Central Bank: Electronic payment file is a high priority and the prime minister is highly supportive

Economy| 08:36 – 06/02/2024

Mawazine News – Baghdad
The Governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alaq, confirmed today, Tuesday, that the electronic payment file has a high government priority, and while noting that inflation has decreased significantly compared to the beginning of 2023, he announced the imminent launch of a special mechanism to sell the dollar that guarantees its access to the real traveler only.

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Al-Alaq said in an interview followed by Mawazine News that “the Central Bank and the government give great priority to the subject of electronic payment because of its important economic repercussions and raising the level of transactions away from the excessive use of cash,” noting that “the Iraqi economy is a cash economy with excellence and the electronic payment process aims to reduce the degree of cash economy significantly.”

He added, “The Prime Minister is very supportive of the transfer process for electronic payment and holds successive and continuous meetings in order to support the procedures related to this subject, and we have made an important way in arranging electronic payment at the level of levection and payment in state institutions, in addition to the fact that the Council of Ministers approved a number of packages and important decisions that facilitate this process and not charging the citizen’s necessary commissions.”

He pointed out that “the Central Bank has a broad strategy in the file of electronic payment, developed infrastructure and covering any type of electronic payment, whether by cards, via mobile phone or other means,” noting that “the Central Bank is also working on the strategy of financial inclusion and increasing users of financial services.”

He added that “there are direct decisions issued towards supporting the use of electronic payment, including obliging government agencies to pay and receive through cards, as well as linking the process of renewing licenses in shops and adopting them in the sale and buying processes with the incentives granted, especially the government’s decision to bear them 50 percent, which will make them marginal.”

At the same time, Al-Alaq stressed that “the central bank is working to finalize the establishment of Riyada Bank, which will focus on supporting small projects relying on the use of financial services away from cash dealing.”

Decline in inflation

He stated that “the indicator of the success of monetary policy in any country is to control the general level of prices and reduce inflation,” explaining that “inflation has now decreased significantly compared to the beginning of 2023, which demonstrates, as the US Treasury assistant mentioned a few days ago, that the low level of inflation indicates foreign trade covered by the official price and that external financing operations are conducted smoothly, and all importers and traders can obtain and control the dollar at the official rate.”

Turnout on the official platform

He pointed out that “the Central Bank’s following the rules and assets of external transfer according to the conditions and requirements set and its insistence on implementing them, which prompted many hesitant traders to enter the foreign currency sale platform, especially since its use is easy and safe and allows them to dollar at the official price.”

Al-Alaq pointed out that “the Central Bank confirms the possibility of meeting all requests for the dollar, whether personal or commercial or any kind of type, as long as it is true and legitimate, and these are strongly supported by the size of foreign reserves held by the Central Bank.”

He pointed out that “the central bank does not have a problem in offering or selling the dollar, nor does it put restrictions on the sale operations at all and did not specify for the bank how much it can buy a dollar and did not specify a trader, importer or user of the dollar a higher or lower limit or other, and this gave the impression that there is no problem in responding to demand for the dollar and that speculation is useless because the rules of this speculation are not available and incorrect.”

He added that “some groups are still trying to stay away from the platform for various reasons, either to evade tax, customs or others, or for the existence of illegal trade, as the drug dealer cannot transfer through the Central Bank or if it is corruption funds, it cannot be transferred through the Central Bank.”

Fulfill all dollar purchase orders

He pointed out that “the central bank is in a comfortable position to respond to requests to buy the dollar and we have sufficient reserves, on the other hand, there are some countries that do not have enough reserves to respond to the demand, and therefore they have a large difference in price between parallel and official.”

On the provision of dollar for travelers, Al-Alaq said that “after the experience we had in the way of selling the dollar to the traveler and citizens, we found a lot of observations, including that the real traveler is difficult for him to get the dollar, so we had a meeting in this regard, and we will finish a new mechanism after developing its programs related to this subject, under which only the real traveler will get the dollar.”

“One of the things that helped to calm and reassure the market is the stability of the exchange rate and the central bank’s provision of payment options after currencies such as euros, dirhams, Turkish lira and Indian rupees as they are expanding,” he said.


Iran announces debt settlement of Islamic Development Bank in cooperation with Iraq

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{International:Euphrates News} The head of the Foreign Investment Organization of Iran reported on Tuesday that Tehran has settled its debts to the Islamic Development Bank of $300 million in export revenues to Iraq.

Ali Fikri, in a statement reported by Iranian Elina, pointed out that “the majority of direct investment comes from Russia, the UAE, China, Turkey, Iraq, India, Oman and other countries,” saying “about $10 billion and 600 million dollars of capital entered the country two years ago.”

He announced the settlement of Iran’s debts owed to the Islamic Development Bank and said: We have paid all debts owed to international institutions, and he completed: We paid the debts owed to the Islamic Development Bank through Iraq.

Iran’s debts to the Islamic Development Bank amounted to $300 million and all of which have been settled, according to the head of the Foreign Investment Organization of Iran.

Explaining that Iran is a major shareholder of the Islamic Development Bank, Fakhri said that “negotiations for new loans began with the settlement of outstanding debts. With the payment of outstanding debts, 12 semi-completed projects in Iran have been reactivated and their implementation resumed.”

But he added, “There are still some other debts, because some of the previous debts have not yet been deferred, and these debts are still being repaid and settled. We had debts owed to the Bank of Japan and the World Bank, which were also repaid, although in the case of the World Bank, the payments had already started with the previous government.”

“Russia leads the ranking with 26%, followed by China with 18%, then then the UAE with 13%, the Iranians living abroad with 10%, Turkey with about 4%, Iraq with about 3%, India with 1.8%, Oman with 1.2%, and other countries with 20%,” said the Iranian official for the most investing countries in Iran.


The delegation of the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region holds a series of meetings in the US Congress

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Shafaq News / The Presidency of the Kurdistan Region announced today, Tuesday, that a delegation representing it met in the United States with a number of senior officials in Congress and exchanged views on US relations with Iraq and the Kurdistan Region and the latest developments in the region.


“He Became A Part Of Me.” Blasskhart With Her Last Briefing Before The UN Security Council Before The End Of Her Duties: Long Live Iraq



The representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jeanine Blasskhaert, announced on Tuesday that she was about to leave her post, while paying tribute to the Iraqis.

During her briefing at the Security Council, Blasskhart said: “In December 2018 I arrived in Baghdad. Now, five years later, it’s almost time to say goodbye and expect to leave my position at the end of May. It’s not easy, and in good and bad, Iraq has simply become a part of me.”

She added: “I can only hope that one day, God willing, people from all over the world will get to know the real Iraq. It is a country of immense beauty. A country with a rich diversity and culture, where there are many opportunities to seize it.”

She concluded by saying: “I commend all Iraqi men and women. For their sacrifices, strength and the depth of their commitment to building a prosperous, democratic and peaceful Iraq. Long live Iraq.”

“أصبح جزءاً مني”.. بلاسخارت بإحاطتها الأخيرة أمام مجلس الأمن الدولي قبل انتهاء مهامها: عاش العراق

Central bank reveals new mechanism: only real traveler will get dollar

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{Economic: Al-Furat News} Central Bank Governor Ali Al-Alaq announced, on Tuesday, a new mechanism for the traveler to get the dollar.

Al-Alak said in a press statement that: “Soon we will launch a mechanism to ensure that the real traveler gets only the dollar,” announcing that “inflation has decreased significantly compared to the beginning of 2023.”
He added, “External financing operations are conducted smoothly and all importers and traders can get the dollar at the official price,” but “the central bank confirms that all demands for the dollar can be met.”

“The central bank has no problem offering or selling dollars; but some categories are trying to stay away from the platform of selling foreign currency to avoid tax, customs or having illegal trade,” Al-Alaq continued.

“The bank is in a comfortable position to respond to requests to buy dollars and we have sufficient reserves,” he said.


Sudanese confirms the government’s keenness to continue cooperation with NATO mission in Iraq

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Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani affirmed on Tuesday his government’s keenness to continue cooperation with the NATO mission in Iraq.The Prime Minister’s Information Office said in a statement that the Sudanese met with Dutch Foreign Minister Hanky Bruinsslot and her accompanying delegation, where relations between the two friendly countries were discussed, and the importance of strengthening cooperation at various levels and fields.During the meeting, Al-Sudani stressed Iraq’s keenness to develop relations, especially in the economic field, and to benefit from the Dutch experience in the field of agriculture and water, praising the position of the Netherlands and its efforts in the ceasefire and aggression on Gaza, and support for the relief of the difficult humanitarian situation of the Palestinian people there.Al-Sudani pointed to the government’s keenness to continue cooperation with the NATO mission in Iraq, whose presidency the Netherlands will take over in the middle of this year, and the need to sustain direct communication with the mission, in conjunction with the start of the dialogue that will lead to ending the tasks of the presence of the international coalition to fight ISIS, and to continue coordination of the assistance provided by NATO mission in the fields of training and advice to our security forces, in light of the clear growth of the capabilities of the Iraqi armed forces, and the demisse of ISIS remnants, which no longer pose a threat to the Iraqi state.He touched on the possibility of bilateral cooperation in the field of ports with the ongoing progress in the completion of the large Al-Faw port, and its relationship with the strategic development route project, welcoming the participation of Dutch companies in these projects.For her part, Minister Bruinsslot expressed her country’s government’s aspiration for the next visit of the Prime Minister to Amsterdam, which she considers as an opportunity to strengthen cooperation and bilateral partnership, and confirmed the Netherlands’s position in support of the ceasefire efforts in Gaza, preventing the spread of conflict in the region, and opening the way for humanitarian aid and relief efforts.She also expressed a position in favor of the continuation of dialogue between Iraq and the international coalition, the end of its existence and tasks, and the transition to full bilateral relations with the coalition countries.