Parliamentary Foreign Ministry: Baghdad is moving diplomatically towards staying away from regional conflicts

Political| 04:06 – 08/02/2024

Mawazine News – Baghdad
A member of the parliamentary foreign relations committee, MP Amer Al-Fayez, stressed on Wednesday the move of Iraqi diplomacy towards moving away from the policy of engaging in any crisis.
Al-Fayez said in an interview with Mozine News, “The genocide in Gaza has created a crisis and tensions in the Middle East that can explode in an uncontrollable way, and this is what worries all parties without exception, including Al-Iraqiya, because part of the events and tensions began to cast a shadow on the country through bombing and violations of the atmosphere.”
He added, “Baghdad has already begun to make moves in 3 directions, which are direct dialogue with the capitals of neighboring countries and international organizations, and openness to making preliminary agreements that contribute to their basic content the distance of Iraq from international and regional conflicts and that it does not be the arena of settling accounts.”

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