In an emergency meeting.. State administration condemns US bombing and considers it a serious attack

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Shafaq News / The State Administration Coalition held an emergency meeting on Sunday, at the invitation of Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani, and in the presence of President Abdul Latif Rashid, to follow up on the developments of “serious events” in the country, according to a statement issued by the coalition and reported to Shafaq News.

In its statement, the coalition expressed its “strong condemnation of the American aggression that targeted the sites of the Popular Mobilization on the night of February 2/3, and resulted in the martyrdom and injury of dozens of affiliates and civilians, which is a serious attack on an official Iraqi security institution, which represents a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty and security, and a violation of international norms and laws governing relations between countries.”

The coalition renewed its authorization to the government and its support for the dialogue it is conducting with the international coalition to end this presence with understanding and dialogue, in order to ensure the building of bilateral relations between Iraq and the countries of the international coalition, which was confirmed in the recent agreement between Iraq and the United States.

The coalition expressed its rejection of all forms of attacks against Iraqi military bases, as well as the targeting of military advisers, from the countries of the international coalition who work within specific advisory and training tasks.

The coalition stressed the support of the government in not allowing any party to drag Iraq into the arena of conflict in the region, and the supreme national interest of Iraq must be placed above any other interest, and that the responsibility of everyone is to ensure the maintenance of security and stability in the country, which was achieved through great sacrifices made by our people and our armed forces of all kinds.

Early on Saturday morning, the U.S. Army Central Command reported that its forces had launched airstrikes in Iraq and Syria targeting positions of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’s Quds Force and militia groups.

U.S. military forces hit more than 85 targets with several aircraft housing long-range bombers launched from the United States, the command said in a statement.

According to the statement, the airstrikes used more than 125 precision-guided munitions, noting that the targets included command and control headquarters, intelligence centers, missile, draves, ammunition and logistics supplies belonging to the militias and the Revolutionary Guards.

US President Joe Biden had directed military forces to strike targets in Iraq and Syria used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and their affiliated militias to attack US forces, he said, stressing that although the United States does not seek an escalation in the Middle East, it will inevitably respond to those who harm Americans.

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby confirmed Saturday that the Iraqi government had already been informed before launching the airstrikes.

In turn, the spokesman for the Iraqi government on behalf of Al-Awadi denied that there was prior coordination between Baghdad and Washington on the strikes by US forces targeting the positions of the security forces in the western province of Anbar, confirming that 16 dead and 25 wounded as a result of that “aggression.”

On Saturday, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry summoned the Chargé d’affaires a.i. at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad David Berker in protest against the bombing.سیاسة/في-اجتماع-طار-دارة-الدولة-يدين-القصف-ال-مريكي-ويعد-ه-اعتدا-خطيرا

US National Security requests Baghdad’s help to stop the factional threat

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Mawazine News – Baghdad
, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby confirmed that the attacks launched by the factions and their failure to hold them accountable constitute a violation of Iraqi sovereignty more than our response to them
 . Kirby said in a televised interview followed by Mawazine News, that “we want to see the Iraqi government move and help us in Curbing the threat posed by the factions.
 US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan had refused to confirm or rule out directing strikes against targets inside Iran, in response to the killing of 3 American soldiers in a drone attack on an American military site on the Syrian-Jordanian border.
Sullivan said in a television interview . With the American network NBC, he said that the air strikes that targeted sites in Syria and Iraq had a “very good effect,” stressing that his country will continue these attacks.

Document.. 8 Iraqi banks banned from participating in the window of buying and selling foreign currency

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Shafaq News / An official document issued by the Central Bank of Iraq showed that 8 Iraqi banks were banned from participating in the window of selling and buying foreign currency.

The document, re-exported by Shafaq News, included a ban on banks from participating in the window of buying and selling foreign currency and not dealing in dollars.

The eight banks are (Iraqi Investment Bank, Kurdistan International Islamic Bank, Union Bank of Iraq, Al-Huda Bank, Ashur International Investment Bank, South Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance, Arab Islamic Bank and Hammurabi Commercial).اقتصـاد/وثيقة-حظر-8-مصارف-عراقية-من-الاشتراك-في-نافذة-بيع-وشرا-العملة-ال-جنبية