President of Kurdistan Region meets the French President in Baghdad

Kurdistan Region


Nechirvan Barzani

Emmanuel Macron

2023-08-31 15:05

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Shafaq News / Shafaq News Agency learned from private sources that the President of Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani will meet French President Emmanuel Macron in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

The sources said that the French President will visit Baghdad next Wednesday in a short-term visit, pointing out that he will not be able to visit Erbil, the provincial capital, so Barzani will go to Baghdad to meet Macron at the request of the latter.

And Iraqi government sources said, earlier Monday, that the French president will make his first official visit to Iraq next Wednesday, according to what was quoted by AFP .

The sources pointed out that the visit of the French President comes as an expression of standing by Iraq in the face of the crisis afflicting it .

Macron is the highest-ranking official to visit Iraq since Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi took office in May, and it will last for one day after his visit to Beirut .

The American ambassador in Baghdad: The economic talks played a central role in Al-Kazemi’s visit

08-31-2020 09:04 PM

Baghdad / Al-Akhbariya:

The US ambassador to Iraq, Matthew Toller, confirmed today, Monday, that the economic debate played a central role in the visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to Washington and in the second round of the strategic dialogue.

Tueller said in a statement that “the discussion on economic issues played a central role in all meetings that took place in Washington, whether it was in the strategic dialogue meetings or meetings that Al-Kazemi held with President Trump, trade leaders and congressional delegations.”

He added, “These meetings that were held showed the two countries’ seriousness about establishing the relationship between Baghdad and Washington,” noting that “a long time has passed since the visit of an Iraqi prime minister to Washington, as we hope that Al-Kazemi’s visit will create momentum for the relationship between the two countries in a positive direction.”

He continued, “Everyone is aware of the unnatural challenges facing the Iraqi economy due to the Corona pandemic or due to the low oil prices,” explaining that “Prime Minister Al-Kazemi and Iraqi officials have demonstrated their ideas to reform the economy and the United States, on its part, received these ideas warmly and demonstrated their commitment to work with the Iraqi government.” To achieve these efforts. ”

Karbouli issues the first comment on the burning of the “Tigris” and identifies those involved





2023-08-31 13:28

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Shafaq News / The head of the “solution” party, Jamal al-Karbouli, accused the “militias of darkness” of being behind the burning of the headquarters of the “Tigris” channel owned by him in the capital, Baghdad, on Monday.

Angry Shiite protesters stormed the headquarters of the Dijlah satellite channel, located in the Jadriya district, in central Baghdad, after the “Tigris Tarab” channel broadcast songs on the day of Ashura, which they considered “an infringement of the Husseinian rituals.”

The protesters broke down the contents of the building before setting fire to it and preventing civil defense teams from extinguishing it.

In his first comment on the incident, Al-Karbouli said, “I will respect the judiciary and appear before it, despite the fact that the Tigris Tarab channel is directed to the Arab public to introduce Iraqi heritage and art, and it is completely devoid of any political program and no journalist works with it except for computer technicians, all of whom work from outside Iraq.” .

He added, in a statement received by Shafaq News, “I am determined to file a complaint with the same judge against the owners of electronic channels and platforms that did not respect the occasion of the death of the Prophet Muhammad and insist on violating our sanctities and religious symbols, and their media platforms do not stop insulting the Companions as well as insulting the Christian, Sabian and Yazidi brothers. “.

And he added, “We got used to burning the Tigris channel by the militias of darkness, just as we used to fire Katyushas at international missions in front of the eyes of the security forces … they burned Iraq before.”

Videos released by the intruders showed security personnel marching alongside the intruders into the headquarters of the channel, while the protesters shouted, “Come on, Oh Hussein.”

The security personnel were present with the intruders when they were breaking down the contents of the TV headquarters and setting it on fire without moving a finger.

The Tigris TV had apologized for broadcasting its “Degla Tarab” station for music programs on the day of Ashura, and said, “What happened was not intended” and decided to close the channel temporarily.

The Tigris Canal, in both its main parts, and “Tarab” is owned by Karbouli.

Al-Kazemi chairs a security meeting in Baghdad



2023-08-31 13:26

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Shafaq News / The Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kazimi, chaired on Monday, a meeting that included a number of leaders of the security services, in the presence of the Ministers of Defense and Interior .

Al-Kazemi’s office said in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, that the meeting discussed ways to improve the performance of the security and military services, as well as developing strategies to reform the Iraqi security establishment in a way that secures the best outputs in its performance in order   to protect the country’s security and stability .

The meeting also dealt with developing the infrastructure for the work of the security services in a new way, according to modern scientific foundations .

During the meeting, Al-Kazemi stressed the importance of focusing on aspects of training, and raising the level of utilization of modern technology in building security and military services, in order to meet the needs of Iraq in the present and future .

Al-Kazemi also stressed the development of a future vision within the framework of reform, which takes into account the security of the citizen and the security of state agencies and institutions alike .

Parliamentary Finance reveals the fate of state employees’ salaries for the coming months


Monday 31 August 2020 | 07:18 pm

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The Parliamentary Finance Committee clarified, on Monday, the fate of employees ’salaries after the end of next September .

Committee member Abdul Hadi Al-Saeedi said that “the external and internal borrowing law voted by the House of Representatives will pass until the end of this year,” pointing out that “the government has not yet gone towards external loan .”

He added that “the loan will continue until the end of the year, as the government has not used it fully, as a ceiling for loans has been set at $ 5 billion and this cannot be exceeded,” noting that “the revenue generated from oil is not sufficient to meet salaries .”

And the Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, earlier, that the general budget for 2020 will be brief and will focus on the operational side, while it indicated that the next budget will be different.

Al-Amiri confirms his support for the adoption of Al-Kazemi in restoring the prestige of the state

2023/08/31 17:57

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Section : Iraq

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Baghdad / Obelisk: 

The obelisk publishes the text of the statement:


In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful,    

O dear Iraqi people, may God Almighty glorify your rewards and give you the best consolation in memory of the Eternal Taf Epic in which we recall the testimony of the father of the free and the master of the youth of the 

people of Paradise, Hussein bin Ali and his family, peace be upon them and his pure companions, and we draw them Among them are all the lessons of faith and the timeless lessons that emerged from a firm belief which they gave themselves ..

After reviewing the statement of the respected Prime Minister on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Hussein, peace be upon him, we found him taking into account all the points emphasized by the national forces in their last meeting with him on Wednesday 26/8/ 2020 is Muharram 6, and as we affirm the implementation of these important points, we declare our full support for the progress in achieving this curriculum and confirm the following observations: 

1. We believe that the first primary task of this government is to extend security, restore the prestige of the state, and create the appropriate conditions for holding free, fair and just early elections. 

2. There is no room for alternating between the options of state and non-state. We are with one option, which is building a just state that is capable of extending security and ensuring a free and decent life for every Iraqi citizen. 

3. We call for support and strengthening of the security services, as we have no choice but to restore their prestige, respect and strengthen them in order to establish security, enforce the law and rule of justice. Otherwise, the data indicate going towards the unknown and the overwhelming chaos that does not remain or is not neglected, so we emphasize the need to impose severe penalties on Whoever offends or assaults the security services, as well as the employees of these agencies must work according to the laws in force, and the competent authorities must hold accountable those who fail to perform their sacred national duty.

4. Peaceful protest is a right guaranteed by the constitution, and it is one of the means of pressure to find reforms and change paths, but it must be in accordance with legal procedures, and in a way that reflects a sense of responsibility towards the country and its future, by maintaining peace and distinguishing between peaceful demonstrators who have legitimate demands and those with corrupt aims. And infiltrators who want, through this constitutional right, tampering with public security, assaulting public and private funds, disrupting life, preventing work, pressuring state employees and preventing them from carrying out their duties. In accordance with the law and strict judicial procedures, and not tolerating them, and protecting peaceful demonstrators and public order from their mischief and criminality.

5. The government should not tolerate all calls demanding to bear arms and form armed groups, and deal with them firmly in accordance with the law and judicial procedures, because it is a very dangerous gesture towards the state, and an explicit call for violence, fighting and threatening the security of society that requires legal prosecution.

6. The security and judicial agencies must stand firmly and forcefully to end the series of kidnappings, assassinations, and stirring terror among people, behind which there are sinful hands that want to stir up chaos, and that retribution and prosecution of perpetrators and saboteurs is the exclusive right of the judiciary, with whom we stand firmly to achieve this. 

7. We affirm the transition to the stage of actual and rapid implementation of all measures that would address the grave scourge of corruption, and we call for the need for real and serious follow-up to pursue corruption in all parts of the state, because we believe that the phenomenon of corruption is more dangerous than the phenomenon of terrorism, but rather terrorism. It is the pernicious fruit of corruption and one of its byproducts.

8. We appreciate highly the economic problem and the financial situation of the government, but there is a need for a government initiative to achieve social solidarity and alleviate the burdens of the poor classes, and we have a serious initiative that will be launched in Parliament.

9-We stress once again the need to expedite setting a timetable for the withdrawal of foreign forces from Iraq at the earliest opportunity, and to achieve full national sovereignty.


Hadi al-Ameri, 

 head of the Al-Fateh Alliance

August 31, 2020

Iraq and NATO are discussing a long-term cooperation plan between them

Monday 31 August 2020 | 05:03 pm

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The Chief of Staff of the Army, Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Rashid Yarallah, discussed with NATO, on Monday, a long-term cooperation plan between the two sides .

A statement by the Ministry of Defense stated, “Yarallah, conducted a television episode with the political advisor of NATO and a number of officers of the headquarters of the alliance in the meeting he had with the commander of NATO in Iraq, Major General Jenny Kerenian, in the presence of his assistant for training, the deputy commander of the ground forces, and a number of officers of the Staff in Chief of Staff . ”

He explained that “the contact dealt with a number of issues of concern that are in the interest of the military establishment, as the two sides stressed the need for continuity and bilateral cooperation in order to develop the joints of the military establishment .”

During the meeting, the Chief of Staff emphasized, according to the statement, two main points, namely training and institutional reform through setting up a long-term plan and in several stages in cooperation with NATO, provided that the results are evaluated at the end of each stage .

For his part, the political advisor and the officers of the NATO supreme headquarters affirmed the commitment of NATO to support Iraq by providing advice and a future vision for expanding the mission’s work in Iraq and in consultation with the defense ministers of the alliance .

The political advisor added, according to the statement, “The mission in Iraq is a non-combat force whose aim is to provide advice and help in setting up institutional reform plans, and it continues to support training institutions .”

He pointed out that “NATO is aware of all the needs and requirements of the military establishment by communicating with the commander of the NATO mission in Iraq, which in turn communicates with all security leaders in Iraq .”

The regional government reveals the axes of the visit to Baghdad: Peshmerga salaries and the share of the 2021 budget

2023/08/31 16:20

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Baghdad / Al-Masalla: The spokesman for the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Samir Hawrami, revealed, Monday, August 31, 2020, the task of the two Kurdish delegations that arrived in Baghdad earlier, to discuss pending files between the federal government and Kurdistan.

Hawrami said in an interview with media affiliated with the obelisk, that the first delegation will discuss the issue of the salaries of the Peshmerga forces, and their processing at various levels by the federal government, while another delegation from the Ministry of Finance is present in the Kurdistan region to discuss the region’s share of the budget next year.

He added that the two delegations will be joined by another high-level delegation representing ministers and leaders in the regional government, who will visit Baghdad to talk more about the contentious issues between Baghdad and Erbil and the possibility of signing a comprehensive agreement that ends all differences between the two parties.

On the other hand, an informed source in the Kurdistan Regional Government confirmed that the delegation in Baghdad is paving the way for the issue of the budget, the Peshmerga, and the region’s share of the 2021 budget.

The source added that the delegation will present the numbers and documents about the number of the region’s employees, as well as the full documents of financial revenues that enter Kurdistan monthly.

The deputy of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Hanin Qaddo, said on Saturday August 29, 2020, that there are a set of conditions set by the political blocs in Baghdad to support any agreement between the central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Hanin Qaddo told Al-Masalla that the political forces support any agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, provided that the region adheres to the constitution, and the oil imports are delivered to Baghdad, as well as oil exports through the National Sumo Company.

The MP for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Hassan Ali, has confirmed that a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government will be in Baghdad in the middle of this week, explaining that it will participate in re-budgeting next year and will discuss the last agreement that took place between Baghdad and Erbil and will last for three months.

He added that the region’s delegation will discuss signing a permanent agreement and ensuring the region’s share of the 2021 budget, and will raise issues related to oil, electricity supply to Baghdad, border crossings and their management, and the final agreement on managing ports.

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An armed attack targeting the Badr Organization headquarters in Kirkuk




Badr Organization

2023-08-31 07:39

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Shafaq News / On Monday, gunmen launched an attack on the headquarters of the Badr Organization in Kirkuk, led by Hadi Al-Ameri.

A security source told Shafaq News Agency, that an armed group traveling in an unidentified car with license plates attacked the Badr Organization headquarters in Al-Musalla neighborhood and opened fire with automatic weapons on the building.

He added that the attack caused the headquarters guard to be lightly wounded, and he was taken to hospital for treatment

US warns it will review policies in Iraq if missile attacks continue

Washington does not want to have permanent military bases in the country, ambassador Mathew Tuller says

Mina Aldroubi

August 31, 2020

Missile attacks on US personnel and diplomatic missions in Iraq will push Washington to review its policies, the US ambassador to the country, Mathew Tuller said on Monday.

His remarks come after two Katyusha rockets fell near Baghdad airport on Sunday night. It was the third such attack on sensitive sites hosting US and foreign troops in the capital this week.

Washington blames such attacks on Iranian-backed militias but Tehran has not directly commented on the incidents.

“There are extremist voices that prompt the targeting of the US’s military and diplomatic presence, and this does not represent the Iraqi people or the interest of Iraq,” Mr Tuller told reporters.

If such attacks continue then it will “prompt a review of many issues, not between Iraq and America, rather, between Iraq and the international coalition in general.”

There are around 5,000 US personnel and hundreds more from other countries in Iraq which are deployed at the request of the government to assist Iraqi forces in their fight against ISIS.

Yet the Iraqi oarliament passed a bill following the US killing of top Iranian general Qasem Suleimani and Kataib Hezbollah commander Abu Mahdi Al Muhandis in January, that demanded the invitation be revoked.

Mr Tuller said that Washington does not want to have permanent military bases in Iraq, indicating that the US will make its decision on whether or not its troops will remain in Iraq based on the “readiness of the Iraqi forces.”

“There is some misunderstanding and intended confusion regarding the nature of the relationship between the international coalition and the Iraqi government. America does not want permanent military presence or permanent bases in Iraq,” Mr Tuller said.

The Pentagon said last wekk that it will reduce US force stationed in Iraq to about 3,500 troops within the next few months.

The killing of an American civilian last December triggered a round of violence which ultimately led US President Donald Trump to order the killing of Suliemani and Al Muhandis.

It resulted in deadly tit for tat attacks between US and Iran on Iraqi soil.

“We hope that the Iraqi parliament will not reject the recent agreements between Baghdad and Washington,” noting that “the strategic framework agreement was ratified by Parliament in 2008, and anything we do within this framework is in force as a law,” he said.

For months Iraqi officials have said they are seeking to avoid being drawn into any regional conflagration.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al Kadhimi concluded a trip to Washington earlier this month where he held talks with Mr Trump and various top US officials.

The meeting in Washington shows “the strength of the relationship” Mr Tuller said.

“We all understand the challenges that Iraq suffers from the outbreak of the coronavirus and the drop in oil prices, especially as it does not have a strong position to attract foreign investment,” Mr Tuller said.

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