“Abadi in Parliament next Monday to discuss the demands of the Year”

Khandan – announced Nahida Daini Member of Parliament for the mass of the Iraqi Forces Union, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will attend next Monday to the House of Representatives his request to discuss the demands presented to him from the coalition “Union of Forces” and “national” and to inform the Parliament on the developments of the security situation in the country. 

Dani said, “The coalition forces and the National Union decided to choose the number of deputies to attend the host Abadi session to ask him again demands inside parliament and find out what are the guarantees to be provided by Abadi to implement those demands.” 

She Daini told “Anatolia”, to “end the boycott of the meetings of the coalitions House resolution will depend on the answers Abadi Ttminach as well as the guarantees to be provided, especially in the security aspect of the inventory of weapons, however, the state.” 

Included demands made by Sunni blocs Prime Minister’s commitment to implementing document the political agreement in all its vocabulary, and re-drafting of the National Guard law to ensure the absorption of tribal fighters, and a commitment to arm the tribes and provide support as soon as possible, and a commitment to providing criminals and unruly to justice regardless of their political cover, in addition to cancel Justice and Accountability Act and convert it to a court file. 

Suspended Sunni political blocs to attend meetings of the House of Representatives after exposure Sunni deputy attempted kidnapping at the hands of an armed group killed evacuated uncle and 9 of his companions, north of Baghdad. 

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Financial Times: “Daash” suffering financial hardship

Khandan – reported (Financial Times) British, said that the organization “Daash” The terrorist is suffering a shortage of financial resources is no longer the same former riches, began to impose fines and reduce subsidies on certain products, which was supported by increased sales. 

And demonstrated the newspaper through what ails currently Syrian Areas under the control of the terrorist organization, was formerly the flogging of smokers, but now Fagrm smoker $ 65. They also dismantled the old government installations of the system to be sold as spare parts and machines. 

The newspaper added, saying: says Syrians who live under the rule of the organization, it is no longer being spent on fuel subsidies and bread as it was before, complain shopkeepers of the elements of the organization are not spending a lot, but they are extorting people to get more money. 

The newspaper quoted a man who lives in the city areas, located on the Euphrates River, saying: “I was Daash material losses, which led to the stoppage of payment of the salaries of some of the elements, including my nephew.” He added that this shows the difficulty of covering “Daash” expenses for expansion in many areas and recruiting militants. 


Hakim call for major compromises & Chairman of the board for tribal rebels demanding the arrest of al-Maliki

President of the Islamic Supreme Council: We are facing limited choices and decisions fateful 

At a time when the Islamic Supreme Council leader Ammar al-Hakim called on politicians in the country to what he called «a major historic compromises», called tribal leader from Anbar province, Ali Hatem al-Suleiman from his headquarters in Erbil, the current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to the arrest of former Prime Minister The current Vice President Nuri al-Maliki as a genuine reconciliation with Sunni Arabs. 

He said al-Hakim, who is leading the mediation to end the suspension of Sunni lawmakers in parliament in a speech at a conference in Baghdad yesterday that «we face today is the biggest challenge facing this country long ago», pointing out that «the near future depends on us in shaping the nation who bring us, Fbamkanna make the ordeal a reason to unite us, and we move to the beginning of a promising and secure future, and we can make them start to the fragmentation and fragmentation and separation ». Hakim added: «We are facing limited options and a large fateful decisions and history will judge us by what we decide at this stage and we have two options only two, the option of either the state or the option of chaos». 
In terms of the ongoing negotiations between the Alliance of Iraqi forces and leaders of the National Alliance and Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on the termination of suspension of participation in the meetings of Parliament, the political source familiar with the Union of Forces said in a statement «Middle East» that there are indications that the parliament session tomorrow «witness Back Congress alliance Iraqi national forces and coalition meetings parliament after the negotiations have made progress, both in terms of the issue of limitation of arms, however, the state and the fight against armed militias, especially after the kidnapping of a member of the Iraqi parliament and the death of his uncle about 10 days or at the level of application of the rest of the pre- document the terms of the political agreement. » 
For his part, confirmed by a member of the Iraqi parliament on the mass of the Islamic Supreme Council Salim Shawki told the «Middle East» that «the new government support is important, which is among the priorities of the Supreme Council leader Ammar al-Hakim, and the fact that we have good relations with everyone, what is doing Hakim of roles in this area always resonate and acceptance », pointing out that« the agreed issues, such as the National Guard or the accountability and justice, or the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers and the output of innocent prisons are the things that we’re working on, has been made part of it, which requires continue efforts for the completion of these files, which bent upon Mr. Hakim. » 
In a related development, the condition Ali Hatem Suleiman, a tribal elders and the President of the Dulaimi clan rebels Council, the arrest of Vice President Nuri al-Maliki, a real Kmassalhh of the year, while denying entry to the popular crowd forces to Anbar province. 
Suleiman said during a press conference in Arbil yesterday «If the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the government wants to reconcile with the fact that year, he must arrest al-Maliki», the latter accusing «bring organization (Daash)». Sulaiman said that we «We will not accept the existence of the popular crowd forces in our organization to address (Daash)», threatening «targeting them by tribal members in case they are there». Suleiman stressed that «the organization will not come out of Anbar, but the will of the people of the tribes», pointing out that «represents Anbar is one of the fights (Daash) and get it out of their areas and restores the displaced to their homes».
But a member of the Iraqi parliament from Anbar province, Mohammed al-Karbouli, said in a statement «Middle East» that «the most important issue for us today is the liberation efforts of our areas of all Iraqis and all spectra», pointing out that «what we are working on now at the level of the National Guard is one of the In order to have all the children of the area are in charge of their protection under the law and the Constitution, and that things will not be chaos and weapons in the hands of outlaws ». 

He Karbouli: «We have no preset position of the popular crowd, they are our brothers but we are against individual practices here and there and at the level of our areas; we have capable men to edit, but we need a weapon, which is the responsibility of the state, which is supposed to be supplied to the people of the tribes, like the children of the popular crowd ».


Kurdistan Alliance: to renew the mandate Barzani internal affair and not a rival

  • Agency eighth day
  • February 28, 2015, 14:56

Arbil – ((eighth day))

MP confirmed the Kurdistan Alliance Shirin Reza ordered the renewal of the mandate for the presidency of the region Barzani affair within the region, and no one dares to compete.

She’s satisfaction ((eighth day)) that “the renewal of the mandate for the presidency of the region Barzani Shan within the region and between the leaders of the Kurdistan Alliance.”

She added that “there is no competitor for Barzani in the current period, according to data available Fahh diplomatic relations.”

She explained satisfaction that the current situation is imperative that we face “Daash” and an end to the war and attention to IDPs and not to renew the presidency of the region.

It is noteworthy that the machine secretary of the Central Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Adel Murad said that the National Union will decide later on the fate of the presidency of the region occupied by Massoud Barzani, since 2,005.


Iraq buys 36 tonnes of gold to the strengthening of the currency

BAGHDAD / .. of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives on Saturday revealed, for the purchase of Iraq’s 36 tons of gold bullion to strengthen the Iraqi currency.

Said committee member Ahmed Hama, told the “eye Iraq News,” The Iraqi government has bought 36 tons of gold bullion to raise the value of the Iraqi currency in the global markets and thereby became Iraq is ranked 37 among the nations of the world. “

Hama added that the move to buy gold will lead to raising the efficiency of the Iraqi economy in the near future, a task and an initiative approved in some countries, economic, indicating that Iraq is ranked fifth among Arab countries. Finished / 5

Sulaiman: the arrest of al-Abadi al-Maliki if he wants reconciliation with the Sunnis 


Condition of the Emir of the Dulaimi tribe Ali Hatem al-Suleiman, Saturday, Vice President Nuri al-Maliki arrest Kmassalhh fact of the year, and accused al-Maliki to bring the organization (Daash) to Iraq, as to refuse entry to the popular crowd forces to “areas”, threatened by targeting them by tribal members.

Suleiman said during a press conference in Erbil and attended (the long-Presse), “If the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the government wants to reconcile with the fact that he has a year to arrest al-Maliki,” accusing it of “bring the organization (Daash).”

Sulaiman added that “we will not accept the existence of the popular crowd in our forces to deal with the organization (Daash),” and threatened “by targeting them by tribal members in case of their presence there.” 

Suleiman stressed that “the regulation will not come out of Anbar, but the will of the people of the tribes,” noting that “it represents Anbar is one of the fights (Daash) and get it out of their areas and restores the displaced to their homes.”

For his part, said the leader of the stream dignity successful balance, during the conference “can either be true reconciliation or not,” noting that “there is no time for conferences in the midst of events experienced by Iraq and bloodshed in the country.” 


Sources in the parliamentary commission of inquiry: the fall of al-Maliki easy Mosul

Sources in the parliamentary commission of inquiry: the fall of al-Maliki easy Mosul

28-02-2015 02:19 PMBAGHDAD / News –
Iraq Ahmed Sources in the Special fall of Mosul parliamentary investigation, however, the organization Daash, that the former Prime Minister and Vice President of the current president, Nouri al-Maliki, was involved facilitated the fall of the city last June,

at the time called Anbar province, similar to the achievement of the fall maintaining, however, the organization , the sources of information on ‘involvement Maliki facilitating the fall of Mosul, however, the organization Daash on the tenth of June.

‘ reported that ‘after the end of the cross-examination of 50 commander Army and members of the local government of Mosul, the new data reveal the cause Maliki drop Mosul appeared through orders issued by the army and federal police related to withdrawing from the border with Syria,

and the right side of the connector ‘, noting that’ al-Maliki did not respond to calls for the army to enforce it additional Baktat cover Joy ‘. 

The sources pointed out that ‘the Commission majority of its members concluded that as a result of one, is Maliki form factor helping to Daash intentionally or unintentionally. ” 

The commission of inquiry has confirmed that al-Maliki will be the last convoked to investigate the reasons for the fall of the city, however Daash.

She explained the days that before ‘plot fall of Mosul, however, the organization Daash is not only military, but also political and administrative too, ‘likely’ involvement figures in local government ‘in the plot.

It added that it has’ a clear vision about the fall of Mosul, and that after hosting the members of the Council of Nineveh province, change the investigation there and became a vision of a second, that the conspiracy or the fall of Mosul,

was not only a military conspiracy, but politically and administratively, too, ‘in reference to the involvement of people from the holders of power in Nineveh province in the fall of Mosul.

and instructed the head of the House of Representatives, Saleem al-Jubouri, an investigation to uncover the circumstances of the fall of Mosul, headed by the President of the Security and Defense Committee in Parliament, of quitting, and a number of deputies.

investigation Anbar in the same context, called for political and tribal entities in Anbar province, the federal government and the House of Representatives to form a committee to achieve a professional uncover the circumstances of the fall of most of the cities of the province, however, the organization along the lines of investigation in the fall of Mosul.

These were those charges to the parties to a political party in Maliki’s government of conspiring with Daash and allow extremist organizations and entered into the province for political gain and described Baldikh. 


Urgent ..cil House of Representatives to raise its next Monday after the approval of and read a number of laws

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} lifting the House of Representatives on Saturday to its usual Monday after the approval of and read a number of laws.
According to a parliamentary source told {Euphrates News} that “the House of Representatives to raise its next Monday after the approval of and read a number of laws.”
The House voted on Saturday Act Japanese loan project in principle has also been reading a number of laws Alokhry.anthy 

Advisor: Government initiative is working to find the missing Alasrh

2/28/2015 0:00 

BAGHDAD – thank Fatlawi 
said the economic advisor to the Prime Minister that the new strategy launched by the Iraqi government to support and encourage the private sector are working to find the missing Asrh that are in support of market policies and the exchange of ideas between the market and the state. 

The appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, the “morning” to switch to economy market and transform the budget towards market activation requires an organizational structure that works to find this of enabling and procedural force and planned Asrh,

which leads to a market economy
 and the exchange of ideas between the market and the state in order to improve the economic situation 

and noted the benefit to the issue very important -aly he said would set out in the government initiative which regulation of the private sector, according to an institutional ideology is the consolidation of unions and chambers of commerce and the unification of voice

and demands being sporadic and has no unified strategy being able to be a part of 
the state institutions and the passage of regulations governing economic life more clearly.  

economic plans and pointed out that it Mataml the state at the moment of activation in the near future and the transition from a centralized economy to a market economy, according to economic plans contribute to the economic approach has changed.

He stressed that the transition to a market economy is the basic foundation to support the Iraqi economy by facilitating the procedures and the lifting of restrictions and to reconsider the laws so that they are all state policies are in the market activity

and support policies and thus support the policies of the State as a whole which is what we are working to achieve it soon – at the end he said would.

diagnose imbalances He noted that the economic reality requires a clear and comprehensive strategy jointly prepared by the owners of expertise and competence to analyze this reality and diagnose imbalances in it and propose ways to address them, 

stressing that Iraq is not need financial resources but to Effective Management of resources and income by raising the efficiency of production and service and stimulate and support the local product would contribute to raising the standard of living sectors.

administration studied also stressed the need to be the implementation of projects and efficiency comes with the evidence to see the progress of the implementation of the work in this project or that, indicating the importance that the focus of debates in the field of public interest means the view and the view of other whole must be in the interest of Iraq 

under the deliberate and sound economic management capable of exit of the country from the economic crisis caused by the fall in world oil prices and their impact on the reality of the Iraqi economy.

It should be noted that the initiative The new government is working on the promotion of the private sector and develop it and find a real between him and the public sector partnership as well as the restructuring of state-owned public companies in order to make them more effective in the economic sector,

warning of the continuing economic situation as it is now, the fact that survival leads to the country is facing a big problem prevent the improved economic situation of the individual and increase employment opportunities, especially if the private sector is the front-runner in providing jobs and revive the economic reality.


Experts: 50 dinars born “dead” .. and canceled due to fraud and the deletion of zeros

Submitted by Big Sekz

02/27/2015 (20:34)  


A source in the CBI revealed that the bank has decided to withdraw the currency of 50 dinars from circulation category because of fraud and conflict with other categories when deleting zeros from the currency,

and while experts confirmed that the abolition of the small category guide to take prices upward trend, said the 50 dinars born “dead” because they are too small and can not be accepted compared to other groups.

The Central Bank of Iraq, the day before yesterday, the currency was withdrawn from the category of 50 dinars from circulation due to “low value and stop the audience from the circulation,” according to a statement of the bank

A source in the CBI told the “term” that “the Bank does not want a conflict between the currency category of 50 dinars and 500 dinars in case of deletion of zeros from the last,

” noting that “the central decided to cancel the deal with 50 dinars category formally instructed banks government and private bring this group to the bank in order to burn them. “

The source, who declined to be named, said “the Bank issued a decision not to deal with a class of 50 because of a major fraud after reprinted in 2003”,

adding that “the citizen is no longer handles this category because of the small cluster of cash for this currency, and because the cheapest thing in the market to be sold for 250 dinars for it canceled the same. “

He pointed out that “the citizen who owns a coin 50 dinars category can replace it in the bank within a specific number, it is impossible to bring people billions of dinars in this category are demanding to replace them because they certainly false.”

For his part, said an expert on economic affairs Maytham Laibi “long” that “the decision to cancel the coin 50 dinars very painful, because it shows that the presence of an upward trend of prices, so that Tfariv currency has become not used in daily use

,” noting that “after ten years of the 50 dinars coin presence and lack of circulation dramatically means that the Iraqi market tended to handle large groups rather than to deal with small groups, indicating the money supply expanded significantly. “

Laibi and pointed out that “most of the countries of the world do not put such a condition when you drag the currency market, but they can be non-acceptance of the currency in circulation at the same time be accepted in the banking system, especially as the term is too short, which is up to two months only,” 

but he also said “The decision can not be considered wrong in its entirety, because it has become a reality if the result of the use of this currency, and to identify specific timeframe for ending the deal in this category is the only weak point in the resolution.”

In turn, said economist Ahmed Sabih told the “term” that “this group of Iraqi currency issued in the light of expectations down price levels to be smaller class can be traded among the public,

” noting that “the category of 50 dinars stillborn because it is very small Currency and can not be accepted in circulation compared to other groups that make up some of the complications. “

He Sabih saying that “the 50 dinars as long as calculated on the Iraqi currency bloc, it is better to replace the category of other more acceptable as a class 250 dinars, which represents smaller currency accepted by the public in circulation”,

adding that “this decision administrative true and does not reflect any economic effects is carried at liquidity or a reflection of the state of inflation, but it is a good procedure followed by many banks to get rid of the categories is acceptable in circulation.

” The bank said in a statement received “long”, a copy of which, the day before yesterday, that “due to stop the public from trading cash paper category 50 dinars, he decided to withdraw this banknote from trading on the basis of the powers vested in Article 36 of the Bank Act No. 56 of 2004”.

The statement added that “banks and branches will begin to replace these banknotes presented to it without fees or commission,” he said, adding that “banks will be deposited at the bank and its branches for the purpose of being the equivalent value in the accounts we have.”

Bank pointed out that “the term that will replace these banknotes will begin on the first of March to 30 of April next,” noting, “Once the replacement period banknote will be null and void and will not be accepted in Iraq.”

The 50 dinars category smaller paper currency from within the paper categories, which also include 250 dinars and 500 dinars and a thousand dinars and 5 thousand dinars and 10 thousand dinars and 25 thousand dinars. Iraq issued a new currency in 2003 in the wake of dropping the former regime.


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