Our troops advancing towards the «Nouri» by 3 suites


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Tightening the screws on «Daesh» and killed dozens of its leaders
Mosul / morning
tightened security valiant troops Friday down on the organization of “Daesh” terrorist in the old areas of Mosul, and announced that the federal police headquarters opened three wings of progress towards “Al – Nouri mosque grand” in which he declared so- called ” Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi , ” the leader of the terrorist organization” succession alleged “to close our troops from the liberation of the mosque and a beacon of humpback, at a time when liberated our heroine Alban neighborhood and the village of soap and the train station where the right side of the connector after killing dozens of herds of the terrorist organization, while the killing of a number of leaders” Daesh “air raids Astahed T. agrarian reform in their hideouts in the neighborhood of Ayman al- Mosul.

Announced the leadership of operations ” are coming, Nineveh,” edit Alban neighborhood in the right side of Mosul, and freed our soap village station Qtarha West Dam Badush in the right coast of the city of Mosul, said the operations commander Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Rashid Yar God night , first on Thursday in a statement “morning” received a copy of it: ” The pieces armored Division IX freed soap village station Qtarha west Badush and raised the Iraqi flag in them,” said Yar God, that ” the pieces were able to inflict enemy losses inlives and equipment , ” asserting that “gang” Daesh “lost nearly 100 people from Metzamiha over the past 48 hours, have also been killed A so- called “Wali Nineveh” through the process of fine quality carried out by the Iraqi Army Air. ”
Attack wings
of his part, the federal police team leader Raed Shaker Jawdat announced on Friday, opened three “wings” of progress towards the large – Nouri mosque and a beacon ofhumpback in the right side of the city of Mosul, while pointed out that the “loss” organization “Daesh” its supply routes caused confusion among its elements.
He said Jawdat in a statement the “morning” received a copy of it: ” The federal police forces and rapid response clamping down on elements” Daesh “surrounding the Mosque of Al – Nouri area and opened three wings of progress, and continue to pieces theeastern axis raiding surprise operations by assigning Guenastha in the rims front and flight path on Al – Nouri mosque perimeter and open safe corridors to evacuate civilians from the old city, and the pieces of federal police completed a beacon of progress towards humpback after control of the dairy district of the western axis. ”
Team Jawdat added that our troops “approaching a beacon of humpback tens of meters away from the side door of brick hand Alban neighborhood hand Baghdad garage , ” pointing out that “regulate” Daesh “lose ways of its supply and there is confusion in theranks of its elements,” Jawdat explained that ” the Federal Police It killed 60 “Daashaa” and destroyed 15 subject of machine guns resistant aircraft and 18 booby – trapped bicycle during the liberation of old dairy district west of Mosul , which took place operation (first Thursday), “as reported by the source of the rapid reaction forces that” the pieces and the support of air hawks our air power continues to advance to complete therestoration of an extended geographical area as a rectangle stretching from the local administration Stadium (ml B Mosul) and the direction of the head of the serious west of the Mosul area. ”

Raids coalition
for its part, announced the Ministry of Defense, a number of “Daesh” gangs of terrorist officials killed in a raid in the international coalition in the right side of the city of Mosul, said a ministry statement received “morning , ” a copy of it, that “the construction of the Directorate of Military Intelligence Information aimed at Air Alliance International signed gangs “Daesh” in the neighborhood of agrarian reform to the right side of Mosul and killed a number of its leaders, “and between that among the dead” called “Abu Jamal Belgian,” the military official categorically agrarian reform in the “Daesh”, and called “Ahmad Sahib al – Tikriti , ” nicknamed “Abu Hani” economic official in the terrorist gang, and called”Muhammad Ali Alwan al – Tikriti , ” “Daesh” camp official at the right side of theconnector. ”

Axis of Tal Afar , on
the other hand, revealed a local source in Nineveh province, targeting the homes of three militants of the organization “Daesh” terrorist in the district of Tal Afar with hand grenades, the source said: ” The unidentified attacked first on Thursday, houses three of themilitants” Daesh “in the neighborhood Residential district of Tal Afar in the center withhand grenades, resulting in the burning of two wheels and material damage to thetargeted houses, “the source said, that killed unknown orator at the ” Daesh ” with knives.

Salah al – Din operations and
in the center of Salah al – Din operations, the popular crowd forces managed to kill 16 terrorists from “Daesh” and the families of six others boycotted Nibai operations, the statement said the crowd: ” The power of the popular crowd killed 16 terrorists and captured six others in the process of quality have been implemented categorically Nibai, “pointing to” the confiscation of a number of weapons left behind by “Daesh” after fleeing boycotted Nibai in Salah al – Din province “, and in the province of Kirkuk, security sources: that” 17 terrorists from “Daesh” killed air raids in the villages of altitude said Burhan Sheikh Zkaa and baker southwest of Kirkuk. ”

Extermination convoy in Anbar
from another side, said a security source, that “more than 12 element of” Daesh “terrorist , including leaders killed aerial bombing targeted Rtlhm western Anbar,” the spokesman said: ” The army aviation bombed a convoy of terrorist gang near Ain al – Assad Western base Anbar, which led to the deaths of more than 12 terrorists , including a number of their leaders , “and added that” the bombardment had damaged wheels convoy completely , “noting that” targeting the convoy was based on intelligence information, “the source explained that” Tern army has intensified its bombardment of convoys gangs “Daesh” criminal coming from Syria toward the Iraqi territory from the west, ” the source also reported that” 8 ERH Abeyen of “Daesh” killed Iraqi air raids on the leading vehicles for terrorist gang in the center of the city of Ramadi , west of him. “


Pentagon publishes «Video» secret about the involvement of «Daesh» incident «New Mosul»


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Our planes march shows the use of the terrorist organization of civilians as human shields
Mosul / morning
at a time when the US Pentagon announced that it will publish a video recording elements of the”Daesh” shows they are forced civilians to enter abuilding in Mosul , and then shoot him, revealed a video image of the march of the police forces of the Federal aircraft How to force the terrorists gangs “Daesh”, on the use ofcivilians as human shields.
The Federal Police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat said in a statement on Friday: ” Theplanes march revealed one of the ” Daesh “methods of malicious use of civilians as human shields , ” and added that they “spotted a terrorist and is using a child by force to escape from Guenastna fire in the old city Mosul, and issued an order not to fire for fear of injuring the child. ”
For his part, Col. Joseph Skeroka US military commander said in remarks to reporters on Friday: “It seeks to remove the secret registration photographer elements” Daesh “shows as they entered civilians in a building in western Mosul (New Mosul neighborhood incident) as bait tempt the coalition attack,” he added “what is happening now is not theuse of only civilians as human shields, for the first time we discover this through a video as forced elements of” Daesh “civilians to enter the building and killed one showed resistance and then used the building as a location for the shooting of the Iraqi forces.”
And as Colonel Skeroka , a spokesman also on behalf of the International Alliance, that ” the number of terrorists” Daesh “elements of those killed in Ayman Mosul since the start of the fighting last February exceeded one thousand people dead , ” as the US commander revealed that ” the so- called” Ibrahim Al – Ansari “, an official media in “Daesh” and four of his aides were killed in a raid by coalition forces last week in the city of Qaim. ”
In the context of Agramha against civilians employed as human shields in Mosul, “Daesh” terrorist gang proceeded first on Thursday on the execution of 23 civilians Mouselaa after the abduction, reported intelligence sources that “gang” Daesh “executed 23 Iraqi civilians were kidnapped by its members for refusing to withdraw with one of its terrorists right side of the connector alive. ”
On the other hand, intelligence sources reported from inside Mosul that “some leaders” Daesh “terrorist issued a ruling authorized the withdrawal of the elements of the fighting in the right coast of the city of Mosul , basing its judgment on the interpretations (Ibn Taymiyah) that it is permissible to withdraw from the fighting, so as to know the leaders of” Daesh “terrorist confirmed that after losing most of its leaders and elements of stores gear and gun battles in the right coast of the city of Mosul , defeated, and became a duty to escape its elements.”
Furthermore, according to a statement to the Ministry of the Interior, that ” the Directorate of Intelligence and counter – terrorism Nineveh operating within the Federal Intelligence Agency investigations have arrested 11 suspects in the left side of the city of Mosul , they confessed to being members of the gangs” Daesh “terrorist.”


Pentagon: record shows the involvement of «Daesh» Mosul massacre


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More than 0001 dead terrorist in the right coast ,
Mosul / morning
in a move that will resolve the controversy over the terrorist crime committed against civilians in the right coast, said the US Pentagon, it will publish a video recording elements of the “Daesh” shows they are forced civilians to enter a building in Mosul andthen shoot him in order to delude the international coalition aircraft targeting. Col. Joseph Skeroka US military commander told reporters on Friday: “It seeks to remove the secret registration photographer elements” Daesh “shows as they entered civilians in a building in western Mosul (New Mosul neighborhood incident) as bait tempt the coalition attack,” he added , “for the first time we discover this is by registering as a photographer forced elements of “Daesh” civilians to enter the building and killed one showed resistance andthen used the building as a location for the shooting of the Iraqi forces. ”
And as a spokesman Colonel Skeroka also on behalf of the International Alliance, that ” the number of terrorists” Daesh “elements who have been killed in Mosul Ayman since thestart of fighting last February exceeded one thousand people dead.”


Trump for servants are committed to supporting Iraq


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Open three wings of progress towards the «Great Mosque of Al – Nouri»
Baghdad / Mosul / morning

Has expanded impressively international support, in support of Iraq ‘s efforts to eliminate terrorism, Following two days of “declaration of Jordan summit , ” which Park wins security forces, government efforts to defeat terrorism, US President Donald Trump ‘s new, during a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister, Haider al – Abadi, the position of the Government ofWashington to strengthen its cooperation with Iraq to defeat “Daesh” gangs, at the same time expressing his “admiration for the courage of the Iraqi people.”
Increased international support for Iraq at the Arab League and the American administration was not limited to , where the United Nations expressed the words of its secretary general, who visited Baghdad yesterday, expressed “solidarity with the Iraqi people who are fighting the war on terrorism on behalf of the world , ” a similar attitude shown by the Moscow government also . International positions in favor of the victories ofIraq, came at a time when our security forces on Friday tightened the valiant noose on theorganization of “Daesh” terrorist in the old areas of Mosul. Where federal police command announced the opening of three wings of progress towards the “Great Mosque of Al -Nouri” in which the offender is “Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi , ” “it declared the alleged successor” to close our troops from the liberation of the mosque and a beacon ofhumpback, at a time when liberated our heroine Alban neighborhood and the village ofsoap and the train station where the side right of Mosul after killing dozens of herds of theterrorist organization, while a number of leaders “Daesh” killing air raids targeting their hideouts in the agrarian reform neighborhood in Mosul Ayman.



International Alliance performs 8 raids against Daesh in Iraq


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} international coalition aircraft launched against gangs Daesh 18 raids on the hideouts of terrorists in Iraq and Alsoeria, during the past 24 hours.
A statement by the Central Command, said the troops “carried out 10 raids against Daesh sites in Syria, and 8 raids in Iraq” .anthy


UN: Iraqis are defending the security of the world’s population


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday that the soldiers who are fighting the terrorist gang Daesh, fighting to defend the security of all the world’s population.
He noted during his visit to Hassan Sham camp for the displaced, that ” the United Nations programs in Iraq has received only 8% of the total required funding,” adding that “solidarity with people who have suffered persecution Daesh in appalling conditions, and who are now suffering from the necessary military operation to defeat terrorism in Mosul. ”
He stressed that ” the provision of support for displaced people , ” pointing out that ” the population of Mosul have suffered, and still suffer tremendously,” he said . “We need more solidarity from the international community.”
“There are tremendous efforts of the Kurdistan Regional Government and civil society organizations and United Nations agencies , but we do not have the resources necessary to support these people , ” .anthy

Urgent Air Force kills 200 Daashaa entered from Syria to the west of Mosul


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[Oan- Baghdad]
killed the Iraqi air force 200 terrorists from Daesh gangs entered from Syria to the west of the city of Mosul.
According to a statement of the cell media war received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that “According to the information of the General Directorate of Ostbart Security Hawks Air Force carrying out several air strikes resulted in the destruction of three nests and clusters of elements Daesh terrorist and killed approximately [150 to 200] terrorists entered from Syria to spend Baaj southwest of Tal Afar. “


Media Al-Harbi announces the killing of about 200 elements of “Dahesh” south-west of Tal Afar

Friday 31 March 2017


The military information cell, Friday, killed about 200 elements of “Daqash” and the destruction of three dens of the organization with an air strike southwest of Tal Afar district of Nineveh province.



NATO announces support for Iraq in the fields of military medicine and maintenance of armored vehicles


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Since 03/31/2017 19:57 am (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD – balances News

It decided to NATO foreign ministers of countries, on Friday, conducting lessons in military medicine inside Iraq, and to help maintain Iraqi armor.

The Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, a press statement, and seen him / scales News /, said that “NATO decided to tighten measures inside Iraq, including doing lessons in military medicine, to train Iraqi doctors, and helping to maintain tanks and armored vehicles.”

This was announced Jens Stoltenberg, the former market, the alliance had received a request from the Iraqi authorities, to help strengthen the defense capabilities of Blad.anthy 29 / s 5


Pentagon: We will release a secret video showing responsibility for the bombing Daesh new Mosul


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[Oan- follow – up]
said the US Department of Defense [Pentagon] it would soon deploy video recording fighters from Daesh shows they are marching civilians to a building in the city of Mosul , and then shoot him in the latest response from the US military to the criticism that followed another explosion believed to have inflicted dozens civilians killed in the new neighborhood of Mosul last Friday.
The US military has admitted that the alliance led by perhaps had a role in the blast , which occurred on March 17, but said the responsibility could also be located on Daesh.
Local officials and witnesses said up to 240 people may have died in the new neighborhood of Mosul , when an explosion in a building collapsed and buried families under the ruins.
And it called on Amnesty International also called on Pope Francis to provide better protection for civilians trapped in combat zones in Iraq.
The Pentagon usually does not publish photographs or videotapes of operations sites, but had so this month after he denied hitting a mosque in Syria and broadcast an image from the air to show that the mosque was intact, and is being investigated in the incident.
A spokesman for the coalition led by the United States in the fight Daesh told reporters on Thursday that he isseeking to remove the secret for a video showing Daesh civilians as they entered the building in western Mosul , ” the coalition on the bait tempted to attack.”
Col. Joseph Skeroka “What is happening now is not the use of civilians as human shields, for the first time we discover this through a video yesterday as forced by armed fighters from Daesh civilians to enter the building and killed one showed resistance and then used the building as a fight against anti – terrorist unit]” .
The Defense Minister Irfan Algiala said during a hosted last Tuesday in parliament about the incident , said that “preliminary investigations indicate that who is behind the incident in the new Mosul is Daesh,” stressing that “no interest to charge against any party without evidence and will not be delayed in the detection of thefacts before the public opinion. ”
Interior Minister Qassem al – Araji , also said during the meeting also that “Daesh makes civilians as human shields and killing any civilians is painful for all,” adding that “investigations into the incident continued and the cabinet face to send a ministerial delegation to the coast right area to support civilians and security forces in the battle , explaining that there were no state in a state of war calling for parties to hold accountable security services. ”
He added that “any evidence to show that what happened was by the Iraqi forces will take all legal measures but existing data suggest that Daesh stands behind what happened.”
According to a parliamentary report during the parliamentary session on the incident , the role of theinternational coalition led by the United States and said that ” the new Mosul neighborhood has seen in this March 17 , booking hundreds of civilians in one of the buildings and the Daesh terrorist opened fire on security forces, which he considered the international coalition source of fire , which led to the bombing of the building and killing 263 civilians. ”
And defense parliamentary security committee also confirmed the role of the coalition process bombing and said yesterday in a report in the parliament session that ” the new Mosul area exposed to the air strike by coalition aircraft on a residential role appeared the presence of civilians , which has been reported to thefight against terrorism , a commander of the piece of information, which contributed to presenting thebombing assistance for the evacuation of the martyrs, “he said . ” the air strike was at the request of the Iraqi forces , as demonstrated by the terrorist Daesh detained civilians as human shields. ”
For his part , the representative of the anti – terrorism system by hosting ministers and security leaders yesterday ‘s meeting of parliament that “Daesh terrorist benefited from the left coast battles lessons and resorted to the use of civilians as human shields,” adding that ” the international coalition forces dealt withthe same day as the new Mosul accident three wheels bomb, but it can not lead to such destruction. ”
He stressed the parliament speaker Salim al – Jubouri that “can not say for sure now , the results of the investigation on the Mosul incident,” urging that “the House of Representatives to thank the forces of security and crowd the popular and the Peshmerga and the sons of the tribes for their effort in the battle and warn Antla tricks of the enemy and not to be rushed by mentioning the details of the incident and left parliamentary committees competent investigation, explaining that the enemy is fighting in his last days , andit is unlikely he broadcast sedition among the sons of the homeland. ”