Iraqi leader to U.S.: Americans come to Iraq to fight with ISIS, but I haven’t banned you


January 31 at 1:52 PM
Iraq’s prime minister said Tuesday that a ban preventing his citizens from visiting the United States was an “insult” but that barring Americans in retaliation could hurt national interests during the war against the Islamic State.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi gave a measured response in his first public comments since Iraq was included on a list of seven Muslim-majority countries in President Trump’s executive order restricting immigration.

Abadi said he was looking for ways to “reduce the damage” from the decision. He said he would not enforce an equal ban on Americans, an option the Iraqi parliament had supported in a vote Monday.

“We are in the middle of a battle,” he said.

More than 5,000 U.S. troops are stationed in Iraq, where they are backing Iraqi forces in their fight against the Islamic State. The visa ban has shaken relations between the two countries as they draw close to defeating the militant group in Mosul, the last major city it controls in Iraq.

The restrictions have increased pressure on Abadi, who is being pushed to act in retaliation to the ban but is beholden to U.S. military support.

Abadi pointed out that it is unfair to tar with the same brush the entire population of a nation.

“There are Americans fighting with” the Islamic State, he said. “I can’t say because of that all Americans are terrorists. Each country has good and bad people.”

It echoed comments made a day earlier by Iraq’s foreign minister, Ibrahim al-Jafari, who added that no Iraqis have been responsible for acts of terrorism on U.S. soil. Other countries whose nationals have been involved in attacks, such as Saudi Arabia, have escaped the ban, which has been imposed for 90 days while the Trump administration makes assessments. Refugee processing has been suspended for 120 days.

The move caused chaos at airports as those with valid visas were turned back. Some Iraqi families who had sold all their possessions after being approved for resettlement were told they could not travel.

Recovery of the financial sector


Author: Mohammed Sharif Abu Mayssam

02/01/2017 0:00

It ‘s really heartening to accelerate steps to the introduction of technologies in theIraqi banking sector, as many of the suffering this sector of the delay in performance and a decrease in credit rates and the size of deposits caused by the absence ofintractable to treatment of trust between the public and between the government and private banks alike, it which it was and still is a major cause to enter the sector of the recovery room due to his inability to perform its most important function of moving the money supply beyond the circulation, estimated by the CBI about 71 percent of the money issued by this bank. Thus, the introduction of technologies willrevive this sector through the reduction of slack loops and reducing the phenomena of corruption and bureaucracy, which would push back the confidence of these financial institutions.
The achievements made in this regard during the past four months for optimism and wonder at the same time , since all what has been achieved over the past thirteen years in the axis of the introduction of technologies as the most important hub in the trilogy restructuring of State – owned banks and raise the eligibility banks with the restructuring of capital and personnel training, It is not achieved by more than one entry clearing system and e-purchase communication and computing electronic systems, while came to us the past four months the introduction of the “National divider” private system of exchange of financial transfers through credit cards , which will link the banks communications network and one will facilitate a lot of trading and banking transactions can be that eliminates the standard routine review of banks and complete the transaction as soon as possible, through electronic payment instruments, while the work was “electronic system for the exchange of credit information” to pay off to leave style – based paper correspondence work and contributes to the credit risk assessment and make quick decisions in granting loans In the payment and clearing operations. Previously these two important steps the introduction of the electronic Form in the Central Bank ‘s initiative loans in the specialized banks, and in the ninth of January , the Central announced the adoption of the international mathematical figure IBAN in all local and foreign remittances for the purpose of unification of bank account numbers will contribute to the improvement of the level of financial, banking , and bypass services common mistakes valuable use of customer accounts when remittance figures .. as well as the amendments made by the central mechanisms in entering the auction sale of the currency, and a decision independently in the fight against money laundering within the central office. And contracting with international companies for training on modern operations in the fight against money laundering. All of these important steps will not stand usefulness when restore confidence among the public and among financial institutions, but will be extended to encourage the arrival of foreign funds to the Iraqi home and will contribute to creating a favorable climate for investment, but the question hovering at timings, why were all these steps late and once at this time ?

Iran To Ditch The Dollar In Wake Of Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’

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Dominic Dudley , CONTRIBUTOR

I write about business and economics in the Middle East  
The Iranian government is to stop using the US dollar in its official statements, according to a report in the local English-language daily the Financial Tribune.

The decision was announced by Central Bank of Iran governor Valiollah Seif during a television interview on the evening of January 29 and, according to the paper, is due to take effect from the start of the new fiscal year on 21 March. It will affect all official financial and foreign exchange reports.

The move is significant in the light of the recent ‘Muslim ban’ by US President Donald Trump, which prevents anyone from Iran and six other Muslim-majority countries from entering the US. The Iranian government has vowed to take “reciprocal measures” and has said it will stop issuing visas to US citizens. Some exceptions to this may be made though. Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said that it has yet to decide on whether to allow a US freestyle wrestling team into the country. The team is due to compete in the Wrestling World Cup in Kermanshah province in mid-February.

While the White House has said the order to bar Iranians and others was made to tackle the threat of terrorism, it is notable that since 1975 no Americans have been killed in terrorist attacks in the US by the citizens of the countries included in the ban. It has also been widely noted that Trump’s business empire does not extend to the seven targeted countries but others where he does have business interests have not been included in the order, even though their citizens have been involved in terrorist outrages in the US.

The governor of the Central Bank of Iran Valiollah Seif (R) talks with the head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organisation Ali Akbar Salehi, ahead of a press conference in Tehran in January 2016 after international sanctions on Iran were lifted (Photo: ATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty Images)

As a result of years of sanctions imposed by a succession of US administrations, Iran has very little trade with the US. Its most important trading partner is the UAE, which accounts for around 24% of all Iranian imports and exports. China is not far behind with 22%, followed by Turkey, India and the EU, all of which account for around 6% of Iran’s trade.

This leaves open the question of what Iran will use to replace the dollar. Seif said in the television interview that “we have to set a currency as the basis of financial reporting that has better stability and greater application in our foreign trade,” according to the Financial Tribune.

He added that Iran has the option of “selecting a basket of currencies or choosing the currency that plays the biggest part in foreign trade”. That suggests that the euro could be a logical alternative for the dollar.

However, the decision to drop the dollar could prove to be complicated for Iran, given that its most important export is oil which is priced in dollars. The country is on course to earn $41bn from oil sales this fiscal year. Switching its reporting to another currency will add a degree of currency risk and volatility and is likely to complicate matters for the authorities. At this stage, however, it is not clear how they will deal with this issue.

Abadi acknowledges disagreements with Maliki is Trump’s decision “ill” for Iraqis [Extended]


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[Oan- Baghdad]
approved Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, the existence of differences “in the views of files” with the head of the coalition of state law , Nuri al – Maliki “returned” the decision to the US president, Donald Trump, ban the entry of nationals of seven Muslim countries , including Iraq to the United States , ” the abuse of Iraq and the Iraqis. “
Abadi stated in his weekly press on Tuesday to a question about the existence of differences with al – Maliki, saying: We do not need to reconcile with him [Maliki] and perhaps there are differing views on the file and the dispute does not spoil the friendliness issue and do not want to turn on a personal conflict , “he said . ” we have good relations with the Kurdistan region and became the mixing of the blood and fighting, and reject the political establishment in the defense of Iraq except the region , but we want to defend all Iraqis. ”
and news that the coming days will witness splits the ranks of the Islamic Dawa Party and that constitutes a Abadi electoral list, answered the leader of the party ” I did not went to the elections originally decided not served alliances related to the elections and the post of prime minister should keep the state and we have reached the final stage in the elimination of Daesh financial difficulty has not established an alliance to now we have not discussed the elections never any meeting.”
He called “blocs to hold political agreement not to allow the return of the situation to what it was our universe we made enormous sacrifices and destruction and the blood of the martyrs in the military operations and the destruction of infrastructure and displaced people and tearing families and today the same faces who led us to those disasters you want to take us back to that , ” and called on ” citizens not to allow the return of brought the country to the it is. ”
The prime minister warned ” the political blocs that citizens do not forget we have to admit mistakes and address them.”
And the battle to liberate Nineveh province , the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces said , “prepare for the Liberation of the right side of the city of Mosul , and we hope to be much Oshla and a glance at the map shows that the right side area is much less than the left coast and the forces of counter – terrorism need to grab the liberated areas.”
“We are in the last period of the left side was changed some of the security plans, and in the last three weeks we have seen the speed in the liberation of the left coast areas and in many was liberated villages and the areas in Nineveh that we got into the city and we have the potential to cross our troops from the left coast to the right despite the fact that Daesh destroying five bridges link between the two sides , and shall join the connector between the sides. ”
And the issue of the Khawr Abd Allah and raised around the uproar in the demarcation of maritime borders with Kuwait, al – Abadi said , raised a media fuss about the Khawr Abd Allah unintelligible What motives are behind it and why? “Noting that” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs presented a report to the Cabinet is talking about the use of technology and the use of new global standards to determine the border based on the [Jewdas] and the United Nations prepared a workshop and meeting reinstated the case and there was no request for a decision. ”
He said the ” Thread forked and the Council of Ministers rejected the allocation of funds did not specify the amount being inaccurate and therefore the Ministry of transport said it had allocations and the record was not trading the issue of the Khawr Abd Allah , “pointing to the ” agreement in 2013 signed between Iraq and Kuwait , and ratified by the former Iraqi government and the House of Representatives , a navigation agreement and not the borders of planning and raise this issue today do not know why? “.
” The hype all for the Liberation of the left side of the Prime Minister, who sparked by first there are the same from the raised Saqlawiyah cemetery which is a lie and is not present in order to distracting public opinion is editorial issues ” , stressing that” Iraq ‘s interests above everyone and grubby Iraq ‘s rights are the former regime ‘s policies Khawr Abd Allah waterway and the Shatt al – Arab was Iraq ‘s full and polemics of the former regime missed half of it and part of the Khawr Abd Allah. ”
And the last Trump ‘s decision, and the possibility of applying the principle of reciprocity in the absence reviewed by the US administration, Abadi said: resolution considered abuse of Iraq and Iraqis , “noting that” the Iraqi government discussed a range of options we have major security companies in Iraq and there is a big search with companies that have gigantic projects in the field of oil and water, agriculture , and I hope to cooperate in the light of the strategic cooperation agreement and we have a set of proposals and hope to have this decision changed. ”
and expressed” hope that the US President looks to the new Iraq. ”
and on the extent of US support for Iraq Stability in the era of Trump administration between the prime minister . ” I have no fear of this thing, but we started from our side steps and reduced our dependence on the role of the international coalition after starting the Iraqi air force played a key role in operations by 99%, and we have a march aircraft entered service , “noting that” the international effort is important in the intelligence and Daesh Organization global terrorist. ”
He added , ” we got the last stages of editing and can not rely on external force to protect Iraq and we managed that we bring the world to stand with the Iraqis to fight Daesh this is a success we will continue to do, and we have no fears because any US administration would be unable to change its policy and there are commitments we want to continue logistical support and training and will be in the bilateral agreements with other countries. ”
He pointed Abbadi, ” The price of crude oil will not reach the desired levels of Iraq before the end of 2018 or in 2019 , ” adding, ” The demand has increased , which has helped to raise prices but will not return to the level of 2013″ , when crude was above $ 100 a barrel.
And between, that ” the oil will not reach the desired level before 2018 or 2019 , ” but did not specify the price at which they desire Iraq.
He said the prime minister , “there are other sources of oil are the US oil shale and there is another vision of the Council of Ministers and request re – examine the question of the subject of the establishment of the national oil company.”

Cabinet directed the Ministries of Defense and Interior to tighten security measures in the liberated areas


By Ziad alHaidari 16 minutes ago
Cabinet directed the Ministries of Defense and Interior to tighten security measures in the liberated areas

Roudao – Erbil

The cabinet held its regular meeting Tuesday, led by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider alAbadi, and the presence of the defense and interior ministers of the new, and it was the most important decisions that have been taken is to direct the Ministries of Defense and Interior to tighten security measures in the liberated areas, and modify the decision project of constructing 130 schools in the marsh areas.

He said the Information Office of the Prime Minister, in a statement seen by Roudao Media Network, said that “the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, was welcomed at the beginning of the meeting the ministers of defense and interior after the House vote on them yesterday and carrying out their constitutional right.”

He continued, “With regard to the decisions of the Council of Ministers directed the Ministries of Defense and Interior to tighten security measures to ensure the work of the companies and establishments operating in the liberated areas and other areas has been issued.”

He added, “The Council of Ministers have a look at the merits of previous resolutions of the Council on investment and rehabilitation contract between the General Company for Iron and Steel and one of the investment companies and the activation of productive activity and to avoid any losses of the Council of Ministers decided to approve the recommendations of the Council of the General Company for Iron and Steel Department and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals to proceed with the contract implementation and rehabilitation of laboratories with a commitment to energy production agreed to turn the company from losing to winning and can secure its members’ salaries and profits. “

He explained, “that the council discussed the activation of the National Oil Company Law No. 123 of 1967 and amendments thereto were steering by the Legal Department of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to prepare a study, has also been studying the subject of national gas companies and the possibility of members of a special law or processed within the law.”

He said the Council “decided to amend the resolution to facilitate the project of constructing 130 schools in the marshlands, and to approve the purchase of relief materials and household creation, maintenance and restoration of the camps,” stressing that “the Council will hold an extra session to complete the vote on a number of other decisions.”

Association of Banks concludes own risk management training course



Baghdad …

It concluded the Iraqi private banks association, Tuesday, Ndmtha training course in cooperation with the firm (kpmg) for the management of risks.
And participated in the training course titled (administration Almkhatralamasseh) 83 participants from government and private banks and the Central Bank of Iraq and corporate remittance, participants received over the three days of lectures task on hands of professors of international professor Ahmed Qawasmeh and professor Rami Hourani in various aspects of risk and ways of addressing them.
And he attended the closing Messrs Walid Idi central bank adviser, Hatem al-Qawasmi, General Manager of the company kpmg ceremony Alhhdat qualifying among the trainees.
It should be noted that the Association embarked on the implementation of its training program for the various mission activities, and at the rate cycle to two sessions a month.

European Court bans the granting of asylum to everyone associated with terrorism

31/01/2017 17:39:00


Khandan – Supreme European Court in Luxembourg issued on Tuesday, a decision by Member States to prevent the granting of asylum to those involved in terrorist acts.

According to the site (DW) German This includes the decision not only carried out these acts, but also those who have contributed to the planned or helped plan them.

This comes in the context of the ruling by the European Court in the lawsuit that made by a Moroccan man has already been sentenced to six years in prison in Belgium for belonging to a “terrorist organization.”

The man involved in the fraud of passports to people who were smuggled into Iraq. Prior to submit an application for asylum with the competent departments in Belgium a reasoned request from the prosecution of this Bkhchith Moroccan security authorities in the event of his return to his home country, because of his conviction for belonging to a terrorist organization.

European Supreme Court held that the ruling by the cover of the “attracting and organizing, and the transfer of people or equipment”, in order to carry out terrorist operations, in addition to those already carried out these operations or contributed to the planning of operations.



Maliki, US ambassador: Washington to reconsider the decision to prevent the entry of Iraqis



Since 31/01/2017 17:15 (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD – balances News

Called on the new US Vice President Nouri al-Maliki administrative, Tuesday, to reconsider the decision to prevent the entry of Iraqis into the territory of the United States, while the Iraqi people confirmed still believes it needs the support of his friends at the current stage.

Maliki’s office said in a statement received / balances News /, a copy of “Vice President Nouri Al-Maliki received on Monday afternoon, US Ambassador to Iraq.”

He added that “The meeting reviewed the progress of bilateral relations between the two countries, security, and political developments and the progress of liberalization of Nineveh province operations and victories achieved by our armed forces and the popular crowd on Daesh terrorist gangs.”

Maliki confirmed according to the statement that “political harmony between the actors during the next phase will contribute to the failure of the charts and foreign interventions,” stressing the need to “activate the joint cooperation between the two frameworks, particularly the Convention on the strategic framework.”

According to the statement, the al-Maliki, expressed surprise at “the recent decision by US President Donald Trump and on the prevention of reception the United States for citizens of seven countries, including Iraq,” calling on the US administration to “reconsider the resolution, the fact that the Iraqi people still believed he needed to support of his friends at the current stage. ”

For his part, Silliman confirmed “the US commitment to support Iraq in its war against terrorism,” explaining that “the decision to ban the book which recently released a lot of exceptions that would allow authorities of Homeland Security to allow travelers to enter the United States.”

He noted, that “it has been facilitating the entry of a number of Iraqis who were detained in US airports after the decision” .anthy 29/1’s

Presidency send health insurance law to parliament


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} sent the Presidency of the Republic, on Tuesday, a draft health insurance bill to the House of Representatives.
Information Office of the Presidency said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that ” the legal chancellor discussed today in Baghdad Tuesday, 1/31/2017 draft text of the draft health insurance law shops of the House of Representatives in preparation for approval by the legislature.”
“The meeting took place in the legal chancellor presence of a number of legal specialists in the presidency , ” referring to “complete the draft of the final version and send it to the House of Representatives for a vote.”
It was the Health and Environment Committee member of the parliamentary Abdul Hadi said for {Euphrates News} earlier, that “the most important laws that will begin in the current legislative term is the Health Insurance Law , which guarantees the right of citizens to a full healthy life and to provide health insurance for the patient , ” noting that ” the law will provide a special card for each patient is allocated a sum of money estimated at 6 or 8 million dinars and the patient can inside Iraq or outside review. ”
He noted that “in the case of the patient need to be practical and wages less than eight million dinars, the government will be obliged to pay them, but if the process has increased above this amount Vsadfha patient from his own account” .anthy


Masum-Jaafari and discuss the political process and international support for Iraq


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[Where – Baghdad]
Search President Fuad Masum, on Tuesday, with Foreign Minister Ibrahim al – Jaafari of the political process and international support for Iraq.
A statement by the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the al – Jaafari visited infallible in his office in Baghdad, “During the meeting , they discussed the political process and security in Iraq, and victories by the Iraqis achieved in the war against Daesh gangs terrorist, and international support for Iraq “.
He added that the “infallible Jaafari reviewed the Iraqi diplomatic efforts to strengthen Iraqi relations with various countries of the world, and activation of common interests with friendly people, and urged them to contribute to the reconstruction of the infrastructure of the Iraqi cities , especially liberated from the grip of terrorists Daesh, and the return of displaced people to their home areas.”

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