Allawi’s office issued a clarification about “suffering a heart attack and moved to London.”

Wednesday 01-07-2015 | 12:50:47

Vice President Iyad Allawi – the S / M P

Twilight News / Vice President Iyad Allawi’s office that the latter is in good health and health news that pointed to the contrary.

A statement by the office of Allawi responded to Twilight News, that some websites and part of the media, dealt with based on what he described as Balachaah tendentious “information for political objectives”, the story that exposure Vice President Iyad Allawi, a heart attack summoned moved to London, was this rumor was launched in the moment in which he was exercising his daily Allawi in his office in Baghdad, according to the official statement.

He added that “such lies and also realize come in a natural context of the ongoing campaigns against Mr. Vice President, (…) and in the timing in which some parties seeking to discredit the efforts of national symbols in the reconciliation and reconstruction of Iraq back on track as a player primarily in the region.”

Federal Police: cleansing 85% of Baiji

Salahuddin Iraq-Press -1 July: Federal Police announced that its forces liberated the nearly 85% of Baiji, and seized control of the compound and the main road link to the refinery.


He said the federal leader, Raed Shakir Jawdat team, said that “large forces of the Federal Police and the popular crowd launched at dawn on Tuesday, purge the rest of the pockets of terrorists.”


Said Jawdat The “regiments Liberation and the crowd freed 85% of Baiji, and seized control of the residential complex and the way the main link to the refinery,” noting that “the operations have resulted in the killing of six terrorists and destroy 3 wheels their weapons and four rocket launchers, and boat rivers and East Husaybah killed two snipers Daash “.


In a related context, the Federal reported in a later statement to “the killing of 18 terrorists, including Chechen nationality, and the dismantling of three booby-trapped houses, comb through apartments in the Baiji area to complete the stages entirely cleared.”

The statement emphasized that “the bodies of the terrorists of the organization and their vehicles and weapons filled the streets of the judiciary.” .anthy (1)

Nیچیrڤan Barzani receives the new administrator of the Office of the security coordination of US forces in Iraq

[3:25] 15 / Jul / 01

Erbil, July 1 (PNA) – received Nیچیrڤan Barzani, prime minister of the Kurdistan Region after noon on Tuesday, 30/06/2015, in the capital, Erbil, Gen. Bednarek official security coordination for US forces in Iraq, accompanied by a diplomatic office military delegation, on the occasion of completion of his mission in Iraq and definition Gen. Akamira as an administrator for a new security coordination office of US forces.

During the meeting, expressed Gen. Bednarek expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Government of the Kurdistan Region and the Ministry of Alپeshmrگh Affairs and forces Alپeshmrگh to work with them during his tenure in Iraq in general and the Kurdistan Region in particular, where he received the full facilities of their own, as the high price of the role of Alپeshmrگh forces in the face of terrorists Daash on the battlefield , reiterated US support to the Kurdistan Region and Alپeshmrگh forces.

In another of this meeting along, the two sides traded the current situation in various parts of Iraq, especially those under the control of terrorists Daash, and the mechanism of current and future cooperation between the coalition and the Iraqi army and the forces of Alپeshmrگh forces in order to improve the response to the terrorists and eliminate the risks posed by Alarhabiyon areas.

For his part, Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region expressed his pleasure to visit and commended the General Bednarek efforts, where he managed during two years of his work in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of the performance of his duties best, and wished him success in his new duties, and welcomed at the same time his successor, Gen. Akamira , reiterated the readiness of the Ministry of Affairs Alپeshmrگh and security forces in Kurdistan for cooperation and coordination.

He also expressed his thanks to the international coalition forces, especially US forces, which have had a significant role in the elimination of the threat of terrorism and deported since the beginning of Daash terrorists attacks on the Kurdistan Region.

At the conclusion of this meeting, General Bednarek delivered a message of thanks and appreciation security coordination office of US forces in Iraq to Nیچیrڤan Barzani, prime minister of the Kurdistan Region, he expressed his thanks for the cooperation and coordination of the Kurdistan Regional Government during his tenure.

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For logistical / scales News /: operations Baghdad is able to reduce the phenomenon of “robbery” in the capital

Since 30/06/2015 18:49 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – scales News

Said the security committee in Baghdad Provincial Council member Saad logistical, Tuesday, that the Baghdad Operations is able to reduce the phenomenon of robbery in the capital Baghdad because of the weakness of the intelligence elements.

He said logistical L / scales News /, that “operations Baghdad jealousy able to reduce the” usurped “the phenomenon that capital Baghdad prevail during the past few days,” noting that “the plans by the Baghdad Operations can not control this situation, which has become a major threat the security of the capital. ”

He said the security committee member, said that “all measures taken by the leaders of the Baghdad Operations on the reduction of this phenomenon, which” failed “, at the same time accusing Baghdad intelligence operations as” weakness “.

It is said that “intelligence source in the Interior Ministry revealed to / scales News /, on Tuesday, that most of the capital Baghdad areas that have seen a sharp rise in armed robberies on homes and cars by armed groups wearing military uniforms and driving cars SUV, explaining the issuance of guidance Minister of Mohammed Ghabban for actions to reduce these operations through the conduct of the local police and police patrols to help reassure the population and to pursue suspects. ”

The “confessed vice president of the security committee in Baghdad Provincial Council Fadel Shuwaili’s / scales News /, yesterday Sunday, that the kidnappings that occur in Baghdad carried out military clothes and cars, SUV, recognized that the purpose of the abductions is either for the purpose of” political “or “material” .anthy 29/9 P

Abadi consultant: anti-money laundering and terrorism financing law Iraq recovers funds from abroad

BAGHDAD / .. Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister stressed the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Tuesday, that the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing law Iraq recovers funds from abroad.

Saleh said for “Eye Iraq News”, that “the law of the most important laws and vote in the parliament majority being gives Iraq’s legal status in the international financial community,” noting that “the law also gives Iraq authority to monitor international financial laws and the participation of opinion on them.”

He explained that “the Council of Ministers approval of this law is an important step in the right direction and give positive messages to the international financial community,” noting that “the Central Bank of the Department for money laundering, but is able to work and this law Ameliha will cooperate with all organs of the State concerned.”

Praising the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, Tuesday, the Cabinet’s decision to vote on the draft anti-money laundering made ​​by the Bank Act, calling on Parliament to give priority to the law passed in anticipation of the situation in Iraq as “black list” in the absence of approval.

The Council of Ministers approved on Tuesday the draft anti-money laundering and the financing of “terrorism” law. And money laundering is the recycling of funds resulting from illegal actions in the areas of channels and invest legitimacy to hide the true source of these funds and look as if they had been generated from a legitimate source Examples of such unlawful acts (funds generated by the drug trade – slave – prostitution – weapons). Ended 9

Dr. Salim al-Jubouri (Facebook)

President al-Jubouri, is hosting a meeting of MPs and ministers National Forces Alliance to discuss a range of political and security files

Hosted by Parliament Speaker Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, in his office, on Tuesday, a meeting of the bloc prosecutors and ministerial National Forces Alliance.

During the meeting, research in a number of important files, particularly the political file and check the paper the terms of the political agreement, in addition to the bills that await legislation in the House of Representatives during the new legislative year and laws that sent brunt Council DONC and position them.

The meeting discussed in detail the security file in the provinces occupied by Daash, and stressed the need to mobilize efforts and invite the people of those provinces to contribute to the editing operations.

The participants also discussed the displaced file and ways to provide the necessary support and carrying out relief, in addition to the mechanics to speed up their return to the liberated areas.

Urgent for the gold and tactical training to fight Daash style street wars

Since 30/06/2015 18:51 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – scales News

Revealed a spokesman for anti-device terrorism morning Numan, on Tuesday, for the use of a new strategy for fighting al Daash terrorist in the city of Ramadi, while stressing that he was training for both gold and tactical band a unique style for the Liberation of Anbar, as well as training troops to fight a street wars battles.

He said al-Nu’man’s / scales News /, that “a counter-terrorism will use a new strategy in fighting al Daash terrorist in Anbar province, and especially the city of Ramadi, after the arrival of new weapons for the device which is Stphajie Aldoaash,” noting that “the machine elements who will fight through the liberalization of Anbar practical manner new tactic different. ”

He said a spokesman for the system, “it was training for both gold and tactical band a unique style for the Liberation of control of Anbar Daash terrorist,” adding, “have been trained troops to fight the wars of the street battles.”

And between al-Numan, we are to “waiting is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi to start the military for the Liberation of Anbar operations of elements of al Daash terrorist,” explaining “it was the preparation of all device members of the battle,” Beck O Iraq “very well”.

It is said that “a spokesman for the fight against a terrorism morning Numan revealed to / scales News /, earlier, for their military plans influential to fight al” Daash “terrorist in the city of Ramadi, as he emphasized that their intelligence facilitate the work of the international coalition operations.”

This “The chairman of the Anbar province’s morning Krhot / scales News /, earlier, about the arrival of the number of people of the province belonging to the terrorist organization Daash to nearly 5%, while stressing that the tribes waiting Allchrist” .anthy 29/9 P

Today .. meeting of MPs and ministers to discuss the Union forces pass laws sessions Parliament


Since 30/06/2015 18:33 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad scales News

MP from the Union of Forces Mohammed Karbouli, Tuesday, announced that a legal National Guard general amnesty of the priorities of the Union approval during the legislative year the second of the House of Representatives, referring to a meeting of MPs and ministers Forces Union at al-Jubouri’s house this evening to discuss fueling the adoption of important laws in the next parliamentary sessions.

He said in a statement received Karbouli / scales News / copy of it today, “The union sees the need for the adoption of the National Guard Law; to honor the efforts of fighters and volunteers from the crowd and the sons of tribal fighting, and to ensure their rights.”

He stressed “the need to treat all political blocs positively with the draft general amnesty law away from the political and media bids, and seeking to draw the joy on the faces of Iraqi women and children, and to facilitate the release of their prisoners to coincide with the Eid al-Fitr.

He noted that “the meeting of deputies and ministers of the Union of Forces in Salim al-home this evening, will discuss what has been achieved from a close political agreement and future challenges, and mature and adoption of important laws in the upcoming parliamentary sessions, led by the National Guard laws, amnesty, political parties, Federal Court and the abolition of the law of accountability and justice and other important laws.

Attorney Karbouli urged all political forces to “the second legislative year to make more productive than its predecessor, and cooperation Bandaj and legislation important laws organization for the life of the citizens and building a civil state” .anthy 29 / d 25

.. Launch next month loans “small” for citizens of the civil and government banks

Economy and tenders

Since 30/06/2015 18:47 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – scales News

He confirmed a member of the parliamentary Economic Committee Najiba Najib, on Tuesday, that the beginning of the next month of July will see the launch of small loans to citizens by civil and government banks.

She said Najib’s / scales News / “The Central Bank instructed all government and private banks distribute small loans to citizens,” indicating that “the central banks provided nearly the” billion “to be distributed to citizens with small projects.”

She said a member of the parliamentary Economic Committee, said that “next July will see the launch of these loans in all governorates of Iraq, according to the Central Bank instructions,” pointing out that “these loans will reduce the existing rate of unemployment among people in addition to moving the private sector for the country.”

It is said that “the parliamentary Finance Committee rapporteur Ahmed ruled out for flesh / scales News /, earlier, the launch of financial loans to employees this year because of budget austerity” .anthy

29/9 P

Federal police announced the start of large-scale military operation to free the rest of the Baiji


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BAGHDAD – News Today
It announced the leadership of the Federal Police, on Tuesday, and starting large-scale military operation to liberate the rest of Baiji north of Tikrit from the control of the organization “Daash”.
He said the federal police chief, Raed Jawdat team, in a statement received “Today’s News” a copy of “large forces of the Federal Police and the People in the crowd launched a wide-scale military operation, to liberate the rest of Baiji north of Tikrit areas.”
“The joint forces gained control of the residential complex and the main road to Baiji refinery, stressing that” the bodies of the terrorists of the organization Daash and their vehicles and weapons filled the streets of the judiciary. “