Sheikh Mohammed calls for Baghdad to send Peshmerga allocations and the region’s share of the budget


06:26: 04/30/2015

Khandan – Vice-President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Iaram Sheikh Mohammed demanded the federal government, sending the share of the Kurdistan region from the federal budget with financial allocations for the Peshmerga forces. 

This came during a meeting with the British Consul in Erbil (Lencas Mackay), according to a statement by the Information Office of Sheikh Mohammed, “Khandan” received a copy of it. 

At the beginning of the meeting he gave Sheikh Mohammed thanked the United Kingdom government and people to provide support for Iraq and Kurdistan In this particular phase of the ongoing war against al “Daash the” terrorist, expressing regret what happened from the problems between the province and the center, which has impacted negatively on the livelihood of the Kurdish people. 

He said Sheikh Mohammed said “the Kurdish people did not wait from Baghdad that the daily strength has become part of the conflict and political differences, and today prov paced serious steps to implement the oil agreement and to Baghdad sends its financial benefits, and that the current economic crisis is an opportunity to review and re-evaluation and can be utilized officials in the region From this stage to avoid problems in the future and it is very necessary to speed up the reform and economic and financial in Kurdistan. “ 

For his part, the British consul continued to provide support and assistance to Iraq and the Kurdistan region and efforts to reach rapprochement between the province and the center and resolve the outstanding issues and files, according to the statement. 06:26: 04/30/2015


Abadi calls on the World Bank to work with the provinces

05/01/2015 01:26

Iraq wants to build a sound economy based on long-term strategic vision and move away from the prosthetic processors.

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: The Prime Minister called Haider al-Abadi, Thursday, World Bank to work with the provinces of Basra and in particular for development and reconstruction.

Information Office of the Prime Minister said in a press statement, said that al-Abadi “met in his office today, World Bank Vice President Hafez Ghanem and his accompanying delegation,” explaining that “During the meeting, they discussed the economic and financial situation through which Iraq and support the reconstruction of the liberated areas and rest areas in the provinces and cooperation in many fields and future programs of the World Bank in Iraq. “

The Abadi, according to the statement, that “Iraq is going through many challenges including those related to the economic and financial situation,” noting, “We want to take advantage of the financial crisis to build a healthy economy depends on the vision of long-term strategy and stay away as much as possible solutions and treatments prosthetic.”

Abadi called the World Bank to “work with the provinces, especially the province of Basra for development and reconstruction in those provinces.”

In turn, the World Bank Vice President expressed his “willingness and desire Bank in cooperation with Iraq in the fields of training Iraqi energies in many of the terms of reference and support the private sector and the reconstruction of the liberated areas of Daash organize and support a number of other sectors.”

Twitter- PM Haider Al-Abadi

Based on the powers vested in us as head of the Council of Ministers and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces we decided to stop legal action against members of the armed forces and internal security forces once and for escape and absenteeism and absenteeism and Altmard crimes or self-harm to get rid of service and crimes against the military regime and the affairs of the service and bypass the Service Affairs.

Jubouri confirms the importance of the role of the World Bank at this stage, especially with regard to rebuild the affected areas

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[Baghdad – where]
The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, Thursday, on the importance of the role of the World Bank at this stage, particularly with regard to the draft to rebuild the affected areas and the provision of health, education and other basic services services.
A statement from the office Jubouri received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that “al-Jubouri, received in his office today, Vice President of the World Bank Group Hafez Ghanem, Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa Farid Belhaj,” noting that “The meeting reviewed the situation in Iraq and economic repercussions of the crisis lower oil prices, and ways to provide support and assistance in the face of these challenges. “

The statement noted that “the two sides discussed ways of cooperation between Iraq and the World Bank to rebuild the areas liberated from al Daash terrorist and rehabilitation of infrastructure,” as the President of the House of Representatives, “stressed the importance of the role of the World Bank at this stage, particularly with regard to the draft to rebuild areas affected and the provision of health, education and other basic services services. “

For their part, members of the delegation expressed the World Bank’s commitment to support Iraq in order to overcome all the difficulties it faces, especially as he is going through a difficult phase needs to be regional and international cooperation “. Ended

Zebari: Iraq seeks to Mali sovereign rating

04:14: 04/30/2015

Khandan – Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Iraq is seeking sovereign rating continues with credit rating agencies as it prepares to issue huge bonds worth five billion dollars needed to cover the budget caused by lower oil prices deficit.

Zebari said told (Reuters) “We started the process. Banks also seek to help us in this direction.”

Iraq has announced that it will issue bonds worth five billion dollars in the first issued in the international bond market nine years ago.

And obtain a sovereign rating from a major credit agency which Iraq currently lacks him may help persuade the international fund managers and international banks in underwriting bonds.

Zebari said that Iraq is seeking to connect with two or three credit rating agencies, but he did not name.

Iraq and discuss the plan with the issuance of bonds (Citibank) and (Deutsche Bank).

The process of obtaining the credit rating may be sensitive for Iraq as it will be forced to open its books to these institutions and reveals unveil new information on public finances. Zebari did not disclose the date on which it is expected to complete the process.

In response to whether the number five billion to be very ambitious, Zebari said, “We have a commitment in the budget to issue six billion. Thus this is the minimum this is our plan to cover the deficit. But there is no way to be issued in a single chip.”

Urgent Al-Jobouri uncovers meeting between Iraq, Iran, Turkey in Istanbul

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Baghdad (AIN) –The speaker of the parliament, Saleem Al-Jobouri, uncovered on Thursday ta close meeting between Iraq, Iran and Turkey in Istanbul.
A parliamentary source said to AIN that “the meeting will be attended by the heads of the parliaments to discuss the regional situations.” /End/

We hinted attribute the rise in the dollar exchange rate to the instability in the region

29/04/2015 12:45

BAGHDAD / Source News / ..
attributed the deputy in the National Alliance honest we hinted, Wednesday, rising exchange rates of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, as well as gold to instability in the region and the United States control the global economy.

He said we hinted Agency / Source News / “The high dollar prices as well as gold came against the backdrop of the United States and other major countries control this aspect as well as the instability in the region.”

He added that “private agendas have raised the value of its currency and Aehmha negative impact that gets the other countries the great powers,” likely that “hard currency to rise in light of the unstable situation in the country and the rest of the regional countries.”

We hinted called on the government to “address the decline of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar and not just raise taxes.”

He believed that “the political oil for some Gulf states impacted heavily on the high dollar.”

Iraqi market has seen a rise in the dollar’s exchange rate against the dinar reached in some cases to 1235 dinars to the dollar, the highest rate of the exchange rate during the past two years.

He attributed the owners of banking companies rise and fall of the exchange rate is linked to the central bank that determines its price rising or falling procedures.

It is expected to offset the rise in the dollar exchange rate decrease in the volume of trading in securities Almalah

Iraqi Securities Commission approve the “Zen” inclusion in the stock market

Zain Kuwait’s Mobile Telecommunications announced today that the unity of Zain Iraq’s largest mobile operator in the country in terms of number of subscribers obtained the approval of the Iraqi Securities Commission for inclusion in the Iraq Stock Exchange.

Kuwait’s Zain confirmed in a statement to the Kuwait Stock Exchange that Zain Iraq owned by 76 percent, “this has got approval to fill out some of the other requirements in the coming weeks.”

The statement added, “We will inform you if do Zain Iraq fixing the date for the inclusion of a mechanism like this listing and put the stock price.”

Higher Education calls for international companies to invest in Iraq

[Baghdad – where] 
It called on the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific international companies and research to investment in higher education sector in Iraq, and to contribute to the projects implemented by the ministry in most universities. 
According to a ministry statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of the “Ministry of learning involved in business and investment forum held by the National Investment Commission in collaboration with the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce, said Education Minister Hussein al-Shahristani, in his speech during the forum, said that the Iraqi universities incubator environment for investment, as well as all experiences that you own, stressing that the universities are working to provide the local market requirements of skilled manpower from different disciplines. 
He added that “the powers granted to the Iraqi universities to open up to global universities in order to benefit from their experience, especially in the areas needed by Iraq to achieve economic advancement, and to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq, hoping to open branches of the universities of foreign discreet in Iraq after the completion of its own law .anthy