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Security and promised in the New Year 2016 is to raise the Iraqi flag over Mosul, expelled last Daasha of our pure, and will that be the will of God also made ​​promises in victories e 201, general editor of Tikrit and Baiji and regions in Diyala, Jabber and gray.I am optimistic that we will overcome the financial crisis, and that Iraq will come out of them stronger than it was, accept sincere congratulations Every year, Iraq and its people and the whole of humanity is fine.

Urgent .. destruction of Daash headquarters in Mosul and the killing of a large number of them


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} managed to fly the international coalition on Thursday to destroy Daash headquarters in Mosul, and killed a large number of them.
A statement by the cell-Harbi media agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, that “the Intelligence Directorate of the military and on the basis of information intelligence minute lead flight international coalition forces to destroy the headquarters of the gatherings terrorist elements Daash in the Canadian facility in Mosul, and killed a large number of terrorists and their leaders, and the destruction of wheels and various weapons. ” Ended h

Parliamentary Legal: amnesty will be launched at the beginning of February and the Federal Court is disabled because of Kurds



12/30/2015 13:48

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad:
announced the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives by a sound Shawki, on Wednesday, said the general amnesty law completed all his readings and discussions and vote by the parliament at the beginning of next February, while pointed out that disabled the Federal Court Act for the Kurdistan Alliance.

He said Shawki’s “Tomorrow’s Press,” “The amnesty law has completed all his readings and debates as well, and we are only waiting for the views of the political blocs on the provisions of the amnesty until the legal committee be assembled and then re-drafting of the law and vote for it,” adding that “the issue of the resolution of the amnesty law would be at the beginning February next.

“He continued,” The Federal Court Act also completed our readings of law and debates and views on it, and remained one issue pending a court meeting and vote in the court, “noting that” the majority opinion says that the court meeting is two thirds and vote on decisions also the consensus of the two-thirds , but contrary to the Kurdish side view and wants the court meeting also unanimously and unanimous vote.

“He said Shawki that” blocs objected to the opinion of the Kurds and promised to disable the role of the Court, Aftrhawwa opinion, another to be the voice of the President of the Court and his deputy within two-thirds, because one of the Vice-President will be Kurdish ” .

He pointed out that “their opinion this also he did not find acceptable, but that it is still in dispute, but during the next legislative term will be to resolve all differences on the law,” likely that “during which the vote on the laws amnesty and the Court.”

He continued by legal Allhnh that “There are discussions about the Guard Law, but it’s more complicated, and require a large political consensus.”…B1%D8%A7%D8%AF

President of the Republic issued an order to form a Supreme Presidential Commission for national reconciliation

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} issued a President of the Republic Fuad Masum, a presidential order to form a Supreme Presidential Commission for national reconciliation.
A spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic Khaled Huani in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News}, that “made up of the Committee of the two candidates for each of the three presidencies,” noting that “a representative of the Supreme Judicial Authority will join the membership of the Committee at a later time.”
He added Huani “The presidential order stated that the Higher Committee for national reconciliation includes both the cult, and Qahtan al-Jubouri, the Presidency of the Republic, and Khalil scary al-Rubaie, and Jaafar Abdul-Zahra al-Husseini as prime minister, and Jaber al-Jabri, and Adli Mohamed Abdel by the Presidency of the Council of Representatives,” he said, adding that “representative of the higher judiciary of the Committee will be named at a later date.”
He explained that Huani formation of the committee was based on the three presidencies agreement, and that it formed the Presidential be effective from the date of issue. Ended h

Defense focus floating bridges to link the two banks of gray


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announced that the Department of Defense, installed floating bridges on the Euphrates River city of Ramadi Daash after the destruction of the terrorist gangs of the majority of bridges link between the two shores of the city.
He said ministry spokesman Naseer Nouri, told all of Iraq [where] that “the Department of Defense is working on the rehabilitation of some of the infrastructure in accordance with the limited resources and capabilities that have”.
He pointed to “the existence of an engineering effort now working on connecting joints of the city that stranded the destruction of bridges are now being set up floating bridges in order to facilitate the passage of military units between the two sides of the city traffic, as well as to facilitate the smooth flow of movement of civilians.
“The Joint Special Operations Command announced last Monday edit gray city center of terrorists Daash, while Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi said, that” 80% of gray devastating and that the security forces did not find high to raise the Iraqi flag above it to announce the victory place.
“declared Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, yesterday, the formation of a supreme committee to re-gray reconstruction, headed by the governor of Anbar, from the World Bank allocations and donor countries.
It also announced the Ministry of Planning It’s going to work on a survey damage in Ramadi to determine the size of the destruction caused by the amount of money you need for reconstruction “.anthy 2

Infallible: No peace for the world to achieve in Iraq without the elimination of Daash and survival factors [expanded]

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the President Fuad Masum, stressed the need for the international community to support Iraq in the fight against global terrorism to achieve peace.
Masum said Thursday in a televised speech addressed to the Iraqi people and other peoples of the world on the occasion of the New Year solutions in 2016: with a view of the year a new AD, extend our warmest wishes and congratulations to the Iraqi people and the peoples of the world, and we hope that next year will be in the good, peace and progress for all, We have lived years and faced a lot of challenges, but here we say goodbye to this year with more confidence and more will and determination to overcome the difficulties. ”
He added, “The look of a new year is a window on the human renewed hope the lives of free and advanced, safe and with renewed green tree of life.”
Infallible “Perhaps what we faced in Iraq and the region over the past year and the years before the bloody confrontation with the forces of extremism, hatred and darkness and by Iraqis from combat and sacrifices effort is the translation process and the struggle for the meaning of human hope life more peaceful, stable and acceptance of diversity and difference confirmation.”
He said President of the Republic, “The victories of our army and the various forces that fought and are still fighting terrorism takfirist offender is the fruit of the greatest of these sacrifices that the Iraqis fought in defense of their towns and their national unity and diversity cohabitant on love, justice and fraternity values, Vohr congratulations to our fighters brave wherever they are in the breakers operations in various their collections especially brilliant victories in Anbar finally to more tournaments that make it next year, it in Iraq without terror and in Iraq Advanced national unity to protect their independent state free safe, the State of Iraq for everyone.
“He pointed out that” our sacrifices defending Iraq and Iraqis have been and continue to defend Equally for the security and peace in the region and the world from the evils of terrorism and extremism, and this fact is now confirmed for all, and we hope it be enhanced by all the countries of the region and the world’s efforts to support our steadfastness and our victories, either through logistical and intelligence and air backing support or through trapping and combating the financing of and feeding Daash human beings and arms, money and propaganda, which is sources of life for terrorism.
“The infallible” No peace for the world without achieving peace in Iraq and the region and that the outright elimination of the Daash and on the factors that make the survival of this terrorist organization possible, whether in the form of active or dormant groups, and this achievement can not be achieved without the common aspiration and will of the common and joint action from everyone.
“He added that” the peace of the world is everyone’s responsibility, and perhaps revive the hope for peace with the new general solutions requires a strengthening of the international will, the liberalization of the world from the fear of the threat of terrorism, extremism and hatred.
“He called for” all of us to work for peace, but not the new year general welfare of our people and other peoples of the earth, but not the years in which displaced people and displaced and migrants back to their towns and villages in safety and freedom, and peace of the souls of those who sacrificed and died for freedom and for Iraq, pride, pride precious to their families who sacrificed her children in this way, and the speedy recovery of our wounded, and every year and everyone lives more stable and progress, and the pleasure and peace “.anthy

Chest: Maliki is still live illness love of power


Editor Ali Jasim – Thursday 31 December 2015 16:18

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
He said the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Thursday, the leader of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki is still living in the “love of power disease,” while asked him not to interfere with “the affairs of Jihad” after “sold one-third of Iraq of terrorism”.

Sadr said in response to a question from one of his followers on (Maliki’s visit last for some popular crowd of a military regulations camps, and participation of the demonstrations organized by factions of the crowd, whether it considers detrimental to the factions of the crowd rather than benefit him), and seen Alsumaria News it, “he still lives in the disease (love of power), “adding,” but hard that the Iraqis will not repeat their mistake to sell Iraq Ayad wrong hands. “

He said al-Sadr, that “he should not interfere in the affairs of jihad and the mujahideen after selling more than one-third of Iraq of terrorism and occupations.”

Al-Maliki visited, during the past two weeks, a number of the popular crowd camps and met with some of its leaders.

Central Bank approves the launch of the electronic payment service across Zain



Central Bank building one independent bodies according to the Iraqi Constitution .. Photographed by Mahmoud Raouf


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12/31/2015 15:51
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Approved the Central Bank of Iraq, Thursday, on the launch of the electronic payment service via the Zain mobile phone in a move that is the first of its kind in Iraq, and with Zain pointed out that the service will enable the joint of conversion and handed the money inside Iraq and pay the bills and fees, he confirmed that the service will be subject to to the control of the Iraqi Central Bank.

Zain said in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, “Zain Iraq leader in the field of mobile communications and data transfer Announces Service (Zain Cash) on its network and cooperation with Iraq, a portfolio company (Iraq Wallet) specialized in the provision of electronic financial services after officially obtaining a license from the Central Bank of Iraq to provide electronic payment services. “

The statement added, “The service (Zain Cash) registered in the joint service will enable the conversion of the received funds inside Iraq and across Zain Iraq network,” returned the service, “the first of its kind in Iraq.”

The statement stressed that “this service is important and sophisticated would do to use the mobile phone as Stholh to purse a stretcher,” pointing out that “service will allow subscribers to conduct financial transactions such as sending and receiving money within Iraq, or refilling of telephone lines and pay the bills in the Zain network in any time and in a manner easy and quick. “

The statement pointed out, that “service that was designed by a specialized team and partners local and international is part of the technological development that accompany the post-third generation in Iraq, to ​​meet the common need and give it the freedom and opportunity to facilitate daily transactions wherever they are,” noting that “the service provided a large amount of easy money and maintain a safe manner similar to other markets. “

The statement continued, “The company has created and trained many of the teams in customer service and agents and outlets center and many selling points (Zain Cash’s new service), which will reach more than 21,000 points, according to plan in order to meet its customers with the service requirements,” stressing that “Date the service will be free by going to the nearest authorized service center or call (* 210 #) and follow the instructions or send your (recording) a message to the number 2100 “.

The statement, that “(Zain Cash Service) will enable subscribers to pay bills Kovatir electricity, pay traffic fines easily fees”, noting that “those authorities in the final stages of the application of these systems and services will open up new horizons.”

The statement stressed that “the new service will also enable companies to pay and salary transfers safely and effectively in Iraq,” pointing out that “the service was declared to companies contracting with Zain Iraq and entities, and will be subject to regulations and international protocols safe”.

The statement pointed out that “the service will be subject to the control of the Iraqi Central Bank, which defined operational and administrative organizational those services frameworks With the goal of the Iraqi Central Bank in the year for these laws and regulations in line with international standards, and strive to promote confidence in the economy through the creation of a safe environment healthy and competitive system available for all and this was confirmed by the Central Bank of Iraq on several occasions. “

The statement stressed that “(Zain Cash) will be subject to all procedures for safe financial transactions in all countries of the world, and give full safety of users and the ease with full remittance and received anywhere in Iraq and moments numbered, under the supervision of a specialized team and the coach.”

And mobile payment is a way of various means of payment by money transfer by mobile phone or mobile wallet in general, and operate under the financial regulation and performance from or through a mobile device rather than pay cash.

The service enables the use of a mobile phone to pay for a wide range of services, digital or hard goods. Being the adoption of mobile payment in all over the world in different ways since 2008, it has been the deployment of payment solutions by mobile phone in developing countries as a means to expand financial services to the community.

Hajj: Saudi Arabia will begin next Sunday to grant visas for Iraqi pilgrims




31-12-2015 04:00 PM
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Iraq today
The head of the Supreme Commission for Hajj and Umrah Khalid al-Attiyah said the Saudi authorities will begin on Sunday, the granting of visas for Iraqi pilgrims.

Attiyah urged citizens on the need to register with the companies approved by the Hajj and Umrah exclusively and published in the official website of the Authority, which is in the process of Iraqi airports Tvoejehm to the Holy Land directly and provide the necessary services, which are needed in this regard.

High Authority for the Hajj and Umrah and said it has taken upon itself the responsibility of organizing Umrah season and supervise the work of companies and follow-up their performance in order to ensure the best level of services that befit the status of Iraqi pilgrim.

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