Macron will soon visit Iraq to coordinate the work of French advisers


The ambassador’s talk to the Sudanese


Baghdad – 964

The French Ambassador to Iraq Patrick Durrell said on Tuesday, to Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani, that President Emmanuel Macron will visit Iraq as soon as possible, in order to coordinate the work of French advisers and their support tasks for Iraqi forces.

The statement of the Office of Ministers has received a network of 964 copies of it:

The Prime Minister, Mr. Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani, received today, Tuesday, the new French Ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Patrick Durrell.

During the meeting, they reviewed aspects of bilateral relations and ways to develop them, and means to strengthen the partnership between the two friendly countries.

He described his sovereignty’s relations with France as distinguished, pointing to a number of important economic contracts in the oil and defense field, which constitute an important pillar to proceed in the course of bilateral cooperation.

The Prime Minister reiterated Iraq’s position on the presence of the international coalition on Iraqi territory, as well as the development and upgrading in the capabilities of Iraqi forces, and the disappearance of the threat posed by ISIS remnants to security, explaining Iraq’s desire to move to a bilateral relationship with the member states of the coalition.

His Excellency touched on the continuation of the aggression in Gaza, and the threat it poses to security and stability throughout the Middle East and the region, indicating the need for France, the major countries and the international community to take a firm and responsible position to protect the Palestinian people, who are subjected to inhuman genocide.

For his part, the French ambassador conveyed to his Excellency the greetings of President Emmanuel Macron, his desire to visit Iraq as soon as possible, and the French government’s emphasis on strengthening memorandums of understanding with Iraq and bilateral coordination regarding the work of French advisers and their mission to support the Iraqi security forces.

Announcing an upcoming visit by Erdogan to Baghdad

Political | 04:43 – 02/13/2024

 Mawazine News – Baghdad,

 Minister of Transport, Razzaq Muhaibas Al-Saadawi, announced that the examination of more than a thousand kilometers of soil on the International Development Road had been completed, while the Turkish ambassador revealed an upcoming visit by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Iraq.
 A statement from Al-Saadawi’s office received by Mawazine News stated that “he received the Turkish Ambassador Ali Riza Konay and the Director General of Relations for European Union Affairs, Burak Aykan, in the presence of a number of Turkish officials.
” He added, “The ties that bring us together with the Turkish side are deep-rooted and very important, and our visit to Turkey was important.” Very much, through which the development road map was drawn, and we strengthened the communication mechanism between us and the Turkish side.” He

continued, “The development road receives international and global attention,” noting that “your visit is important to Basra Governorate to see the stages of completion of Al-Faw Port and the development road will be important.” In order to prove to everyone that this project is a reality, since the project has currently reached (1000 km) in the stage of soil examinations, we are also interested in benefiting from the experiences of the Turkish side in FAO projects and the path of development.” 

In turn, Ali Reza Konay stressed that “ The development road project took up an important part of our positive relationship between the two countries,” he said, noting that there is an upcoming visit by President Erdogan to Iraq, which will constitute a “turning point” in work and relations between the two countries.

We have adopted electronic payment and will list its companies in the trading market – Securities Commission



Baghdad – 964

The Securities Commission announced on Monday that the acceptance of cash payments is through electronic payment methods only, while revealing a trend to list electronic payment companies on the stock market.

The head of the authority, Faisal Al-Hims, said in a statement to the official agency, followed by the 964 network, that “the authority represents regulatory bodies on the Iraq Stock Exchange, and since the beginning of the Prime Minister’s directive, by taking steps to automate electronic payment and the ongoing operations in the market in general, the authority has been forming a working team to support this file.”

Al-Hims added, “The Authority has currently stopped accepting cash payments except through electronic payment methods as revenues in the Securities Commission.”

He pointed out that “the market is currently destined to use this mechanism through intermediaries operating in the Iraq Stock Exchange,” noting that “electronic payment companies are not traded in the Iraq Stock Exchange, but there are companies in various other sectors, including banks, that are present in trading in the Iraq market.”

He stressed that “there is a trend to list electronic payment companies on the Iraq Stock Exchange during the current year.”

Sudani cancels his visit to the UAE and apologizes to its president

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Shafaq News / An official source revealed that Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani canceled his scheduled visit to the UAE, on Monday.

The source told Shafaq News Agency that Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani canceled his visit to the United Arab Emirates to participate in the World Government Summit, without knowing the reasons for canceling the visit.سیاسة/السوداني-يلغي-زيارته-لى-ال-مارات-ويعتذر-لر-يسها

The end of the joint meeting between Baghdad and Washington to discuss the future of the alliance without announcing the details

Political| 08:26 – 11/02/2024

Mawazine News – Baghdad
Political sources reported, on Monday, the end of the political security meeting between America and Iraq within the Green Zone to discuss the foreign presence in Iraq.
According to the sources to Al-Mawazin News, “the meeting in which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the leaders of joint operations from the side of Iraq, the US Embassy and representatives of the international coalition ended a little while ago.”
“The official statement on the details of the meeting may not be made public in detail due to the critical political position of the government on the foreign presence,” she added.
She pointed out that “the amendment of the Sufi agreement known as the framework was the most prominent of what was put forward as well as the details of the military presence of the international coalition and military cooperation.”

Sudanese spokesman: Negotiations with Washington are back ‘if nothing disturbs them’


Dialogue on the withdrawal of the Americans


Baghdad – 964

The spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Yahya Rasool, on Sunday, confirmed the resumption of the Iraqi Supreme Military Committee’s meetings with the international coalition forces in Baghdad today, pointing to the continuation of these meetings continuously as long as they do not disturb anything.Sudanese adviser talks about ‘murder of US ambassador’: Tomorrow is extensive negotiations with WashingtonSudanese adviser responds to Washington: We won’t need you but officers are considering ‘combat loopholes’

Rasool said in a statement, the network received 964 copies of which:

The Supreme Iraqi Military Committee resumed its meetings with the international coalition forces in Baghdad on Sunday, February 11, 2024, to assess the military position, the level of danger, the operational environment and the capabilities of the Iraqi armed forces. Based on these meetings, a timetable will be formulated for a deliberate and gradual reduction to end the mission of the international coalition forces to fight ISIS and move to a bilateral relationship. As long as the talks do not disturb anything, the meetings will be repeated periodically to complete the work of the committee as soon as possible.

An “accounting” delegation from the Kurdistan government arrives in Baghdad

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Shafaq News / A joint “accounting” delegation from two ministries and the Office of Financial Supervision in the Kurdistan Regional Government arrived on Sunday in the federal capital Baghdad.

The Ministry of Finance and Economy in the regional government said, in a statement received by Shafaq News, that “a technical delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government consisting of the Ministry of Finance and Economy, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Office of Financial Control of the Kurdistan Region arrived in Baghdad.”كوردســتانيات/وفد-محاسبي-من-حكومة-كوردستان-يصل-الى-بغداد

The Sudanese participate in a global summit that will start in Dubai tomorrow

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{Politicy: Al-Furat News} The 11th edition of the “World Government Summit 2024” will be launched in Dubai, UAE, tomorrow, Monday, in the presence of more than 25 heads of state and government, including Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani and the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani.

The summit will continue until next Wednesday, a global platform aimed at foreseeing the future of governments and sharing knowledge, and is a round table for the most important global meetings that discuss the fate of future governments in light of the rapid changes.

This summit appeared in 2013, embodying the vision of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and is held annually.

On Sunday, the preliminary day of the summit, which this year bears the slogan “Foresight Future Governments,” kicks off, according to information and data published by the summit on its website.

The preliminary day will witness activities, most notably the holding of the Public Finance Forum for the Arab Countries in its eighth session, organized by the UAE Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the Arab and International Monetary Funds.

The forum is titled “Designing more efficient and equitable fiscal policies to address debt vulnerabilities and future financial challenges in a world with stricter financing constraints.”

The forum is attended by finance ministers and governors of central banks in Arab countries, IMF Managing Director Christina Georgieva, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Monetary Fund Fahad bin Mohammed Al-Turki, and more than 100 participants from senior officials and specialists in regional and international institutions.

On Monday, the activities of the first day of the World Government Summit begin with an opening speech by the UAE Minister of Cabinet Affairs, President of the Summit, Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Gergawi.

Al Gergawi stressed that the participation of more than 25 heads of state and government confirms the importance of the summit platform for international cooperation, exchange of experiences and experiences and accelerate development progress for all societies.

In key sessions on the first day, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani, and the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region Masroor Barzani, will also participate.

The most prominent sessions of the summit in its three days discuss future trends in the sectors most related to human life, the digital future and innovative solutions to future challenges.

Along with more than 25 heads of state and government, the World Government Summit hosts more than 85 regional and international organizations, 120 government delegations, elite thought leaders and global experts, and 8 Nobel Prize-winning scientists, with more than 4,000 participants.

The current session focuses on 6 main themes, and includes 15 global forums that discuss major future trends and transformations through more than 110 key dialogue and interactive sessions during which 200 global personalities from presidents, ministers, experts, thinkers and future makers speak.

Attending more than 300 ministers, the summit includes 11 ministerial meetings at the regional and international levels to discuss pressing issues, and 12 round tables within specialized forums.

More than 100 Arab ministers are participating in the summit, who are ministers of finance, youth, health, industry, technology, communications, administrative development and heads of government development agencies.

The summit launches 25 strategic reports, in cooperation with knowledge partners from think tanks and academic and research institutions, with the aim of studying global trends in various sectors and presenting actionable government strategies.السوداني-يشارك-بقمة-عالمية-تنطلق-في-دبي-غداً

After They Were Boycotted By A Session To Discuss The US Attacks. Al-Jamali: Budget Partners Are Not Partners In Sovereignty



Earth News / MP Ali Turki Al-Jamali, on Saturday, attacked some political blocs who did not attend the deliberative session “Discussing American Attacks,” indicating that they are budget partners are not partners in sovereignty.

“Budget partners are not partners in sovereignty, so it doesn’t matter to them to attend today’s session,” Al-Jalmali said in a post on X-based platform and followed by Earth News.

بعد مقاطعتهم جلسة مناقشة الاعتداءات الامريكية.. الجمالي: شركاء الموازنة ليسوا شركاء في السيادة

Senior congressional and Pentagon officials met. The delegation of the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region concludes its visit to Washington

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I’m lShafak News / The presidency of the Kurdistan Region announced today, Saturday, that its delegation concluded its visit to the United States of America after it held a series of meetings and meetings with senior government officials in America, and the presidency pointed out that its delegation received American confirmation of continuing support for Iraq and the region.سیاسة/التقى-كبار-مس-ولي-الكونغرس-والبنتاغون-وفد-ر-اسة-اقليم-كوردستان-يختتم-زيارته-الى-واشنطن