Rasheed Bank’s efforts to develop its performance and contribution in advancing the national economy forward


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30-06-2016 08:00 PM

Rasheed Bank director revealed that the bank seeks to expand its branches in the governorates and the application of the banking system.

According to a statement of the bank that ‘the general manager of the Rasheed Bank and the sole agency Rashad Khudair held an expanded meeting with aides Director General and directors of departments and heads of units since taking office and discussed with them the issues important to the development of the banking business and the subjects’.

He added that ‘Rasheed Bank Director emphasized many of the recommendations and the most important to strive to apply the universal banking system and expansion through the opening of branches of the bank in the provinces to provide better banking services and to address all the obstacles that hinder the performance to take the bank and clear steps in the banking labor market and thus contribute to boost the economy National to front.

– See more at: https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ar&u=http://www.ikhnews.com/index.php?page=article&id=145061&usg=ALkJrhhXxnx_3OgZhjcQHvw2EcnfNuTUow#sthash.EFRqRB24.dpuf

Baghdad airport gets a license certificate of air safety in civil aviation

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Baghdad International Airport , the airport received a license certificate by air safety department at the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority.

The Director General of Civil Aviation Samer Kubba said in a statement the Ministry of Transport said “this achievement came after he was preparing Airport Guide and the emergency plan by specializing in airport personnel under the supervision of the airport director Ali Jawad.” 

He added Kubba said “This certificate will be considered Baghdad airport committed within standards international because this license is recognized by the international civil Aviation Organization ICAO [ICAO] “. 

He pointed out that the certificate” will be given the airport and its workers in the more tender and progress in several areas , and the traveler can intuit that the nature of the service provided to them. ”


granted $ 200 million directly



Thursday 30-06-2016 | 9:37:22

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Twilight News / announced for security and defense committee in the Iraqi parliament rapporteur Hakhuan Abdullah, on Thursday, all that America will be awarded $ 200 million of the loan, which has decided to grant Iraq to Alپeshmrگh forces directly without reference to Baghdad.

Abdullah said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, Iraq and the United States agreed on Wednesday that the US grant of $ billion loan and 700 thousand dollars to Baghdad, adding that Washington has for its part isolating the $ 200 million of the loan to be granted to the Kurdistan Region.

He added that this decision means that all the efforts that have been made in order to know the American side that the US aid to Iraq who did not get them anything for the region have been successful.

It is turning out that this is an important step and from now on you’re not granting the province its share of all loans given to Iraq directly.

Modern “full” the US ambassador about the “credit” for Iraq and the bombing of a convoy in the Amiriyah Fallujah Daash


30/06/2016 14:37
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BAGHDAD / tomorrow ‘s Press: US Ambassador in Iraq, Stuart Jones, on Thursday, said the credit facilities by the United States of Iraq will enable him to complete the purchase of f16 and maintenance of aircraft, as well as tanks m1 A1, as disclosed that the payment will be on credit by good benefit at six point four or five a half interest , which is usually imposed on such facilities.

Jones said, during a meeting with a number of media, including “Tomorrow ‘s Press,” “We drove yesterday ‘s signing of the credit facility of two separator seven billion dollars, which will enable Iraq to complete thepurchase of f16 and maintenance of aircraft, as well as tanks m1 A1”. He said the ambassador, that “origin of the idea of the facilities are thepayment on credit by good benefit at six point four or five a half interest, in addition to it ‘s a good deal for Iraq.” on the other hand, theambassador noted, that “there are air successful operation carried out by the coalition against large convoy against Daash in Fallujah last Tuesday. We discovered the convoy through our surveys air and we were able to trace their tracks, and yesterday after we made sure keep them away from civilians and identities of Daash we started to beat them and destroyed their caravans. ” He added,” We still Nsthsal information for determining the number of Aldoaash who were killed during the escape intone them yesterday, and the number of vehicles that were destroyed , “explaining,” There is no confirmation on the numbers you mentioned the number ofwheels was .400 and can not confirm that figure , but it is certain more than 100 wheel. ” he said,” I was present at the beginning of the joint operations were not 400 wheel, and there is no any agreement in order tofacilitate the escape of Aldoaash , “noting” were divided into three convoys and completely destroyed, and Srna participation of the Iraqi aircraft f16 this process where we have destroyed a number of wheels and killed alarge number are also elements Daash. ” on the role of the international coalition in the fight against Daash , ambassador to explain that “there is acommon meeting of the ministers of defense and the interior of some of the international coalition countries through 20 and 21 of the month of July and look forward visiting Iraqi delegation to this Conference ( OIC ) ,” adding that ” the conference will discuss the face Daash not only in Iraq but also for all countries of the world, and there is a meeting the last in theconference financial and humanitarian support to Iraq and will round it to America, Germany, Japan and Canada, and this wonderful opportunity to support the displaced people and restore stability to them. ” He went on, ” we worked with the United Nations program to establish support for thedisplaced Fund, and the United States donated the first where the donation and donated $ 15 million, and this support is the beginning of more than $ 100 million from all over the world. ” he said the US ambassador, said , ” We want to get additional support and would like to obtain support for another fund to support the stability of a long – term, while the fund also for the reconstruction of liberated areas. ” between, “there is a deputy or deputies for the security and defense committee expressed their rejection of the agreement yesterday was not the whole , rejecting, and those members have the right to express their opinion but the Council ofMinisters adopted a decision,” he said . “there are three good reasons to adopt the Convention, the first is to enable the best military forces to fight Daash through advanced weather and field weapons, as we have seen through the participation of Iraqi aircraft f16 with the international coalition, as well as tanks “m1, a1″. he continued, ” The second reason is economic. Iraq is going through an economic crisis and factors ofdestruction and displaced persons and the drop in oil also contributed tothis crisis, “he said . ” The third reason is Iraq for technical technology through f16, tanks , planes, m1 a1 advanced military equipment .. Iraqis technicians have the ability to use many of the techniques, which arecontinuing benefit of Iraq. ”



Iraq market continues to rise for the fifth session


Traders Market Iraq Stock Exchange, Picture: Reuters of Arabian Eye

Direct: the general index of the Iraqi market for securities continued to rise for the fifth consecutive day, amid rising movement in trading.

And record the general index rose by 2.23% to a level Al539.47 point gain of 11.76 points.

It was treated at 9.349 billion shares, compared with 1.615 billion shares, valued at 2.48 billion dinars, compared B945.280 thousand dinars.

The issue rises Orams share of 10%, as my family grew by 7.69%.

In contrast Kndft shares declined by 5.26%, and the rate of Amen and Drug 5.08%.

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In the presence of high political and economic elite Iraqi .. Economic Council discussed ways to activate the national economy



30/06/2016 20:17

BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press:

Iraqi Economic Council was held, an economic seminar Bhsour oil minister “resigned” Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, and a group of MPs and politicians, which discussed ways to revitalize the Iraqi economy.

Iraqi Economic Council, said in a statement received “Tomorrow Press”, he was “a seminar held (Wednesday evening) entitled (ways to activate the Iraqi economy) in the Euphrates Hall Babylon Hotel, after the council hosted a breakfast for our guests prior to the symposium, which began in 9 pm and lasted for more than three hours during which serious debate and the proposals of bold and practical proposals and ideas and constructive through intellectual and brainstorming to discuss ways to activate the Iraqi economy. ”

He added, “The seminar was attended by a group of economic and political leaders of the executive and the government side, including Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and MP Ali al-Adeeb, the governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, and Chairman of the National Investment Commission, Sami al-Araji.”

The statement continued, “The seminar also attended by a number of members of the House of Representatives, including MP Furat al-Tamimi Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and the marshes and waters, and the Attorney Haitham al-Jubouri, a member of the parliamentary finance committee, and MP Abdul Karim al-Naqib, a member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary deputy Taha defense, member of the Parliamentary Integrity Commission and MP Mohammed al-Shammari, a member of the Higher Education Commission representative, and MP Rashid al-Yassiri, a member of the Commission on Higher Education and parliamentary, in addition to the MP Salman al-Musawi, former MP Abdul Abbas Xiaa, and advisor to the first Deputy Speaker of Parliament Ali Messier, and adviser to President cult, and adviser to the presidency Republic Laith an inch, and heavy brocade thorns and Deputy Minister of Housing and Construction and chairman of the Supreme Committee of industrial, agricultural and residential loans, and Jassim agricultural agent and Ziralsahh environment, Hazem al-Jumaili and Deputy Minister of Health, and Faisal Alheims Director General of the trade Bank of Iraq, and Khawla al-Asadi, Director General of the Bank of Iraq. ”

The statement noted that “the seminar was also attended by Rashad Khudair sole general manager of the Rasheed Bank and the agency, and Bilal al-Hamdani, Director General of the Industrial Bank, and Ikram, Director General of the National Alheiiih investment, Ahmed Salman, Director General of the Legal Department of the Municipality of Baghdad, and Samir Kazim, Director General of the Municipality of Karrada – Municipality Baghdad, and Nasser al-Bandar, the former Director General of civil Aviation, and Ali Sabieh head of the Iraqi Federation of industries, and Hamid punitive president of the international Federation of businessmen in Iraq, and Haider al-Suhail, president of the Association of the Euphrates to manufacturers of animal feed, and spiritual al-Araji, head of the Federation of Contractors / Karbala branch, and Mohammed Sadeq al-Hir president of the Association of restaurants and tourist hotels, and Mohammed Shakir al-Dulaimi, the United Nations program, and demanded Fayyad Sea, general manager of the enterprise media channel Al-Rasheed, and Hussein Zangana vice president of the Iraqi Federation of industries, and Falah Aftan board member of the National business Council of Iraq, and Alaa Zebra board member of the National business Council of Iraq, and Ali Abdolreza member of the National business Council of Iraq, in addition to a delegation of women entrepreneurs and members of the Women of the Iraqi business. they are: Maha al-Obeidi, Asia fixed, and Ahmed Abdel Sattar, and Alia Fathi, and dreams of Abdul Kadhim, but Mays Mahmoud Ismail, and Sana Abdul-Kadhim, and Nada Al-Ani “.

The statement continued, “The number of members of the Iraqi Economic Council attended. They are: Ibrahim al-Baghdadi, head of the Council, and Ali Shamara, Second Deputy Speaker, cream Yasiri, a member of the Board of Directors and the Financial Secretary, and Raed Al-Rahmani member of the Board of Directors and Administrative Secretary, and Baqir al-Mashat member of the Board of Directors and Oviqh insured member of the Board of Directors, and Ali Snava member of the Iraqi economic Council, and Ghadir Attar, a member of the Iraqi economic Council, and Khaled al-Azzawi, a member of the Iraqi economic Council, and Firas Mayali member of the Iraqi economic Council, Qais al-Khafaji, a member of the Iraqi economic Council, and Adel al-Moussawi, a member of the Iraqi economic Council, beckon Yasiri Member Iraqi economic Council, and Nour al-Azzawi, a member of the Iraqi economic Council, in addition to the presence of a large number of other guests from academics and economists from business men and women, contractors and industrialists, economists and a number of media and satellite channels. ”



US Ambassador: We are working to defeat the “Daash” in Iraq as soon as possible


Khandan – The US ambassador to Baghdad, Stuart Jones, on Thursday, said that the international coalition forces to combat al “Daash” terrorist, carried out an air strike against the organization in the city of Fallujah, which resulted in the destruction of 100 military vehicles, and the killing of large numbers of elements of the organization.

He said the US ambassador during a meeting with a number of reportersand media , “our face to Daash airstrike in Fallujah on Wednesday, with the participation of the F – 16 Iraqi, targeting a large convoy of more than 100 military vehicles, Admournaha fully and is currently chasing the rest of the mechanisms (without identification number) “,

He said the US ambassador “is currently collecting information about Daash losses in equipment and people as a result of this process.”

The lead of the United States, an international coalition composed of more than sixty countries, launched air strikes on strongholds “Daash” in Iraq and Syria for nearly two years, as the coalition forces shall provide advice to local forces in the two countries.

Jones stressed that Washington was working to defeat al “Daash” as soon as possible from Iraq, stressing “the need to find a mechanism to address the intelligence Daash sleeper cells in Iraq, Turkey and European countries.”

He pointed out that his country will do its best to achieve the US president’s commitment to Bdharham “Daash” during the current year, stressing that “the territory controlled by the organization began to recede.”

He pointed out that “the conference will be held next July, when all of the United States of America, Germany, Japan and Canada will participate,” noting that the conference “will provide humanitarian support to the campaign of Mosul and to restore stability,” without referring to the venue of the conference.



Net: 919 vessel entered the port loaded with “7” Millions of tons of various cargoes



Since 30/06/2016 18:44 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – balances News

General Company of Iraqi Ports, announced Thursday, for the entry of more than 919 vessel to the port of Basra over the past five months, a payload of up to more than 7 million tons.

A spokesman for the ports Anmar net / balances News /, “the Iraqi ports experiencing constant motion around the clock and the arrival of ships from different countries of the world to the ports of Basra after they have seen lately the development of ports and the recovery movement.”

Safi said that “the sum of the ships entering the ports during the past five months amounted to 919 Steamboat various types of payloads from different countries,” pointing out that “those ships carried more than seven million tons” .anthy 29/33 h





Nassif reveals asked the public prosecution request to lift her Alhasnh



Since 30/06/2016 18:42 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – balances News

Confirmed the MP high Nassif National Alliance, on Thursday, the public prosecutor asked the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to raise Alhasnh it because of a lawsuit had been filed by the Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi.

He said Nassif’s / balances News /, that “al-Obeidi, filed a lawsuit against it on the number of files in its possession regarding corruption,” pointing out that “the lawsuit filed court of publishing.”

She added that “the parliament speaker Salim al-Obeidi last interrogation after the latter won assurances not to complete the interrogation, where he filed a lawsuit against her.”

She continued, “the public prosecution request to lift the immunity by al-Jubouri and agreed to you,” pointing out that “the lifting of immunity bounces being needs the vote of two thirds of parliament, or 217 deputies, and this is not possible at the moment.”

And vowed to Nassif, to “deliver the elimination of files in its possession against al-Obeidi with respect to corruption.”

It is said that a source revealed the approval of the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri to lift the immunity of MP high Nassif because of a lawsuit against it, “.anthy 29


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Know the names of Ministers who did not disclose their financial interests during 2016 (Details)


30-06-2016 06:30 PM

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Orbit News –

The president of the Integrity Commission Hassan al – Yassiri, Thursday, for failure to disclose Foreign Minister and Minister of Transport and the Minister of Youth and Sports for their financial interests during 2016.
Yasiri said in ‘dedicated news conference to announce a semi – annual report to her, Foreign Minister Ibrahim al – Jaafari did not disclose financial Zmmh Authority during the current year.’
He added that the ‘Transport Minister Baqer al – Zubaidi, Minister of Youth and Sports , Abdul – Hussein Abtan also did not disclose their financial interests during 2016’.

– See more at: https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ar&u=http://www.almadarnews.info/index.php?page=article&id=12650&usg=ALkJrhhqch5gd9-NI_re_v5j6W943O1dkw#sthash.Sej31pLJ.dpuf