedom of expression and thought, to harm the holy sites and religions. ”
However, “We can not embrace the religions, but cohesion, and that Iraq is facing a serious challenge to the military and the Muslim side, where the Daash terrorist gangs came claiming protect the people of the year, but it is their migration and destroyed their cities, which confirms that Daash devastating thought, and destructive, so it is necessary to be careful not to fall into the trap that you draw these terrorist gangs. ”
He pointed to the need to respect the law and justice and not to comply metamaterials tendency of revenge and the playoffs clan, and we will not allow to waive the law and privacy, and should be to not allow assault on the rights of others, and that the attackers went out of the Iraqi society and do not represent any of its components, “pointing out that the terrorist attacks that occur in a range of areas and are committed on behalf of the popular crowd and the Iraqi army, it is only the actions represent foreign agendas trying rhythm among Iraqis, and they are not less threat of terrorism, “stressing the elimination of many of these gangs,” pointing out that the attack on the sanctity of the citizens in the liberated areas, the bigger terrorist Daash. ”
As called for politicians to moderation and not to pour oil on the fire and get away from the agitation, which is Part of the crime, that incite murder and be rhetoric official, because the word error may be guided missile and cause injury of many, and increase of the victims on the ground, “stressing the need not to underestimate the crime of the enemy, and to continue the road in order to cleanse Iraq of them, what we possess of elements of the military victory, through cooperation approaching the liberation of Iraq from the presence of Daash terrorist gangs,
and the popular crowd Ebadi said that the “popular crowd includes all Iraqis, but represents a desire truth in the Iraqis to defend their homeland and their holy places and unite them with the armed forces, police and popular crowd who defend the country. ”
While expressing his thanks to all MPs and politicians who contributed to the adoption of the budget in record time, asserting that “the independence of the state and all authority is sponsoring the country’s interests through cooperation between the authorities to implement the government curriculum, and we are committed to implementing all of its paragraphs, calling for political blocs to” join hands to complete the completion of the government program. “

With regard to the economic side, Ebadi said that “Iraq is for the Weimar economic crisis, but he faces the problem of liquidity, cash and material, due to lower oil prices by almost half, and he has the economic potential enough for generations, but this year will face an imbalance in the provision of cash Almadlh”, pointing out that “The cabinet will save half of its members’ salaries, to fill the shortfall in cash without compromising the sons of the Iraqi people.”
and the central administration stressed that “the government was given the powers to the provinces and stay away from the central Legislators, and that this step will help to close ranks and give Iraq force away from the assumption that drives the provinces to demand secession.


Abadi announce its commitment to all the paragraphs of the government program

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By Mohammad Emad 1.31.2015 11:12 | Views: 129

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Brother – Baghdad

Announced Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Saturday, for his commitment to the government program which formalized the current government, while calling on all political blocs to a commitment to the program.

Ebadi said in his speech at the dialogue between religions and sects conference, “announced my commitment to all the paragraphs of the government program and trying to apply it,” calling the political blocs to “commitment to the program.”

He pointed out that “the completion of the budget has been in record time,” stressing “the lack of an economic crisis that threatens the country, but there is a cash crisis this year.”

He added that “eager to meet the basic demands of society Iraq government,” stressing “I do not retreat from the reforms that we’ve made.”

The Prime Minister said Haider al-Abadi, the first Thursday (January 29, 2015), that the government is moving to the implementation of the government program and reforms in state institutions.


Speaker of Parliament calls for accelerating the disclosure of the results of commissions on certain crimes

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By Mohammad Emad 1.31.2015 11:27 | Views: 45

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Brother – Baghdad

The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, the Sabbath, to accelerate the disclosure of the results of commissions on some of the crimes, in what was considered that the implementation of the government program is better pave the way for national reconciliation project.


Barzani: Abadi, a pragmatist and his biggest problem is al-Maliki

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By Mohammad Emad 1.31.2015 ten twelve a.m. | Views: 795

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Brother – Baghdad

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq Nechirvan Barzani, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi as “pragmatic,” saying that the problem of al-Abadi is a former predecessor Nuri al-Maliki, as he emphasized that Iraq is no longer a unified country and the war against the “Daash” long.

Barzani said in an interview with “Reuters” that “the prospects for defeating al Daash limited under raging in Syria, the war and the absence of the Iraqi army as an actor on the ground as well as the lack of gear that ails the Peshmerga forces,” noting that “the current US strategy will lead to a better appreciation to contain Daash But he will continue to threaten the region and the world for years. ”

He added that “Daash controls more than 15 million people in Iraq and Syria,” he said, adding that “they are organized and have the ability to recruit from all over the world, because the structure of this organization was established in a way to ensure his safety.”

Barzani said he “can not destroy this organization air strikes alone, but we need to special forces, not ordinary soldiers on the ground, but a joint military operations and fighting alongside the Peshmerga.”

He continued that “the Kurds do not want to heed any assault to retake Mosul,” explaining that “we want to avoid further conflict.”

He said Barzani that “there is no real Iraqi army is able to accomplish the task, because it takes time.”

When asked about plans talked about Iraqi and US officials to crack down on the connector by June Barzani said, “certainly not in March or June .. I doubt this, too,” pointing out that “the end of September or October more realistic to launch an attack date.”

He described Barzani, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi as a “pragmatic,” saying that “the biggest problem for Ebadi is Nuri al-Maliki,” the former prime minister, who currently serves as the Vice President of the Republic.

He said Barzani that “Iraq is no longer a unified country, and loyalty in a country called Iraq,” adding that “it is really important to find a formula for how to live together within the boundaries of the so-called Iraq, and what is not reached formula Vsarac more blood will remain the country destabilizing factor in the region. ”

It is said that the current Iraqi government headed by Haidar al-Abbadi received last September Confidence Kurds who have received several ministerial positions in the government, has finally capped the oil agreement between the center and the region.

It is noteworthy that the “pragmatic” meaning work, a philosophical term political success of the work is the sole criterion of truth, politician “pragmatic” decision does not take inspiration from a preconceived idea or a specific political ideology, but by the expected outcome of the work.


Abadi Office: release of grades in next March

Date: 31/01/2015 18:27

Information / special / ..
Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced Saturday, the launch of the grades in the 2015 budget early next March in many ministries will resort to investment by the private sector.
A spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi Haider al-Abadi told / information / that “grades in the budget of 2015 will be launched mostly in next March.”
He added that “there is coordination going on between the Ministry of Finance and the rest of other ministries for the release of the grades after the parliament approved the budget.”
He pointed out that “there are many investment projects in the 2015 budget will be implemented by ministries by investing with the private sector.”
And between Sabri said, “Among these projects the project of establishing the port and three airports by the Ministry of Transport and Investment Mikaot 9000 by the Ministry of Electricity and invest some of the oil fields.” Finished / 25

Nine European countries are showing interest in investing Iraqi oil fields

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} showed the ambassadors of the EU’s desire to invest in their countries of Iraqi oil fields, while Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the Iraqi state is keen to strengthen economic relations and economic openness to the EU countries. “
A statement issued by the Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi’s office {Euphrates News} a copy of it, that “received oil minister received private office on Friday ambassadors of Spain, Romania, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Slovakia, Greece, and Ambassador EU Jana Hapaschkova, and stressed the keenness of the Iraqi state to strengthen economic relations and economic openness to the EU countries. “
He explained Abdul-Mahdi said “Iraq needs to train its cadres in European countries; Ahoudoa expertise to qualify them to work in the fields of energy, also stressed Iraq’s desire to strengthen economic ties with the European Union countries, especially in the oil and gas sectors.”
He added that “Iraq has a wealth of large reserves of oil and gas,” he said, adding, “the ministry’s keenness to provide the ideal environment to attract and encourage sober global investments.”
For its part, praised Hapaschkova to “steps taken by the Iraqi government and the Oil Ministry to develop this sector through the appropriate investment for this wealth and cooperation and joint investment with international companies, including European companies.”
Confirmed Hapaschkova “EU support for Iraq and countries seek to actively contribute to the development of the oil sector, as well as increase the volume of investments and cooperation in this area and to achieve common goals.”
The Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi has said that his ministry was working on the development of energy sources and seeking to attract investment according to a comprehensive development plan, and that Iraq will increase oil and gas reserves; to become the first of the five countries in the fields. Ended h

Parliamentary energy: oil and gas law to parliament next week table

A member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary MP Ali Qubool Bahadli, Saturday, for the next week will provide oil and gas law to the Presidency of the Parliament to be presented to the House of Representatives to read it and vote on it.

Bahadli said, in a statement to “Ein Iraq News,” that the budget of the most basic projects carried out during the current legislative term, which is the foundation for the rest of important laws, not an approval is a significant milestone.

He Bahadli that the Committee on Energy and placed in a priority project of oil and gas law in addition to the establishment of the Iraqi National Oil Company, as both are linked to one another.

He stressed that Bahadli week following the legislative recess Committee will draft oil and gas law to the presidency of the parliament to be viewed on the Council of Representatives to read it twice, and edited it and then vote and approval.


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