NATO: Iraq Is A Regional Leader In The Region And Today It Is More Secure And Stable


NATO confirmed today, Tuesday, that Iraq is a regional leader in the region and is today more secure and stable .

A statement from the Office of the National Security Adviser, received by Earth News, said, “Al-Araji received the Assistant Secretary-General for Operations at NATO, Thomas Coffs, in the presence of the Commander of the NATO mission in Iraq, Lieutenant General Jose Aguero.” 

During the meeting, according to the statement, the work of the NATO mission in Iraq was reviewed, and ways to enhance cooperation and partnership with the alliance were discussed, in a way that would increase the capabilities of the Iraqi forces. Al-Araji stressed that “the international community is witnessing the improvement of the security situation in Iraq and the development of the security capabilities of the Iraqi forces.”

 The National Security Advisor also expressed Iraq’s great concern about the killing of children and women taking place in Gaza, noting that “everyone is calling for the war not to expand, but unfortunately it has expanded, and the continued bombing in Lebanon and Syria is an attempt to drag these countries into entering the war.”

 He stated that “Iraq seeks not to be an arena for conflict between others, and that its policy is to solve problems through diplomacy and dialogue, and to distance itself from entering into any axis of conflict.”

He pointed out that “Iraq is keen to ensure that its relations are positive and balanced with everyone,” stressing the importance of the international community remaining cohesive against the remnants of the terrorist ISIS and extremist ideas. 

For his part, Koves stressed that “NATO seeks to develop the activities of its mission to include the Ministry of the Interior, and to strengthen its partnership with Iraq to greater extents,” reiterating that the NATO mission is an advisory mission, not a combat mission, and that Iraq is a regional leader in the region, and is safer today. And stability. 

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