Iran calls for “rational means” to break the impasse in Iraq

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Iran calls for “rational means” to break the impasse in Iraq 

[Oan- up] 

called on Iran to find ways to “logical and Aklaiah” to break a deadlock problems suffered by the Iraqi people.

He called the Iranian Foreign Minister , Mohammad Javad Zarif , in a press statement during a meeting with UN special envoy to Iraq , Jan Kubis on his visit to Tehran , ” the international community on Saturday to support Iraq to bring out the people from internal problems.” 

He said the Iranian official that “the presence of terrorist groups of the most prominent problems He plagued Iraq. ” 

he stressed Zarif on the need to combat” terrorism ” and armed groups, especially al Daash” stressing that “Iran is ready to cooperate in this regard.” 

he criticized the Iranian Foreign Minister international powers look towards Iraq , saying , “look at international forces to Iraq within the framework of the strategic outlook for the whole region and not the vision that characterizes the Iraqis and the Iraqi government toward their country. ” 

for his part , he touched UN envoy to the conditions experienced by Iraq on the political, security and economic level and the endeavors of the United Nations in this country, describing Iran ‘s role as” positive. ” 

the Kubi today met Assistant Saturday , Iranian Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian and held talks with him before he met Iran ‘s foreign minister as part of his visit to Iran.

Urgent infallible calls for an urgent meeting of the three presidencies and political leaders tomorrow

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

called on President Fuad Masum, an urgent meeting of the three presidencies and political leaders on Sunday about the citizens of demonstrators stormed the parliament building on Saturday.

According to a presidential statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that infallible “called the evening the three authorities and political leaders to an urgent meeting on Sunday dedicated to discuss a number of pressing issues, particularly the events to storm the House of Representatives today by demonstrators, and make an adjustment Ministerial desired and ways to implement urgent reforms prescribed. ”

UN condemns the use of violence against elected officials and calls for dialogue

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[Wayne – Baghdad] 

urged the UN mission in Iraq, the government and political leaders to work together to restore security and to engage in dialogue.

The mission expressed in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of “grave concern at the developments today in Baghdad, including the storming of the parliament building by protesters after they entered the international zone.” 

Condemned ” the use of violence, including against those responsible elected officials, and he urged calm and exercise restraint and respect for the constitutional institutions in Iraq at this critical juncture. ” 

She called the mission” the government and all political leaders and civil society to work together to restore security immediately and engage in dialogue ensures the implementation of the necessary reforms. ” 

and he said it “continues to work from its headquarters in the international Zone in Baghdad, which is in constant contact with the parties until a solution to meet the security requirements for reform.

Masum calls for the heads of the ministers, MPs and leaders of parliamentary blocs to hold cabinet reshuffle

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News President Fuad Masum, the House called for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri and leaders of parliamentary blocs to hold cabinet reshuffle.

A statement of the Office of the President and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on Saturday , ” We call on all our people , particularly the demonstrators were to prevail calm and law – abiding and self – restraint and not to prejudice any of the members of the House of Representatives and the staff of public and private property and to evacuate the building.” 

He called infallible key Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives and leaders of parliamentary blocs to “hold reshuffle desired and implementation of political and administrative reforms and the fight against corruption and consider that buried quotas partisan and factional system task no longer be postponed at all.”

He stressed that “superfluous victory in the battle against terrorism requires setting the protection of the stability of Iraq and supreme interests and prestige and prestige in the international community over any other interests , calling on everyone to adhere to the principles of democratic dialogue and the preservation of constitutional life and maintain security and order and urged the political forces to redouble urgent efforts and seriousness to solve problems to meet the demands of the people and achieve its interests and improve his living conditions , and to show high sense of national responsibility and the situation of Iraqi interests of all above any other interests. 

the President of the Republic , “We hope and are confident that everyone takes into account all of that and strive together for a serious and persistent work on self – control and providing the right atmosphere for a peaceful work of democratic and constitutional moves forward to reform and preserve the unity of Iraq and its democratic system.” is over

Urgent Baghdad operations: the security forces to protect the demonstrators and believes the visit did not register any violations

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[Wayne – Baghdad] 

confirmed the Baghdad Operations Command, said security forces exercise its functions to protect the demonstrators and secure the visit of Imam Musa al – Kadhim [p].

A spokesman for the command Brigadier General Saad Maan press meet , “said the security forces exercise its functions to protect the demonstrators and secure the visit of Imam Kadhim [p]. 

He noted that” the security forces are present and in control of the situation fully and did not record any violations. ”

Urgent Interior does not have a curfew in Baghdad and secure all diplomatic missions expanded {}

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News spokesman of the Interior Ministry Brigadier General Saad Maan said he does not have a curfew in Baghdad, was secure all the diplomatic missions of the attacks.

He said yes in a press statement Saturday that ” the security forces have secured protection for visitors traveling to the Holy Kadhimiya performance Visit the martyrdom of Imam Musa Bin Jaafar peace be upon him, where he was cutting the capital Baghdad temporarily for security reasons , ” adding that ” the terrorist enemy is trying to lurks opportunity to target Visitors but the security forces are applied to the contents of the plan. ” 

He added that” the federal police and the army are doing their job to keep the public and private money , and we’ve got the guidance of the use of force in the event of abuse of public funds and the citizens. ” 

He continued saying that” the Baghdad international Airport was not cut was secure all the diplomatic missions of attacks. ” 

and on the conditions of Abu Ghraib district between Brigadier Maan by saying that” there were attempts to Daash in Abu Ghraib , west of Baghdad area , a simple attempts have been killed trespassers and control of the situation there. ” 

the Baghdad operations has decided to declare a state of emergency in the capital against the backdrop of the storming demonstrators green zone, while banned in and out of the capital Baghdad and the roads leading to the green zone from this hour .anthy m

Urgent Baghdad International Airport confirms the continuation of air traffic and deny the entry of militants


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[Oan- Baghdad]
confirmed the continuation of the Baghdad International Airport air traffic and not affected by thedemonstrators after they broke into the Green Zone.
The media director of the airport Salah Tayeh in a press statement that “trips continuously in and out of Iraqi airports all, especially Baghdad airport , ” strongly denied ” the news from entering the militants of theairport.”
He called on all travelers and citizens “not to listen to the media misleading , ” adding that ” the normal air traffic very”.