The Kurdistan Democratic Party Calls On The Government To Send The Region’s Share Of The Budget Like The Provinces



Earth News / A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Sobhi Al-Mandalawi, on Monday, called on the federal government to send the region’s share of the budget like the provinces.

Al-Mandalawi said in a statement to Earth News: “The delegation of the regional government met with the competent authorities in Baghdad for the purpose of implementing the federal budget items after the territorial government fulfilled its legal obligation.”

“After technical meetings, it was agreed to implement the budget terms after agreeing on the mechanism for the federal government to obtain half of the non-oil revenues under the constitution,” he added.

“Therefore, Baghdad is required today to send the region’s share of the budget like the governorates,” Al-Mandalawi continued.

World Bank warns of risks of falling gains in Iraq’s oil boom

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{Economic: Euphrates News} The World Bank warned Iraq of the risks of its reserves running out at an accelerated pace and returning to the first square in a short time.

“Iraq is witnessing a strong recovery after years of unrest, but it cannot continue to rely on unexpected oil revenues only for short-term recovery, in the absence of a high political commitment to adopt and implement the necessary reforms it has long called for,” Jean-Christoph Karré, regional director of the bank’s Middle East Department, said in a statement received by {Euphrates News}.
He warned that “Iraq may face the risk of its reserves running out at an accelerated pace, returning to the first square in a very short time,” noting “the need to take urgent measures to accelerate the diversification of economic activity and address the existing factors that increase economic fragility, and address urgent climate-related challenges to secure the long-being of the Iraqi people.”
“The lack of capital of dominant state-owned banks and the weakness of the private commercial banking sector are obstacles to achieving diversification of economic activity,” Carré added, stressing “the importance of reforming the banking sector and strengthening digital financial services in order to increase financial intermediation activities and enhance financial inclusion, and these recommendations aim to transform the financial sector into a catalyst towards diversification of the economy.”البنك-الدولي-يحذر-من-مخاطر-تراجع-مكاسب-الطفرة-النفطية-في-العراق

The “Democratic” and “Union” affirm the protection of the Kurdistan entity and agree on several points

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Shafaq News/ Today, Sunday, the two main parties in Kurdistan Region agreed to protect the region’s entity and its constitutional rights.

The two political offices of the two parties met earlier today at the home of the late Iraqi President Jalal Talabani in Debashan, in the presence of the President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Pavel Talabani.

A joint statement issued by the meeting and received by Shafaq News Agency stated; That “after discussing the situation of the region in general and Iraq and the Kurdistan Region in particular, the two sides stressed the protection of the Kurdistan Region entity and its constitutional rights, and we will do our best to confront obstacles for the sake of citizens’ sustenance and solve problems.” 

The statement added that the two sides “support holding parliamentary elections in the Kurdistan Region at the date that will be determined by the president of the region after consulting the political parties in the region.”

And the statement continued; That “in order to provide more services to citizens in all aspects, it was decided to avoid small problems and move towards solving problems together, we decided to continue the process of reorganizing the Peshmerga forces, and the two sides decided to support the agreements of the ninth cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government.” 

He pointed out that “in order to get closer, face obstacles and overcome obstacles, we decided to continue bilateral meetings and cooperate with all political parties in a patriotic spirit.”

“Land vs. Sea” .. Revealing the details of the Iraqi offer to Kuwait – urgent

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Today, Sunday (July 30, 2023), the Agency (Agency France Press) revealed the details of the upcoming agreement between the Iraqi and Kuwaiti governments on redrawing the borders between the two countries, with the approaching completion of work at the Al-Faw port. 

The agency said, according to what was translated (Baghdad Today), that the Iraqi government “is ready to offer Kuwait its agreement to recognize its claims to the land borders between the two countries in return for obtaining a guarantee that Kuwait will recognize the water borders of Iraq,” stressing that “Iraq aspires to guarantee its access to the waters of the Gulf.” Through the new port without hindrance.” 

The agency also indicated that “one of the points of the upcoming talks with the Kuwaiti government is to stop the arrests carried out by its naval forces against Iraqi fishermen in the waters of the Arabian Gulf,” stressing that “the Iraqi government is very serious about resolving the border problem with Kuwait once and for all, within The efforts of the government of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani to improve Iraq’s relations with the Gulf states, as described.

The Kuwaiti Foreign Minister, Salem Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, visited the capital, Baghdad, today, Sunday.

The Iraqi and Kuwaiti sides discussed the border demarcation file and agreed to continue holding committees regarding the file, and to stress the end of border issues between Iraq and Kuwait.

They also discussed the oil file and the common fields, and stated that “the correct framework for solving problems is dialogue.

The Kuwaiti minister revealed the visit of a loyal delegation from his country’s Oil Ministry to the capital, Baghdad, on September 10 to discuss the oil file in the joint fields, pointing to the need to work on ending the file of demarcating the maritime borders, explaining that we found a congruence of views with the Iraqi side.

Will Mustafa al-Kazimi succeed in leading his new party?

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Former MP Joseph Saliwa confirmed today, Sunday, that former Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimmy has the vision and mentality of the Iraqi university, especially after his experience in the premiership, as it turned out that he is far from sectarian strangles and did not get involved in corruption.

They added in a statement to “Jashreeda” that the most important question about Kadhimi is about the possibility of giving him the opportunity again by the influential political parties. He indicated that he will succeed if this happens to his ability to gather the different Iraqi forces with all his names.

An upcoming visit of an Iraqi government delegation to America to discuss the issue of the exchange rate

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The coalition of state administration is scheduled to meet this week in Baghdad, to discuss a number of issues, foremost of which is the depreciation of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar, with the proposal to send an Iraqi government delegation to America to discuss the issue.

The spokesman for the Victory Alliance, which represents one of the parties of the State Administration Alliance, Salam Al-Zubaidi, told Rudaw Media Network, Sunday (July 30, 2023) that the State Administration Alliance “will meet this week in the office of one of the leaders of the Alliance in Baghdad, to discuss a number of issues, including the government’s work, the level of services, and the latest developments in this field.”

He added: “The financial and banking sector will also be one of the most important axes of the meeting, especially after the restriction of the work of 14 Iraqi banks by the United States, which had a significant impact on the devaluation of the dinar.”

Salam Al-Zubaidi pointed out that this issue has become “serious,” attributing this to its threat to Iraq’s economy “and its negative impact on the livelihood of the people and the destabilization of various sectors, leading to the loss of billions of dinars,” he said.

It is noteworthy that the United States of America removed 14 Iraqi banks from the list of the Central Bank of Iraq related to banks entitled to hard currency, on charges of smuggling dollars to countries subject to US sanctions.

On July 19, the Wall Street Journal reported that the United States had taken action against the 14 banks on suspicion of money laundering.

For his part, the spokesman for the Victory Alliance headed by Haider Al-Abadi, said that “the devaluation of the dinar is one of the hottest issues in the Iraqi street, so it will be the most prominent axes of the meeting of the State Administration Alliance.”

He pointed out that “there are fears that the value of the dinar will decrease further,” noting that there is a vision among the leaders of the coordination framework and the state administration also to send a delegation representative of the Iraqi government to discuss this issue with the US Federal Bank and discuss with it threats and risks and lead you proposals to address the situation

Iraqi-Kuwaiti agreement to end the file of demarcation of borders and joint oil fields


Opening a commercial attaché in Basra

Baghdad – 964

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fuad Hussein, announced on Sunday that the Iraqi and Kuwaiti sides have reached an agreement to end the file of demarcation of borders and joint oil fields, and for his part, Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Salem Al-Sabah explained that there is a convergence of views between the two sides in this regard.

A State Department statement, 964 received copies of it:

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Fuad Hussein received today, Sunday, 2023/8/30, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the brotherly State of Kuwait Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in Baghdad.

The two sides discussed a number of topics related to bilateral relations; in light of the steady growth of those relations, and the minister stressed Baghdad’s keenness to develop joint cooperation with Kuwait, expressing his aspiration to continue working to advance and develop distinguished relations between the two countries at all levels.

He called for consolidating the balance in relations at the regional level in a way that enhances joint relations between the countries of the region.

Minister Fouad Hussein stressed the importance of cooperation in confronting the scourge of drugs and how to control it, explaining that the file of demarcation of borders was discussed and agreement to continue holding committees on the file, and stressed the end of border issues between Iraq and Kuwait.

He added that the oil file and the common fields were part of our discussions, noting that the right framework for solving problems is dialogue.

He stressed that relations between the two countries are strong and developed and will continue with cooperation and dialogue between the two sides.

Noting that Iraq and Kuwait welcome the Saudi-Iranian agreement, stressing joint work in the security field to protect the countries of the region, as the security of the region is considered a collective security.

For his part, the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister stated that Iraq is a neighboring country with which we have deep-rooted and strong historical relations, indicating that we held very fruitful talks and resolved to implement what happened in the talks.

Pointing to the need to work on ending the file of demarcation of maritime borders, explaining that we found a match of views with the Iraqi side.

Noting the decision to open a commercial attaché to the Kuwaiti consulate in Basra, he expressed Kuwait’s keenness to restore things to normal in the historical commercial relationship.

Adding; We discussed regional and international files that are directly reflected on the security of our two countries, pointing out that our leadership wishes Iraq and its people security and prosperity.

From Washington.. The delegation of the University of Kurdistan discusses relations between Erbil and Baghdad with the United States

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Shafaq News / A delegation from the University of Kurdistan (Erbil), in the United States, discussed several topics related to the relationship of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, with America.

This came, in light of a visit by the Kurdish delegation to the United States, several days ago, as they held a series of meetings and talks.

A member of the Board of the University of Kurdistan (Erbil), Abdul Salam Al-Madani, who was part of the delegation, told Shafaq News that “the hosting was carried out by the Washington Institute for Near East Studies, and this was approved by a series of visits to a group of American universities and academic institutions,” stressing that “these visits focused their objectives on three axes.”

Al-Madani added that “the first axis included stressing the importance of continuing relations between the American, Iraqi and Kurdish peoples, at the institutional, academic and social levels away from political, security and military files.”

Abdul Salam Al-Madani explained that “the second axis included the development of relations with non-governmental organizations operating in the same sectors in which the Rawange Foundation operates and increasing coordination.”

Al-Madani pointed out that “the third axis included the development of academic relations between American academic institutions and universities and the University of Kurdistan, especially in terms of fellowship programs, cultural exchange and facilitating the study of Iraqi and Kurdish youth in the United States.”

Regarding the results, Al-Madani stated that they were positive, and from the government side there was confirmation that Iraq and Kurdistan are still priorities of the United States, stressing that they want to develop institutional and social relations and civil society more than security, military and political.”

Al-Madani concluded by clarifying the organizational side, by saying: “There are joint programs that we intend to work on together, as well as from the academic side there are cultural exchange programs and facilitating fellowships for undergraduate and graduate students.”

The delegation of the University of Kurdistan (Erbil) was made up of four people, and they held several meetings in Washington.كوردســتانيات/من-واشنطن-وفد-جامعة-كوردستان-يبحث-علاقات-ربيل-وبغداد-مع-الولايات-المتحدة

A high Turkish delegation visits Iraq and the goal is the path of development

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{Economic: Euphrates News} Prime Minister’s Advisor for Transport Affairs Nasser Al-Asadi revealed an upcoming visit by a senior Turkish delegation to Iraq.

Al-Asadi revealed in a press statement that: “High-level Turkish officials will visit Iraq soon in order to approve the program through which the path of the project will be launched from the northernmost point of Fishkhabur to the southern port of Faw and from Fishkhabur to the interior of Turkey and to Europe.”
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is scheduled to start an upcoming visit to Iraq to discuss a number of files, including the development and water route project between the two countries.
On May 27, Iraq announced a road project and a railway line connecting the Gulf to the Turkish border, through which Iraq aspires to turn into a basic line for transporting goods between the Middle East and Europe.
The project, which the Iraqi government has cost about $17 billion and a length of 1,200 km inside Iraq, is still in its early stages.
Baghdad aspires to implement this project in cooperation with countries in the region, namely Qatar, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia, to participate in the project.وفد-تركي-رفيع-يزور-العراق-والهدف-طريق-التنمية

Economist: US Federal Reserve Behind Confidence in ‘Iraqi Dinar’ Collapse


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Omar Al-Halbousi, an Iraqi expert in political economy, confirmed that “the decision of the US Federal Reserve to prevent 14 Iraqi banks from dealing in dollars, raised the number of private banks banned from dealing in dollars to 18 banks.”

Speaking to Sputnik, Omar Halbusi said that this “impacted a lot on the Iraqi dinar and caused a sharp decline in its value against the dollar, deepening the gap between the real exchange rate and the exchange rate on the black market.”

He added: “In addition to this, the lack of confidence of the citizen in Iraqi banks, which made citizens reluctant to deposit their money in banks, which constituted a second crisis for the government as a result of the decrease in the monetary mass available to the Central Bank and banks, which has made the government so far unable to implement the general budget.”

Al-Halbousi pointed out that the decision of the US Federal Reserve did not come as a surprise, but was preceded by a set of warnings and recommendations made by the Federal Bank of Iraq to the need to control the work of banks, prevent dollar smuggling, and stop the money laundering process, but the Central Bank of Iraq did not succeed in that, which made the Federal Reserve take this decision, which caused confidence in the Iraqi dinar.

The economist explained that the Iraqi government and the Central Bank have not yet directly disclosed the mechanisms to correct the path and protect the Iraqi dinar for a group of reasons, most notably the inability to control speculators, and the second reason is the association of banks to punish government political parties and personalities and armed factions, which caused the Iraqi government and the Central Bank of Iraq between the hammer of the Federal Bank and the anvil of the banks, which casts a shadow on the Iraqi dinar, whose losses will deepen with the days.

Al-Halbousi pointed out that the Iraqi dinar crisis will worsen, especially there are expectations of imposing sanctions on political figures, businessmen and traders, as well as a group of banks and exchange companies, which will lead to very large losses in the value of the Iraqi dinar to exacerbate the intertwined exchange rate crisis due to international interventions as well, and this means the possibility of a new collapse of the Iraqi dinar.اقتصادي-الفيدرالي-الأمريكي-وراء-انهيار-الثقة-في-الدينار-العراقي-1079574304.html