Mission Rules

The basic rules of this mission:

  • The destinations must be lesser known places and not tourist hot spots because the idea is to explore, find the unknown.
  • You have to actually explore and not just do a touch and go job. Find out, as a single woman, can you really get friendly with the locals, can you get them to narrate local history of the place and sing you folklores?
  • No advanced accommodation or transportation bookings to be done.
  • Travel only via railways, state or private buses, shared cabs and other means of public transport. No personal cabs.
  • Stay only at budget hotels with an upper limit of INR 500 per day/night. Try staying at a Gurudwara or a temple premises in a sleeping bag; find out whether a single woman can safely do that.
  • No tour operators, guides or any other luxurious package deals. The only guide to be taken is the internet.
  • Document every step of the journey in minute details along with all the proof like photographs of your room in the hotel, your bus ticket, food bill.
  • For photo documentation take as many photos of the roads, the bus stops, train stations, markets and of course the places of interests etc.

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