America threatens Iraqi banks to impose sanctions in the event of payment of Iran’s arrears of electricity



Tuesday 31 July 2018 09:20 pm

 The US Treasury refused to deal with the Iraqi banks with Iran in a circular sent to the Central Bank of Iraq in the month of July threatens to impose economic sanctions on each bank has financial transactions with Tehran. By this generalization, the Iraqi government is unable to pay the Ministry of Electricity of debts in arrears To Iran, which prompted Tehran to stop supplying Iraq with energy and the dawn of the recent crisis.

“The US Treasury informed the central bank at the beginning of July not to allow any Iraqi bank to deal with Iran,” the local media reported, “threatened to” freeze the bank’s funds that violate the instructions issued by the US Treasury. “

The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, earlier, the decline in electricity production in Iraq to 14 thousand megawatts after Iran stopped supplying Iraq with 1,000 megawatts of electricity.

“Iran has stopped supplying Iraq with electricity capacity of 1000 megawatts, which has led to a decrease in electricity and an increase in the need of Iraq,” the ministry’s spokesman Musab al-Mudar told Iraq News.

“The reason for Iran’s suspension of supplying Iraq with electricity is the accumulation of debts and problems in the transfer of funds to Iran,” he said, pointing to “high co-ordination with Iran to resolve the problems.”

He added that “Iraq’s need of electricity in the summer is from 22 to 23 thousand megawatts and the current production is 14 thousand megawatts.”

Iraq is increasingly in need of electricity, especially in the summer, which reaches 50 degrees Celsius.

The electrical power system suffers from deterioration due to Iraq’s wars and the deterioration of the electrical sy


Iranian parliamentarian: the country’s economy is about to collapse

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 3 hours ago

A member of the Iranian parliament’s budget committee Jahan Bakhsh warned on Tuesday that the country’s economy is “about to collapse.”

This came in a speech before the parliament today, according to reported by the Iranian Workers’ News Agency.

“The Iranian economy is collapsing, please be careful. We complain about the government of President Hassan Rowhani for not putting priority issues on the agenda of parliament,” Mohbeh Nia said.

Last week, President Rowhani sacked the governor of the central bank, Leila Saif, and replaced him with Abdel Nasser Hamati in an attempt to contain the parallel (black) currency market.

He pointed out that the exchange rate of one dollar reached 112 thousand riyals in the parallel market.

The fall of the local currency coincides with a sharp foreign exchange squeeze and the first US sanctions package will hit Tehran later this month.

The Iranian parliamentarian pointed to the existence of economic problems, especially unemployment and high prices, as well as health and environmental problems.

He stressed that the people facing such problems must be heard.

Abadi does not fear the continuation of demonstrations and reveals the demands of the region to form a government

Date of release: 2018/7/31 21:52

(Baghdad: al-Furat News) The outgoing Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, that his government is not afraid of demonstrations, “revealing” the demands of the Kurdistan region in the formation of the next government. ”

“The vast majority of the demands of the demonstrators are legitimate and true and we are in one side and not two sides and serious in achieving the demands and we do not want to absorb the demonstrations until it ends without any result,” Abbadi said at his weekly press conference on Tuesday.

He added that “our commitment to take out the demonstrations is not true and is important because it hears us other useful things and not our goal to stop the demonstrations, but the citizen’s right to express his opinion and demands, even if the demonstrators continued their demonstrations throughout the year.”

“The duty of the security forces to protect the demonstrations as long as they are peaceful, even if they are against the political system, such as turning it from parliamentary to presidential, or change the constitution or change the administrative system decentralized and give more powers to the provinces and others are demanding the contrary in strengthening the center.”

He pointed out that “the most demands of the demonstrators are service and achievement is not difficult and needs to work diligently, such as providing jobs, water, electricity and other services such as building schools and cover streets, sewage, health and others.” The demonstrations are a kind of consignment to local and federal governments to provide more services.

He pointed out that “the Committee for the reconstruction and services in the provinces and crisis cells in each ministry concerned to guide the implementation of the demands of the demonstrators as quickly as possible, and today we received the demands of demonstrators in Muthanna province and we are working to implement.”

He stressed the “determination of the government accounting heavily in any case gets any decisions related to services and create jobs and facilitate investment will not allow any failure of any official, whatever its position in the state and we have committees to review the work of each one of them and if there is a lull or corruption will take strong measures the frame”.

The Prime Minister expressed his “hope of the Electoral Commission to accelerate the completion of the counting and partial manual sorting of the results of the election and the announcement of the results for ratification by the Federal Court so that the winning political forces of the House of Representatives and the election of the presidency of the Council and the Presidency of the Republic and the task of the next prime minister to form a new government.”

Abadi pointed out to “his meeting yesterday in Baghdad, the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, and discussed the files that strengthen the unity of Iraq and its security and stability and the interests of all Iraqis and do not differentiate between one of him and the emphasis on accelerating the formation of the new government and the development of services.

He pointed out that “the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil is fundamental and fundamental and we want to strengthen it and live in one country.” He pointed out that “the previous [Kurdish] demands as a referendum and others have ended and are behind our backs and to move forward, everyone should feel that this country is keen to deepen this feeling among all Iraqis of different nationalities and affiliation. ”

He added that he discussed with Barzani, “the imbalance in the system of services and unemployment suffered by Kurdistan as well,” stressing that “the region is keen to speed up the formation of the government and found them serious in that and did not touch them demands impossible or demands outside the Iraqi demands and was full match in the views on this matter” .

On corruption files, the prime minister revealed his government’s intention to publish names implicated in corruption in the media soon.

“We have a basic campaign against corruption and we will soon publish what we have done in this framework, including those who have become impartial and sentenced,” he said. “There are two ways to fight corruption. The first is the government, the commissions of inquiry to identify the corrupt and the other in the Independent Integrity Commission associated with the House of Representatives, Integrity and the Supreme Judicial Council and the government do not interfere in the investigations of these parties, a commitment to the principle of separation of powers.

“We have stressed the measures to combat corruption, but the judiciary needs evidence and evidence, and not only the prosecution and the charges,” he said.

He pointed out that “the democratic system and freedom are weak and allow corruption and the law must be strengthened to prevent the corrupt use the atmosphere of freedom and free dissemination to tarnish people’s reputation of corruption or buy receivables and we need cooperation between the executive branch and the judiciary and the judiciary in the fight against corruption while respecting the separation of powers and this does not prevent cooperation to protect the citizen “We need to strike strong blows against corruption in any reconstruction campaign.”

“We are working to meet all blocs to agree on the draft program of the next phase and the program of the government and the House of Representatives and improve the performance of the judiciary and we work on it and emerge from the largest bloc in charge of the nomination of the Prime Minister and we are two or three weeks before the announcement of the results.”

Abadi called on the political blocs to be ready on the first day of the new parliament to elect the president of the council and his deputies and then the election of the president and cost the candidate the largest bloc to form a government in record time to take the reform program and continue to provide security and services.

“Our efforts are continuing to pursue terrorism, which is going to break down and we will eliminate the existing terrorist cells,” he said

Al-Abadi coalition announces its official position of the supreme reference speech


Release Date: 2018/7/31 20:05 • 478 times read
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The victory coalition headed by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, announced Tuesday, his official position of the speech of the Supreme Religious Reference.
A statement of his office received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it that “the coalition of victory held its fifth periodic meeting chaired by the President of the coalition Haider Abadi, where it was confirmed adherence to the national option and reform of the political process in accordance with the demands of the supreme religious authority and the people and the necessities of reform and openness to all political components to achieve Building and reform goals of the state and its keenness to foster dialogue with the political components, based on the electoral programs in question. ” 
The coalition also “supported the demands of citizens to improve services and seek to secure them and support government measures in the fight against corruption and support for the achievements of the government achieved to serve the state and its citizens.” 
The coalition called “the Independent High Electoral Commission to accelerate the completion of counting and manual counting and the announcement of the final results, in preparation for the advancement of constitutional benefits.”
The coalition also emphasized its unity and cohesion in its internal line to achieve its national project. 
The supreme religious authority, in a sermon addressed last Friday, a severe warning to political leaders, the government and the House of Representatives because of the continuing corruption and poor services and the situation of the country in general. 
“Everyone knows what happened to the situation in the country and these days are suffering from a variety of problems and intertwined crises. The religious authority has long appreciated what could happen if real and serious steps are not taken,” said Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai, the representative of the supreme authority in Karbala. For reform, anti-corruption and social justice “.
Sheikh al-Karbalai also called on the next parliament to take serious steps with reform and to approve the necessary laws. The government should refrain from acting as promised or disrupt the matter in the Chamber of Deputies or the judiciary. The people will only have to develop their peaceful protest methods to impose their will. To the officials supported by all the good forces in the country and then the scene will have a different face than what is today. ” 
“We hope that there is no need for this, and the reason, the logic and the interest of the country are more than those who are in positions of responsibility and have the decision to do it before it is too late,” he said.


Decisions of the Cabinet today include the demands of the demonstrators


Date of release: 2018/7/31 20:20 • 291 times read
(Baghdad Al-Furat News) The Cabinet held its regular session on Tuesday, chaired by Prime Minister Haider Abadi.
“The Council of Ministers continued to discuss the demands of citizens and the decisions taken for each province and start implementing these decisions and the guidance of continuous and urgent follow-up, and voted on funding projects in the provinces of Basra, Dhi Qar, Muthanna and Najaf.” 
The statement added that “the meeting witnessed the vote on the minutes of the meeting to discuss obstacles to the implementation of the Nabras-petrochemical complex in the province of Basra, which will save thousands of jobs.” 
The Cabinet also voted to “secure a sum of money to the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works for the purpose of carrying out the maintenance of sewage stations in the provinces.”
The statement added that “to support the agricultural sector in the country and facilitate the movement of transport of fertilizers has been voted to allow the passage of transport trucks loaded with local and imported fertilizers for the account of the General Company for Agricultural Supplies (Urea, Dab, compound) without prior security approvals taking the procedures followed by the fundamental controls And the instructions issued by the security authorities regarding the inspection procedures, and allow the passage of the wheels loaded with local and imported fertilizers mentioned above, which are equipped farmers and farmers from the stores of the General Company for Agricultural Supplies in all governorates of Iraq to Farmers and their fields without taking security approvals while taking the procedures followed by the fundamentalist. ” 
He also voted “to open a consulate general to the Lebanese Republic in the province of Najaf, and change the association of the care of people with special needs to become part of the formations of the disabled and special needs.”
The Council of Ministers voted “to approve the recommendations of the committee and the report of the committee to study the status of joint Arab companies contributing to the Iraqi Fund for Foreign Development.” 
The council voted to “transfer the ownership of the land built on the residential buildings in the Basmaya residential project, and voted to support the seeds of wheat and barley crops.” 
The Cabinet also voted on “the allocation of 4 billion dinars to the Ministry of Water Resources to achieve urgent and comprehensive maintenance this year to the border security between Iraq and Iran to isolate the water Balzl then 500 million dinars for annual maintenance on the allocations of the General Authority for the operation of irrigation projects and Balzl / The interior and water resources in addition to the environment and the local government of the province of Basra to negotiate immediately with the Iranian side on a joint venture to get rid of the risk of polluting the Shatt al-Arab or the potential collapse of the border.
And voted to compensate projects infected with bird flu. 
The Council voted to exclude the materials donated to the Holy Tabernacle from the protection of the product. 
The Council of Ministers also voted to allocate land with a large area for an orphanage in Najaf province

Documents: Sadr sets several controls for the next government


31-07-2018 06:18 PM

The site of (Tigris), on Tuesday, the controls identified by the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr to the next government,

According to the documents, it is required that the next prime minister be ‘independent’ and not be a member of the House of Representatives, and requires that the next prime minister not to be dual nationality and pledge not to run in the upcoming elections.

The political blocs are racing in their dialogues to form the largest bloc and head the new government.,15700023,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700186,15700190,15700201,15700208&usg=ALkJrhgnbD61j5NDnd-DMPErgO2ll1Sa5Q

Eidani: Launch of more than 97 billion dinars from the operational budget of Basra

5:11 – 31/07/2018

Baghdad – Mawazine News
Basra Governor Asaad al-Eidani announced on Tuesday that more than 97 billion dinars will be released from the province’s operating budget this year.
“The Ministry of Finance has launched more than 97 billion dinars and this was based on the margin of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance Agency on 2018/7/30 and a reference to the book of the budget department investment expenditure No. 51179 in the history of 2018/7/26 and at the request of the province of Basra Department of Financial and Administrative Affairs by the letter number 1684 in 2018/7/29.
“The book issued by the Ministry of Finance also included taking the necessary to deposit more than 97 billion Iraqi dinars in the current account in the name of the province of Basra, the Department of Finance and Administrative Affairs open at Rafidain Branch Basra Branch / 2 in account No. 347 for the purpose of disbursing the operational expenses for the month July of this year. “,15700023,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700186,15700190,15700201,15700208&usg=ALkJrhhp5wE71oip4ZmkOlQOlRdapI8dyQ


MacGurke bless the meeting of Barzani Abadi

Last updated: 31 July 2018 – 1:31 PM

The meeting between Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Kurdistan Regional Government President Nechirvan Barzani is a step to enhance security and economic cooperation between the two sides, said US Special Envoy to the International Coalition, Brett McGurk, Tuesday, July 31, 2018. He welcomed the meeting, Commenting on the outcome of the upcoming talks, he said that “the talks between the two leaders in Baghdad are crucial to ensure the permanent defeat of a supportive organization and meet the requirements of all citizens.” “Abadi and Barzani held in Baghdad on Monday, July 30, 2018, consultations in several files according to a statement from the office of Abbadi, which also stated that the two sides stressed” the importance of communication and exchange of dialogue to promote joint national action after concerted efforts to achieve victory over gangs Calling. ” The statement said that the Barzani-Ebadi meeting witnessed “convergence of views” towards addressing the challenges facing the country and the next stage and move forward to form the next government to meet the demands of the Iraqi people in support of the economy and reconstruction and provide services and job creation. The Kurdistan Regional Government said in a statement that “the meeting between Abadi and Barzani stressed the coordination between the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army in the face of terrorism.” This is the fourth meeting between Abadi and Najirvan Barzani since the referendum held by the Kurdistan region in September 2017 Baghdad responded violently.,15700022,15700124,15700126,15700149,15700168,15700186,15700191,15700201,15700208&usg=ALkJrhgYijdPNg0dJ78mYLlbZQ9uIpsiOQ

The UN stresses the formation of an Iraqi government with these standards

Date of release: 2018/7/31 12:38

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The United Nations Mission in Iraq has stressed the formation of a comprehensive and pro-reform Iraqi government capable of meeting the demands of citizens and respond to their aspirations.

“Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Al-Alak received today in his office the head of the United Nations Mission in Iraq, Jan Kubic,” the statement said.

“During the meeting, visions were exchanged regarding the upcoming government reforms and ways to achieve development and economic progress in order to achieve stability in Iraq.”

During the meeting, the Secretary-General invited Kubic to participate in the investment conference to be held in mid-August.

In a separate context of the Secretary – General stressed , according to the statement keenness of the Iraqi government to deal positively to respond and urgently with the demands of the protesters, and manifested through the package of measures issued by the Prime Minister highlighted the formation of service and security committees and determine the needs of the provinces of services. ”

, He noted Kubiš to” The need to accelerate the formation of a new national government is comprehensive and pro-reform and be able to meet the demands of citizens and respond to their aspirations to enhance economic performance and create employment opportunities and improve services and fight corruption and work towards finding long-term solutions. ”

Nechirvan Barzani reveals the details of his meeting Abadi

Date of release: 2018/7/31 13:33

(Erbil: Euphrates News) The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, the files that were raised during his meeting on Monday, with the Prime Minister Haider Abadi.

Barzani said in a televised statement that “the meeting in Abadi witnessed the release of a set of files, some related to Arbil and Baghdad, including the opening of roads between Kirkuk – Erbil and Dahuk – Mosul, adding that it was agreed to accelerate the opening.

He explained that “the meeting discussed the relationship between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad, and was stressed the need to resolve all problems on the basis of the Constitution.”

Barzani also pointed out that “during the meeting discussed the need to accelerate the formation of the new government.”

He said, “There is no veto for the Kurds on any personality or alliance, pointing out that what is important is to form a mass representing all the Iraqi people and provide services to Iraqis.”