Mayor of Baghdad: We will organize major celebrations on Army Day, the departure of foreign forces, and the upcoming convening of the new parliament

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{Local: Al Furat News} The Mayor of Baghdad, Alaa Maan, announced the organization of major celebrations in the capital, Baghdad, on January 6, to celebrate the new year, the anniversary of the establishment of the Iraqi army, the departure of foreign combat forces, and the approaching convening of the first session of the new Iraqi parliament. 

A statement of the secretariat, a copy of which was received by {Euphrates News} Agency, said that Maan “presents the most beautiful words of congratulations to the Iraqi people and their valiant security forces on the occasion of the new year, wishing it to be a year of goodness, love, peace and reconstruction for all Iraqis.”

The Mayor of Baghdad also promised that the new year 2022 will be full of vital service projects and effective in advancing the reality of the beloved capital, Baghdad, and its urban and aesthetic scene.

He pointed out that “the celebrations of the Baghdad Municipality in the new year and the anniversary of the founding of the valiant Iraqi army this year will be special because they coincide with the departure of foreign combat forces in light of the success of the government program of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, which achieved a large number of achievements at the internal and external levels, as well as on the occasion of the upcoming convening of the first session of Parliament the new”.

Al-Kazemi congratulates the new year and renews the announcement of the most prominent achievements of his government

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Baghdad – Mawazine News
, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, on Friday, presented the Iraqi people with the new year.
In the congratulatory text, Al-Kazemi said: ”
A new year we wish for a year of goodness, reform, prosperity, and progress for our people and humanity.
The Iraqis have faced great challenges with the courage and steadfastness of vibrant peoples, and they are able to create a united future that embraces the principles of equity, work, and reconstruction, and refuses demolition and retreat. .
the state derives its existence from the cohesion of its people, while feed on non – state on the rivalry, conflict and deterioration, and our people deserve the state of good governance sought by. the
government has succeeded in improving Iraq ‘s foreign relations, and moisturizing the regional atmosphere and the reconstruction of Iraq to the regional and international weight.
A year has passed, sweet and sour, during which we presented the White Paper for Economic Reform, which was well received by many national and international sectors, and it is a plan of action for the next five years.
The year of the departure of foreign forces from Iraq and their replacement by a group of advisors to support our forces in the war against ISIS, after our forces succeeded in eliminating the largest leaders of the terrorist organization, and it is the year of restoring the people’s confidence in state institutions, the democratic system, and opening up horizons for social dialogue.
We pull our hands together in all parts of the country; Let us prove that Iraq in 2022 and the following years is a workshop for investment, construction, development, culture, eradication of corruption, and peacemaking, and that the limits of Iraqi ambitions, such as their stature, competencies and dear souls, touch the sky.

In details.. this is what will happen in the first session of the Iraqi parliament

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Baghdad today – Baghdad 
Today, Friday, the Iraqi legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, revealed the details of what will take place during the first session of the Iraqi Parliament.
Al-Tamimi said, in a statement to (Baghdad Today), that “the first session of the new parliament is held under the chairmanship of the oldest member, where the 329 members take the constitutional oath in accordance with Article 50 of the constitution before the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, in which the speaker and his two deputies are elected by secret ballot. The direct and the absolute majority, that is, half of the total number plus one, and the session cannot remain open according to the Federal Court’s decision 55 of 2010, but the foregoing must be settled.”

And he indicated that “after the election of the speaker of parliament and his two deputies by direct secret ballot, the new parliament speaker takes the podium and calls for nomination for the position of the president of the republic, provided that the new president of the republic is elected within 30 days of the first session by a two-thirds majority in the first round and a majority of votes in the second round in accordance with Articles 70 and 72 of the Constitution”.

He added that “the first session can be postponed, if necessary, for days and not keep it open in accordance with Article 22 of the Parliament’s rules of procedure.”

A statement to the finance of the Kurdistan region of Iraq on the amount of 200 billion dinars – urgent

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Baghdad today_Erbil
A member of the Finance and Economy Committee in the Kurdistan Regional Parliament, Bahjat Ali, confirmed today, Friday, that the federal government will continue to send an amount of 200 billion dinars to the region.
Ali said in an interview with (Baghdad Today) that “in the event that the 2022 budget is not approved, the 2021 budget paragraphs will be implemented.”

Supporters of the “Shiite Framework” raise the sit-in tents from central Baghdad

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Shafaq News/ A security source reported that the supporters of the forces and factions affiliated with the Shiite “coordinating framework” began on Friday evening to raise the sit-in tents from the center of the capital, Baghdad.

The source told Shafaq News Agency, “At 1600 local time, the sit-in began to raise the sit-in tents in front of the gates of the Green Zone.”

The source indicated that the sit-in protesters are gradually withdrawing from the gates of the Green Zone.

They have been camping in front of the gates of the Green Zone, which includes government headquarters, parliament and diplomatic missions, since mid-October to protest against the election results, which they claimed were fraudulent, and demanded a manual recount of votes before raising the ceiling of their demands to annul the results.

Their protests were interspersed with violence and clashes with security forces, which resulted in the killing of two demonstrators, in addition to dozens of wounded and wounded on both sides.

The coordinating framework had called on the sit-in protesters to return to their homes after the Federal Court approved the election results last Monday.

Nechirvan Barzani congratulates the New Year: There is a need to turn a new page and genuine participation in the management of Iraq

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Shafaq News/ The President of Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani called on Friday to open a new page and learn from the mistakes of the past, stressing the need for true participation of all in managing the country.

This came in a statement on the occasion of the New Year, which was received by Shafak News Agency.

Barzani said, “I extend my congratulations to the people of Kurdistan, especially the families of the young martyrs, the heroic Peshmerga, the security forces, the youth and the Kurdish people abroad. Hope, security, stability and progress for humanity.

He added, “We spent in the Kurdistan Region, along with the rest of the world, two difficult years due to the Covid-19 epidemic and its repercussions. We continued to confront terrorism, and we witnessed painful events such as migration, the bad effects of climate change and floods. I sympathize and share the sorrows with the families of the martyrs and everyone who lost a loved one, and we remember them with appreciation. I thank the people of Kurdistan.” The one who withstood crises and problems and resisted them.

He continued, “Overcoming the difficulties and challenges, protecting the constitutional rights and gains and the federal entity of the Kurdistan Region, and achieving a better present and future for our people, requires unity and cohesion from all forces, parties and components of Kurdistan for work and joint responsibility.”

On the Iraqi level, Barzani called for “learning from the mistakes of the past. There is a need to open a new page, a realistic understanding and a serious will to solve problems, acceptance of the other and the real participation of all in the political process and managing the country on correct foundations that restore confidence, security and stability and provide a better life and living for all.” reassure them of their present and their future.

The President of the Region thanked the international coalition, the international community and the friends who supported us in confronting terrorism and helped us. There are common concepts and values that unite us and we will remain together. As always, we are ready for common tasks and responsibilities, and we will remain an active member of the international community and a factor of safety and stability in Iraq and the region, and it will be the Kurdistan Region The land of coexistence, tolerance and pluralism,” he said, looking forward “with hope and optimism to life, a new year and the future, and we congratulate everyone on the New Year, and may you live in happiness, progress and prosperity.”

Barzani calls for the formation of the Iraqi government: Components must not be marginalized in the governance process anymore

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Shafaq News/ The Kurdish leader, Massoud Barzani, called on Friday to expedite the formation of the new Iraqi government, especially after the approval of the Federal Supreme Court, the country’s highest judicial authority, on the results of the early legislative elections that took place on the tenth of last October, stressing the necessity of Not to marginalize any component in the governance process from now on.

This came in a message sent by Leader Barzani on the occasion of the New Year, in which he said: The Iraqi parliamentary elections that took place last October were good, and their results showed the will of the people. 

And he added: After the approval of the results by the Federal Court, the constitutional steps and contexts must be implemented to form the government and other institutions more quickly, and that achieving prosperity, providing services, rights and the desires of citizens for all components of Iraq should be among the priorities in the programs of the next government, within the framework of implementing the three principles of partnership and consensus and balance in governance, stressing that “Iraqi components should not be marginalized in the governance process anymore.”

The Kurdish leader said, “We emphasize once again the peaceful message and the principle of peaceful coexistence for the people of Kurdistan, and all parties must understand that Iraq and our region will not be able to tolerate more violence, terrorism, extremism and instability, and that the international community should have a supportive role to ensure peace, justice and security.” So that the peoples of the region and the innocent do not face more suffering and destruction.”

Oil is set to end the year with the biggest annual gain since 2009

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{Economic: Al Furat News} Oil prices fell 1% today, Friday, but they are heading to achieve their largest annual gains in 12 years, driven by the global economic recovery from the recession caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions adopted by producers even with injuries rising to record levels around the world. 

On the last day of 2021, Brent crude futures are heading to end the year with an increase of 53%, while US crude futures are on the way to achieve a rise of 57%, which is the strongest performance of the two benchmark contracts since 2009 when prices rose by more than 70%.

“We’ve had Delta and Omicron and all kinds of shutdowns and travel restrictions, but oil demand has remained a bit strong. You can attribute that to the effects of the stimulus supporting demand and to supply constraints,” said Craig James, Comsk chief economist.

However, today, Friday, oil prices stopped increasing after rising for several consecutive days, as Covid-19 infections reached new high levels globally, from Australia to the United States, which is fueled by the mutated strain of the highly contagious Omicron Corona virus.

Brent crude futures fell 86 cents, or 1.1%, to $78.67 a barrel, while US West Texas Intermediate crude futures fell 80 cents, or 1%, to $76.19 a barrel.

Oil is set to end the year with the biggest annual gain since 2009