Jubouri congratulates Larijani re-elected president of the Parliament


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} congratulated the Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri in a telephone interview Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani on his re-election as President of the House of Representatives.
The agency quoted {IRNA} for al – Jubouri as saying during a dial that “relations between Iran and Iraq are friendly, stressing the importance of strengthening parliamentary relations between the two countries more and more and consult with each other on bilateral and regional issues , including the fight against terrorism.
He expressed his confidence that the friendly relations existing between the two countries including parliamentary relations will be enhanced more and more during the current session of the Majlis.
on his part , said Larijani , during the phone call to the friendly and good relations between the two countries and said he will continue to strengthen relations and cooperation between the two countries during the new session of the Islamic Shura Council will continue relations and parliamentary cooperation at the level of regional and international circles.
He stressed the continued support of the comprehensive Iran government and the Iraqi people , especially in the fight against terrorists , extremist groups expressed hope that victorious Iraqi people and government in the fight against terrorism quickly and save Iraq from the evil of this phenomenon abhorrent “.anthy

Official statistics for fighting Iraqi forces in Fallujah within 24 hours


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Twilight News / announced Joint Special Operations Command on the progress of the forces involved liberalization of Fallujah for the eighth day in a row and killed dozens of terrorists and restore a number of sites.

According to a statement of the leadership of the Lord of Twilight News, said the leadership of the Sixth Infantry Division and the crowd folk / northern axis, where I managed to edit Gillan area, and was addressing the two houses , and (5) Barrage bomb, clearing a path length (2 km) and the destruction of a tunnel length (700 m), and the dismantling (86) an explosive device, and the pieces are still advancing towards the River Ali Suleiman.
and on the leadership of the infantry Division of fourteen folk / north axis and the crowd, cr edit areas and villages axis (Shiha, Hamoud Aziz, Albu Disqualified, Albu Eifan, Salman back towards Saqlawiyah, Albu Taha , Owaynat shortly before the village was liberated by the joy of the band 14 and the forces of the popular crowd and the village of Albu – Bakhit and the pieces now continue towards the village Aerymh with the pieces reached an advanced point in the axes set for it.

She said the results FOLLOWS: the killing of dozens of terrorist Daash and wounding 17 others, and destroying two wheels carrying a unilateral weapon, and two wheels bombs before they arrived to our units , headlights, and (5) Motorcycles , two of them Stoth type, and thedestruction of (3) mortars and arms mono, and the destruction of (35) into throwing and (6) arefuge for people, and bridging the amniocentesis number (6) and clearing a path length of 7 km and the destruction of a tunnel length (150 m), and treatment (23) , a booby – trapped homes and one school and clearing (57) house, and the bombing of a controlled’s (317) explosive device, find the booby – trapping plant and modification of weapons.
and the focus of the first Brigade rapid intervention (Nuaimiya):
pieces of the first Brigade continues rapid intervention brigade infantry (51), cut Albohgel crossing fully in conjunction with the formations of the popular crowd, each of the (brigade threshold upper, and Saraya Ashura) the progress and sustain the battlefield momentum to thewest, where they were to inflict the enemy great losses and aS FOLLOWS:
resulted in the killing of a terrorist group and wounded 3 others, and the destruction of Walker and added to the enemy and kill them, destroy the wheel bearing unilateral weapon within theperimeter of the liberated Nuaimiya area.
In north – west axis clashed pieces band rapid federal police response during the progress on thenorth – west axis of the district of Fallujah and the battle took place has been burdening theenemy ‘s material and human losses.
In the southern axis cuts the band embarked on 17 of the progress of the bridge back Thanksgiving for the purpose of a petition with the apple bridge pieces band rapid intervention and the results were preparation of a terrorist Daash and destruction of the wheel and themachine-gun and find the plane march carrying a camera within boycotted the brigade 60 killed
statement quoted pieces of anti – terrorism southern axis _qtat band rapid intervention first Nuaimiya zone “advanced pieces of anti – terrorism movement device to carry out its objectives in the district of Fallujah was handled containers distributed to the advancement of the pieces and exposed elements Daash terrorist mortars and small arms on pieces of anti – terrorism near the apple and progress bridge still cautiously as a result of planting explosive means the main and alternative roads are still ongoing progress and continue the engineering effort to open roads to the pieces after the improvised transplant dramatically and details later in advanced band interference rapid first liberalized river police station in Nuaimiya and raised the Iraqi flag it. ”
the statement said the air force planes according hawks intelligence cell information carried out missions on the headquarters of the whereabouts of leaders Daash in Fallujah and were able to destroy the headquarters and killed many leaders

She said the band eighth to finish its duty to the duty editor of Fallujah by reaching out to theedge of the river Euphrates and cut and surround Daash in Fallujah against the apple Bridge from the West second corresponding to the axis of the first band.
And the eastern axis , he said that the leadership of the federal police forces and the popular crowd embarked on the progress and engagement with the enemy and inflict loss of life and equipment and the pieces reached the outskirts of the martyrs of Saqlawiyah area with artillery Federal police managed to destroy three roofs to shelter Daash and killed a group of them and the bombing of two motorcycles Naratien destroyed brigade automated federal police wheel bearing heavy machine and kill policemen north of Saqlawiyah able artillery federal police from destroying five sites defensive Saqlawiyah near the train station

He added that the Army Air was able to address some of the houses inside the gunmen and unilaterally placed on the roof of a house in Nuaimiya area and the destruction of the wheel carrying a weapon and kill a group of gunmen tried to exposure to pieces of anti-terrorism device during offered three snipers were killed in Nuaimiya area and destroy the wheel of a booby-trapped within the axis of progress counter device terrorism apple near the bridge and the destruction of unilateral and address gatherings of the enemy within the axis of the machine is also provided

He added that carried coalition aircraft carried out 10 sorties on Saqlawiyah area resulted in the killing of a group of terrorists and the destruction of three combat wheels and wheel bearing gun as carried coalition aircraft 28 combat sorties on Fallujah that killed dozens and destroyed spending and 3 weapons sites heavy systems and Honyin sites defensive and carried out four missions Nuaimiya combat in the area resulted in the killing of a group of terrorist.